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“Accommodating and highly efficient.” – Ria

“My experience with Health Carousel has been sublime. I didn’t expect that the processing time is this fast. I just applied as a new RN. They have placed an excellent support system in my transition to the US. The staff are accommodating and highly efficient. Thank you to Ms. Kim and Ms. Roda who has… Read more »

“Because of the trust they have shown me, I am inspired to do my best” – Leticia

“Despite many hurdles that I had to overcome, trusting the processes of Health Carousel and being diligent in submitting requirements paid off. I would like to personally thank Karen and Ela who have become my personal associates. With their endless support and commitment to their work, they make sure candidates go through the finish line…. Read more »

“Professional and reliable” – Ma. Buena

“Health carousel has been a Godsend to us providing good quality service. They are very professional and reliable. Thank you for all the help and guidance in achieving my American dream. I would highly recommend Health Carousel to all nurses who would like to take a step in achieving their American dream.”