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“More confident in transition to the US healthcare.” – Amanda, USRN

I’ve been a nurse for 7 years, with hospital experience of more than 2 years in General Ward and ER. After completion of the Clinical Training Program, I can definitely say that I became more confident in my current work and in transition to the US healthcare system. The training gave me a glimpse of how it’s like to work in US healthcare. The course outline may look long and tiring, but I finished it in 3weeks. Because the training especially the simulations and videos were very engaging, I wouldn’t notice that I’ve been sitting for hours. The test questions were very refreshing and challenging. Continue reading

“Really Nice and Accommodating” – Monique, USRN

I joined Health Carousel on March 26, 2016. The process of my application has been very fast. The PAs are really nice and accommodating, my IDA, Amelyn is very professional and responds to my inquiry in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for fulfilling my American Dream. I can assure you that I will work hard and fulfill my obligation as part of Health Carousel Team. I am very grateful to the company because they have provided me with the opportunity to work as a nurse in the USA. To my fellow nurses, keep it up and trust God’s process. God bless us all

“Determined to study hard to achieve my goal.” – Julievy, USRN

I would like to thank my HCPI and IPASS family for helping me achieve my dream to become a USRN. I’m grateful to have Ms. Kristine as my adviser who’s been patient and understanding to me in preparing for my NCLEX examination. In my review days, I was determined to study hard to achieve my goal even when I’m about to give up due to busy working schedules. I’m thankful to our God who has been by my side giving me strength and hope in reaching my goal. My NCLEX experience is tough but with the support of people who believed in me, I was able to pass my NCLEX. And all my sacrifices were paid off.

To all aspiring nurses never give up in your dreams even if it’s tough because with your commitment, hard work, patience, and faith to God everything is possible.

“You can be the next USRN.” – Jolly Ann, USRN

Hello, I am Jolly Muñoz, I joined HCPI last February 2018 and I was then working. At first, I only planned to attend their posted interview with the employer but then suddenly I got an e-mail from them so I responded and they called me explaining very well their program and sponsorship. And so I applied to their NCLEX sponsorship and they granted it to me. I took my NCLEX last March 5, 2019, under their sponsorship and was able to process my NCLEX without too much worry about finances. The program also provided me a good source of review material which also helped during my review and during my exam. Continue reading

“A new season, this time, in the USA!” – Athoschiely, USRN

Last April 2015 I signed the contract with Health Carousel. That time I started complying with the requirements asked by my assigned PA. By June 2016 I took my IELTS exam and the fee was reimbursed to me at the same time HC sponsored my visa screen application. By January 2017 my visa screen was issued. During the waiting period, Ma’am Karen (she was my initial IDA) was constantly briefing and reminding me about the process and what documents I need to secure. Continue reading