“Family-oriented benefit ” – June, RN



“All things work together for good!” Romans 8:28

Indeed, God has His own perfect timing. I started my application with Health Carousel, LLC on October 2014 via referral of my ex-colleague at a certain facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At first, I was a bit hesitant to pursue my US application, since I’m doing well already in Abu Dhabi, when it comes to salary. Considering, a long-term plan for career advancement but my children are miles away from me, made me decide to reactivate my interest in US employment.

The package that HCLLC offer is a family-oriented benefit and basically something that any nurse or staff in the medical field would be taken as a great blessing and opportunity.

Throughout the process of my US employment, Ms. Liza Graza had been supportive and truly worked hard to facilitate all requisites will be furnished on time.

I commend HCLLC for the unselfish effort and support to all candidates who are still in the process of their applications. Thank you and more power!

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