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“Dream into a reality.” – Marion May, RN

I joined Health Carousel last May 2016. Ever since I decided to take up nursing, it became my dream to work in the US. It was Health Carousel who helped make that dream into a reality.

I am very fortunate and thankful for all the staff especially Ms. Liza, for being with me every step of the way, from the time I signed up until the day of my deployment. She was very keen on providing timely updates and was very responsive to all my queries. Health Carousel prepared me well for my new life and career in the US.

Never give up on your dreams. Always ask God for guidance and lift everything to Him. All the hardships will be worth it in the end.

“Dedicated and helpful.” – Marites, MT


To begin with, I would like to thank God for his blessing and for making my US dream possible. I also thank God for bringing me to Health Carousel in December 2016. With their help, I achieved my greatest dream to finally work in the US. Indeed, I am so blessed to be part of this company. Health Carousel helped me all throughout the process and I am grateful to the International Program Advisor who assisted me and treated me not only a candidate but as a friend. I do appreciate all their efforts and hard work.

They are very dedicated and helpful. They have been very understanding and patient to all my inquiries and persistent in making follow-up towards my application. Everything became so easy and my application process is very smooth from start to end.
I would also like to offer my sweet success to my late husband Benny.

“Life-changing” – Kristina, RN

I wanted to thank Health Carousel for guiding me throughout the US immigration process and employment. I commend them for also providing me the tools and resources. I needed in order to succeed in my nursing career in the US. It was truly a life-changing experience, to be a part of the institution/agency.