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“Guided me along the way.” – Maria Cristina, USRN

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff of Health Carousel who helped me and guided me along the way. I would like to thank Karen and Amelyn for their support, kindness and for answering all my queries.

To all other aspiring applicants, have faith, be patient and comply with all the requirements on time.

To Health Carousel, continue to be a blessing to others.

“Real Life Simulations.” – Reynold, USRN

As an international nurse, Online Transition to Practice Program is a huge benefit in preparation to successfully practice Nursing in the US Healthcare System.

The training courses greatly support nurses to be mentally prepared and competent, which is highly required to ensure delivery of safe, quality care and services to our patients and clients.

The Modules and Real Life Simulations may look too long and tiresome, but as you go along with the topics that are much related to what you are doing in the clinical area, you seem to enjoy and be appreciative that this  Testing has been given to you by Health Carousel Passport USA.

To add more,  Online Exams helps me gauge my clinical skills, abilities, and knowledge and also increase competency in areas that may show my weaknesses.

To the Health Carousel Passport USA staff, thank you for providing me this online education courses that will further boost my confidence and morale to work as an RN in the USA.

“Very helpful as a refresher course.” – Janine, USRN

I have been practicing nursing for six and a half years now. My specialty is OR-PACU. I am somehow confident that I will transition successfully in the US as I was given the chance to be prepared in my future practice there.

It was very helpful as a refresher course. I find nursing concepts part 3, nursing application parts 1,2,3 very informative. My virtual coach Ms. Alison was also very helpful and accommodating.

“Very helpful tool in the clinical set-up” – Kristine, USRN

I’ve been practicing Nursing for almost 9 years in the ER-OBS GYNE and currently in the medical field. I am confident that I will be able to easily adapt in the US by the aid of the clinical training because this tool is equipped with the nursing knowledge that will help me in my transition to the US

With the Clinical Training program, I was able to refresh myself with the basics of nursing and I find simulation videos interesting and a very helpful tool in the clinical set-up.

“Confident to apply what I’ve learned.” – Nina Karissa, USRN

I’ve been practicing Nursing for 3 years now. I am assigned to the Medical Surgical Unit and ER. I am now more confident to apply what I’ve learned from the review. I’ve been introduced to the equipment and tools I’ve never seen before in our current setting. I also have an idea now how they chart the patient’s medical records. It’s overwhelming to know that I’ve passed the Transition to Practice program. I’ve learned so much throughout the review and I would surely use the knowledge and skill I’ve learned from the program.

“Grateful to have the Clinical Training Program.” – Apple, USRN

Six years in Operating room and recovery nursing in general theatre and ob-gyne specialty. Moderately confident to practice in the US healthcare system with the help of the clinical training and my online coach. Grateful to have The Clinical Training Program prepare me for the US healthcare system. It was definitely a great experience. My coach, Alison, was very helpful and answered all my concerns during the program. It will significantly prepare you to be equipped in transitioning to the US healthcare. Therapeutic communication is the topic that I found useful since I believe that communication is very important in rendering holistic care

“More confident in my transition.” – Dianne, USRN

I have been a registered nurse for 4 years already and I was assigned in MS ward.

I could say that am now a little more confident in my transition to the US health care delivery system after taking the Transition-to-Practice training program. This program is very useful, particularly for foreign nurses like me, as we prepare ourselves for our new job in a different environment. It gave us insight into what would be the actual hospital setting in the US. All the classes and modules offered were indeed very applicable and helpful. And yes, definitely I would commend this program to other candidates

“Everything worth having is worth waiting for.” – Cristi Marie, USRN

I joined Health Carousel August 2016 2 months after passing my NCLEX. When I was in the US, I was first introduced to Mark and later endorsed to Liza in the Philippines. The process of my application went pretty especially with the filing of my priority date. I was given an approximation of 2-3-year process including deployment. Something that indeed happens considering the movement of the visa bulletin. It was not all sunshine and butterflies though. There have been hurdles which I must say, were all just part of the process. Everything worth having is worth waiting for. I believe God had everything planned and because every flower blooms in its own season and time. Health Carousel had been an instrument in the fulfillment of this milestone in my career. Along with many other people behind the company, I am thankful to Amelyn, Liza and Roda. To Amelyn especially for being calm and professional even during the times when the sail was rough, thank you! It was a winding journey, but the destination was worth it!

To my fellow colleagues in the medical industry, carry on and keep on pushing. Success is for anyone who doesn’t stop working on their dreams. God bless us all and to God be all the glory. None of these would have had become a reality without Him.