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“Very informative. Modules are updated.” – Erica, RN

I am so privileged to take part in the Transition-to-Practice training since it served as a refresher course to me as an RN. I believe it will be very useful since I will be working very soon at the USA. I am now more confident to do my job and be assured that I am equipped with the best knowledge and skills. It is very informative and the modules are updated. Candidates will benefit from this training for sure. Continue reading

The Transition-to-Practice Program was amazing!” – Finah, RN

My experience in taking the Transition to Practice program was amazing, I was able to learn the workflow in US hospital setting especially in providing quality care to patients. The value of hard work is important in completing the program because it has an expiry date so you really need to complete it with maximum efficiency. Working hard on studying the course also helps me to achieve the target score for every test.  I feel fulfilled every time I passed the test because it means I can apply it in a real-life hospital scenario. Continue reading

“Very helpful in transitioning to U.S. Healthcare System” – John Ardy, RN

When I heard the news that I have to undergo a program to help my transition to the US healthcare setting with ease, particularly in the emergency department, I was really excited to work on it immediately, even though; my working schedule was very hectic before. Perhaps, I had that ecstatic feeling because I believed that this course will be very helpful for me when the time comes that I have to practice in the US. Continue reading

“Helpful in my profession.” – Rechelle, RN

Being enrolled in the transition to practice Review Program through Health Carousel was a challenging and amazing experience! At first, I was stressed out and pressured because it has been ages since I got into this kind of study program but as I progressed to the different modules, I found it challenging and very helpful in my profession. It refreshed my memory, giving me updated knowledge and practices in the nursing field. Finally, I had already completed the program. I believe that this program will equip us, nurses, especially those who will be working in the US. Thank you Health Carousel for this experience!

“Never give up on your dreams.” -Rhea, RN

I had a great experience with health carousel. The process was really smooth. I sent most of my requirements via email so it was very convenient for me.

I would like to commend Ms. Liza Marie Graza and Ms. Stephanie Aglugub for doing a great job. With their help, I never felt lost because they always follow-up with me and they always respond when I have questions.

My message to other nurses is… Never give up on your dreams. Submit all your requirements on time. Work hard. Be patient. And trust that Health Carousel will always be with you and support you along the way.

“Family-friendly.” – Karissa, RN

I joined Health Carousel April of 2017. I found out about the organization thru my internet search. I was a case of an abandoned employer because of retrogression before. So I was really hesitant at first with signing up with Health Carousel. But I’m glad that I did because my American Dream became a reality. Moreover, I was able to bring my family with me because of Health Carousel’s help.

Everyone was so accommodating and understanding. From the start of my recruitment with Sir Mico. To my deployment advisors, Ms. Karen and Ms. Stephanie, thank you so much. To Ms. Glenda, for the IELTS tips and pieces of advice and for being patient with me and with all my queries. To Ms. Roda, for handling my RN license endorsement. And to everyone at Health Carousel for making all of this possible.

To fellow nurses, just trust the process, Health Carousel knows what they are doing. They are a legit organization. Just be patient and compliant. Most of all, don’t forget to pray always.

“Trust the process.” – Joselito, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines on July 2016. Everything went smoothly with my application. I’m very fortunate and happy that I signed up with Health Carousel. In just 2 years our immigrant visas were approved. My advisors, Lenci and Stephanie were very efficient. They answered all my questions and were quick to respond since day 1. They are truly a pleasure to work with. So to all nurses out there, just trust the process and leave all your worries to God. To God be the glory.

“Very understanding and helpful.” – Ma. Estrella, RN

I have signed a contract with HC in 2015 but started to comply with all my requirements on mid of 2016 (personal choice). Within a month, they were able to file for my petition and monitored the progress in a timely manner. When my PD becomes current, I had some issues which cause a delay but they were very understanding and helpful on my situation. They kept me monitored and was able to surpass all the difficulties.

This is with all the help of my IDA, Stephanie Grace Aglugub, whom I’d like to commend for having exemplary performance on her duty. She is very responsive to all my queries, attentive to details and cheerful to communicate with. She is professional and kind-hearted that you would not hesitate to convey all your concerns. She was able to find answers to my questions.

With my overall experience, I won’t hesitate to bring future USRN to your company. Health Carousel has prepared me professionally for my American Journey.

Thanks a million!

“Wonderful time of my life.” -Jason, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines way back in 2015. It was a long way process but fortunately, the whole process went smoothly. The staff assigned to me are all very professional in terms of dealing with the candidates. They are all very accommodating and eagerly listen to my concerns. Being a Health Carousel candidate is one of my greatest achievement that I chose this agency over other competitors in this field.

Thank you, Health Carousel for this wonderful time in my life, that you accepted me as of one of the candidates.