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“Systematic process” – Christine, RN

“I signed up for Health Carousel last January 2015. The process was systematic and fast provided you comply the requirements on time. I am grateful to all the staff of Health Carousel for helping me realize my goal to work as an RN in the USA. To other nurses looking forward to achieving their American… Read more »

“Dream turned into reality” – Remegio, RN

“NBA, Superbowl, burgers, steak and Disney world are just some of my wild fascinations as a child. Then I started dreaming living in the USA. Eight years ago, I began chasing my American dream and passed the NCLEX exam. I am more than blessed with a family who supported me all the way. There were… Read more »

“Forever Grateful” – Paula, RN

“Health Carousel is an agency with great dedication to helping nurses to reach greater heights of opportunity. I have signed the contract way back 2015. Upon signing, my processing associate instructed me to do the vaccination, later I realized that the preparation that I did years ago paid off with the help and dedication of… Read more »

“Well-guided and coordinated” – Joshua, RN

“I signed my contract with Health Carousel in 2013. The process of my application was well guided & coordinated through the help of my PA from the very beginning up to Ms. Ela. My experience with Health Carousel is good. They were there to guide me step by step from my application until my deployment…. Read more »

“Efforts are rewarded.” -Lourdes, PT

I signed up for Health Carousel last September 11, 2013, through a colleague, who is an employee of HCLLC in Texas. I started from scratch – no TOEFL, no FCCPT because I have never thought that my US dream will still come to reality. It was never an easy journey to take but I was… Read more »

“Smooth process” -Jessica, PT

“I signed with Health Carousel last 2015. The process was smooth as long as you comply with the requirements. I am grateful that I signed with Health Carousel because of the benefits, opportunities, and details they provide. I am very thankful to my advisor for being so patient regarding my numerous questions! To PTs, I… Read more »

“Grateful for the opportunity” – Benedict, PT

“I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2015 with the hope of getting employed in the US. Health Carousel Philippines has provided me with all the necessary assistance and resources. Their timely goals and checklists have made the transition smooth and realistic. I am grateful for all the opportunities that Health Carousel Philippines has provided in… Read more »

“Detailed and very caring” – Alissa, PT

“I joined Health Carousel in 2015 being referred by my friends who are also Health Carousel PT employees. And what I can say is that they’re correct with all the good feedback I’ve heard and experienced most especially with my NPTE and employment processes. I haven’t encountered difficulties and everything is smooth and detailed. My… Read more »