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“Thankful for the opportunity” – Chol, PT

“I signed up for Health Carousel last December 2015. Shout out to my advisor for the help and support. They were so efficient and very approachable with whatever concerns you have and will really help you through it. Without Health Carousel, I don’t think I would have achieved my American dream as smooth and hassle-free… Read more »

“Great. Life changing” – Dana, RN

“I joined Health Carousel in 2015. It was referred to me by a friend and I heard that there were lots of nurses who get deploy/migrated in the USA with their help. Indeed it was true. The process of my application is fast, they entertain/answers my queries and their approach is organized and provides deadline… Read more »

“Fully supported and informed.” – Ivy, RN

“I joined Health Carousel Philippines in January 2015. I can say my experience with Health Carousel was very positive. They make me feel fully supported, informed and prepared for each stage of the process. I don’t think I would have been able to have the confidence and know what to expect if it wasn’t for… Read more »

“American Dream come true” – Jovelyn, RN

“I’ve been with Health Carousel since 2015.  The process if my application turned out well because call my PAs and all the staff are very accommodating and showed enough knowledge in answering all my concerns. With the help of Health Carousel, I was able to achieve my American Dream timely and successfully.  For those Nurses… Read more »

“Worth the wait” – Gerald, RN

“Thank you Health Carousel for making my dreams come true. It was worth the wait. Thank you for continuously guiding us through the process, it may seem slow in the beginning but it was steady and sure.”