“Right time. Right team.” – Jeffrey, RN


The best decision I have ever made is to sign up with Health Carousel Team.

It was back on 2009 that I have passed the NCLEX and incidentally, it was also the time when there is retrogression in the US, so, unfortunately, I was not able to continue my journey in pursuing my dream of working at the USA.

However, in 2015, Health Carousel called and conducted an interview and immediately afterward informed me that I have passed and without so much of delay, presented me with the contract. I knew right then that it was a sign from GOD that I have long been waiting and praying. In other words, without a second thought, I have signed with them.

Since then, the team was keen on communicating, they respond well to all my queries and concerns. They would monitor and make sure that I submit all the requirements on time, so there would be no further delays.

To others, never give up. At the right TIME and with the right TEAM, you too can achieve your dreams.

I highly recommend Health Carousel to my fellow nurses. Kudos to the whole team for the job well-done!

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