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“I am very grateful and appreciative.” – Kathrina, USRN

It was June 2016 when I joined Health Carousel Philippines. I had no idea how to apply in the United States at first but they helped me and guided me throughout the whole process. I am very grateful and appreciative on the unending patience and reminders of both Liza and Amelyn during the process of my application. All I can say is that I never regretted joining the institution because life is a breeze with them. Whenever I am asked what my agency is, I am always proud to declare that I am part of Health Carousel and I always recommend them to my colleagues. Never have I seen such dedication in helping me achieve the American Dream. Some people may say that the process is very difficult but definitely, perseverance is the key.

To my fellow nurses and other allied health services, get to know Health Carousel and you will know that they are the best. Continue to help others and for sure blessing will come pouring in. God bless Health Carousel and thank you very much.

“Guided me on my next steps.” – Niña, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in April 2016. So far, I did not have any problem with the process of my application. My advisor, Ms. Carla is always ready to answer all my queries and precisely guided me on my next steps.

The last three years wasn’t an easy journey. But through patience, perseverance, and endless prayers, my American dream has finally come true. I want to thank GOD for the overflowing blessings in our lives. I also want to thank all my family and friends who supported me since Day 1. They are the real angels in my life. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Health Carousel as an instrument for making my dream a reality.

Thank you so much and God Bless!

“I appreciate the help and support.” – Shalemar, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2017. It was smooth-sailing process from Day 1 until now. God blessed me with a hardworking and effective communicator-IDA, Amelyn who worked effectively with me all throughout the process of my American Dream. Kudos to her in showing passion and care for me as a candidate. Thank you and I really appreciate the help and support of Health Carousel towards my American dream.

More power and God Bless! I hope that you may help many more nurses and families to fulfill their goals and dreams.

“Very rewarding.” – Yvonne,USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016. The process of my application was very smooth since most of the required documents they require were sent through email, they also guided me and kept track the pertinent papers I need to comply. I had a very rewarding experience with Health Carousel not only because they helped me fulfilling my American Dream to come true but also to boost my nursing career that is beyond my imagination. Thank you very much to my advisor, Raissa for exceptional assistance, to Roda, and to the entire Health Carousel family. To my fellow nurses, have a steadfast determination, perseverance, faith in God and most of all, the right organization, is the key to make your American Dream come true.

“Truly a blessing.” – Christine, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016 and from that day on, everything went fast. I took IELTS then they filed the I-140 petition right after passing and received my Priority Date. It was not an easy journey but it was all worth the wait. Achieving this American Dream with the help of Health Carousel is truly a blessing. I would like to thank my processing associates and my IDA, Amelyn for being patient in following up all my requirements and handling my case professionally. To my fellow nurses out there, you can achieve your American Dream through perseverance and of course, prayers!

“Guided Me in Every Step of the Way.” – Jinky, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last October 2014 and immediately got my Priority Date the following year. Overall, the process was smooth as long as you comply with all the requirements being asked. Health Carousel guided me in every step of the way and always reminded me of my missing requirements. I would like to commend Raissa as well as other HC staff for being prompt and being patient to all the applicants for answering queries. I would recommend Health Carousel to other nurses to be part of their US journey. In fact, I already asked my friends to sign up with the agency.

“Guided Me Well” – Winjelyn, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel in October 2016. Health Carousel has guided me well and I am grateful for all of the help and opportunity were given to me. I want to commend my advisor, Raissa, who has been very patient and accommodating to all my queries. The process of reaching #AmericanDream was not easy. I trusted Health Carousel from the day I have signed up believing that everyone is doing their part to reach our common goal. Thank you, Health Carousel!

“Worthwhile Experience with the Clinical Training Program.” – Yvonne, USRN

Practice nursing for 4 years and was assigned at the medical-surgical unit, NICU and hemodialysis. The Clinical training program delineates standard practice in healthcare delivery system. Completing the course boost my confidence that I can do best to practice nursing in the USA. I had a worthwhile experience with the training program. The coaches are approachable, kind and experts. All topics were substantially helpful in my nursing profession.

“Modules let you manage real-life situations.” – Antonio, USRN

I’ve been practicing for more than four years in the medical-surgical unit as a Registered Nurse. First, I would like to thank Health Carousel PassportUSA for giving me the opportunity to take the Clinical Training Program in preparation for my transition in my nursing career in Uthe SA. The Clinical Training Program really helps me a lot in developing further my knowledge, skills and attitude that I MUST use in practicing my profession as a RN in the USA. Continue reading