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“You are a priority” – Carmela, PT

“I joined Health Carousel Philippines last April 2016. The application process went smoothly. They supplied me with review materials while I was reviewing for the NPTE, helped me process the documents needed for my travel when it was time for me to take the NPTE and continued assisting me until I was able to get… Read more »

“Very helpful and courteous” -Ryan, RN

“Health Carousel was very helpful and courteous to reply on every query that I had before. Ms. Karen was my first Associate and she was very helpful in reminding me what documents I have yet to submit. My experience was as smooth as it can get. The process was by step and they guided me… Read more »

“Great effort and assistance” – Joe Mar, RN

“I passed my NCLEX in 2008, applied to another agency who failed to file for my petition, which unfortunately caused me depression and frustrations. I thought it was the end of my American Dream. I contacted Health Carousel, inquired about my case. Immediately Health Carousel processed my application, filed my petition, thus opened my door… Read more »

“Such a grand blessing and opportunity” – Ivy, RN

“Year 2016, month of August, I came over to Health Carousel’s office located in Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas. I was warmly welcome by Ms. Lenci. She received my documents and told me that sometime later someone will call me over the phone and interview me. Perhaps, after a week or two, Shane from Passport USA called… Read more »