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“My American Dream!” – Noel, Ancheta

First off, I want to apologize for all the stress, miscommunications and inconvenience I have caused the group if there’s any. I am sincerely asking for your understanding and excuse if I have offended anyone with the way I respond and explain things. Secondly, I want to thank each and every one from the best… Read more »

“Sincerely thankful” – Sharlotte, RN

God’s timing is everything… Timing teaches us to be patient and learn to wait and say that in all we do, there is a time and place for everything… and all that is left is for God’s work to continue to unfold. Thankful to you Maricris and thank you to my GUIDING START all throughout… Read more »

“Grateful for the help and guidance” – Margarett, RN

I joined Health Carousel last 2014. Completion of requirements and the application process is not easy but with the assistance provided by our IDA, we were able to make it. To other Health Carousel candidates, communication is vital so always coordinate with your IDA’s. Also, maintain RESPECT and PATIENCE, it is always a virtue. To… Read more »