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“Responsible and Efficient Health Carousel Associates”- Rysa, RN

“The process was smooth and fast. The associates of Health Carousel are responsible and efficient in updating progress in my application. Ms. Karen is efficient in responding to emails. Ms. Liza took effort in processing everything for me and responds even beyond her working hours which I appreciate the most. Health Carousel truly helps us… Read more »

“Life-changing!”- Jerlin, PT

“Health Carousel just made my long-awaited American Dream come true! I am truly thankful to have signed up with Health Carousel as they have helped me throughout the process of getting a tourist visa, taking the NPTE, and getting an immigrant visa. Their generosity, patience, and the kindness of the whole team who handled my… Read more »

“Smooth Sailing Journey” – Rey, RN

“It was September 2014 when Health Carousel filed my papers. Since then it was a smooth sailing journey. Continuous communication with Health Carousel assures great result. And with this, I would like to thank the whole Health Carousel team for helping me achieve my dream into reality. And to my co-nurses, do not lose hope…. Read more »