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“Process went smoothly and systematically.” – Jewelyn, USRN

I joined Health Carousel November of 2016. My application was filed immediately. The whole process went smoothly and systematically. All my queries were addressed. The IDA’s that handled me was very patient and very knowledgeable about the process. They really strive hard for their applicant to fulfill their American dream. Thank you Health Carousel, Ms. Lenci, Ms. Carla and Ms. Roda for all your efforts. You really did an excellent job. To my fellow RNs just stay focused and never doubt God’s promises and plan. Just trust him and trust Health Carousel.

“Going above and beyond in helping me.” – Dianne, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016. It was not an easy journey, but it was totally worth the wait. To my advisor, Ms. Lenci, thank you for assisting me from day 1 and for being very patient in following up all my requirements and managing my case professionally. Thank you for going above and beyond in helping me achieve my American dream. I would also like to express my gratitude to Ms. Roda for helping me with my IL license.

And to all nurses out there, please do not hesitate to sign up and be part of the Health Carousel family, because they make your American dream come true.

“Guided accordingly.” – Gines Geno, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last February 2016. The whole application for me was easy because I have guided accordingly every step of the way. My experience was great. Never did I encountered that a problem arises and my advisor did not help me.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisors, for making my visa application worth it. Please keep up the good work because there are still plenty of nurses that need your help.

To other healthcare professionals, continue your dream working in the US. Never lose hope. Your help is around the corner.

“Guided and supported me.” – Cheryl, PT

I joined Health Carousel last 2014. They guided and supported me through the NPTE process, visa application and my transition to the United States. I am very grateful to have helpful and patient advisors.
Thank you Health Carousel for the wonderful experience and for making my dreams possible.

“Smooth process.” – Mary Ann, USRN

I remember joining Health Carousel mid of 2016 and was applied for a priority date in October 2016. I and my husband were actually pleasantly surprised at how the application went smoothly. In retrospect, the smooth process is probably because of the mastery and years of experience Health Carousel has in deploying healthcare professionals abroad. Whatever questions or needed updates they were readily available to answer our questions and dilemmas. Continue reading

“Took care of my application really well.” – Aeven, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in October 2015; they took care of my application really well.

Health Carousel made sure that I will not have any problem with my medical in St. Lukes and embassy interview by making me comply with all their employment requirements. Their process may cost applicants more but it ensures everything will go smoothly for our American Dream. I came for my medical/embassy interview relaxed as all documents/requirements have been pre-screened by Health Carousel.

The Processing Associates always follow up on pending requirements and updates us on the status of our application. They are always easy to reach out and I was always updated. Amelyn is very approachable and answers all queries even beyond what is expected of her.

Online tutorials and mandatory competencies helped us review our nursing knowledge and skills to better prepare us in our transition.

Thank you, Health Carousel!

“Open and effective communication.” – Jessica, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last February 2015 and I find my experience with the company as hassle-free and fulfilling. The process of my application was smooth and systematic. I really don’t have any regrets in signing with Health Carousel but felt very grateful with all the help of the staffs. There was open and effective communication between staff and applicants through emails and calls. This is of great help since I am residing in Batangas and going to the office requires a lot of expenses in transportation. My advisor, Raissa is simply amazing. She is very accommodating, kind and patient in answering my queries. In the success of the application, Raissa has a big part in it, and I am thankful with that.

I would encourage other healthcare professionals to continue pursuing their dreams. Never stop dreaming and work for it because there are people who are willing to help us, one is Health Carousel!

“All good things are worth the wait.” – Lierryda, USRN

I joined Health Carousel 2015, working in Saudi Arabia but planning to exit. I am looking for a better opportunity as a nurse so I decided to sign up with Health Carousel. I know that it will be a long process since it is retrogression. Health Carousel continues to keep me posted while waiting and following up for the documents I needed in the process. There would be the time that I almost gave up because of the long wait, but all good things are worth the wait.

I would like to thank Health Carousel for making my American Dream a reality especially to my advisor, Raissa.

To all healthcare professionals, continue to follow your dreams and God will make a way.

God bless!

“Paved the way for me. ” – David, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel way back 2016 and since that day, I gave my full trust to Health Carousel which gave me no regrets at all. Health Carousel paved the way for me to reach my American Dream. Since Day 1, they have guided and helped me as I ventured my journey on reaching my ultimate goal which is to become a full-fledged RN in the United States of America.

I will forever be grateful to Health Carousel.