“Follow your dream” – Dianne, RN


I joined HC-Philippines last 2014 and had my IELTS in March 2016, after that HC processed my I-140 around April 2016 with PD June 2016. Last March 2018, finally PD was current, April 2018 ID and was rescheduled last May 2018 and became 221g. USEM wanted to verify if my workplace. With the help and encouragement of my IDA, I didn’t lose hope. Still, everything goes to my plan with God’s help as well. I commend HC management for all the help and never ending support for this dream come true. Kudos HC! GOD BLESS and more power. For all nurses out there, just follow your dream, don’t lose hope and include God in your life. That in all things, God may be glorified!

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