“Supporting me.” – Mark Justin, PT


I started my journey with Health Carousel around October 2014. I was a fresh graduate and just passed the local board exam for PT. I had no idea what was my direction back then until I heard about Health Carousel’s program of helping PTs to pursue and achieve their US dreams.
I, together with my brother who is also a PT, decided to apply for Health Carousel’s PassportUSA program. Throughout my process, with Health Carousel everything was going smoothly until I failed a couple of times with my NPTE but my brother passed it. Through those dark and rough times, Health Carousel sticks with me. They gave me hope to never back down and fight for what I truly desire. They have been with me through ups and downs. I thank Health Carousel for supporting me every step of the way and now I am just glad that I will be able to see my brother again in the US.

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