“Focus and Determination.” – Laz, RN, USRN


I decided to sign with Health Carousel in the month of June of 2017. It is my dream to work in the US after graduating from nursing.

After long months of processing my paperwork and continuous self-review, I finally got my ATT last November 2018 and sat down to take my NCLEX-RN last January 15, 2019. Processing my NCLEX application was easy although it took me months to give my documents. Thanks to my IPA and IPASS, I was able to allot more time in my self-review. I put more effort into reviewing because I cannot afford to enroll in a review center. With self-review, I have to manage my time and structured everything because no one can do it for you.

Even though I was somehow prepared for the coming exam, I cannot take away my anxiety because this is the exam of a lifetime. This is a moment where my American dream will take me. The staff in the test center is accommodating and provided me with instructions.

If you have that American dream as a US nurse, this is the perfect time to set your goal. Achieving this goal requires focus and determination. Success is 99% hard work and 1% luck. I recommend this NCLEX program to my fellow nurses to reach for their American dream.

I would inspire my fellow nurses who dreamed to be a nurse in the US to put your utmost efforts in your preparation. It is not impossible to reach your goal as a US nurse if you just give your best and enough preparation. If I did it then you can too.

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