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“Thankful.” – Phyl, RN

First of all, I want to thank God for all the opportunities He had given me. To Health Carousel’s staff from my IDA, Ms. Liza, to Ms. Connie, thank you for your hard work and for keeping up with my persistent attitude and inquiries about updates regarding my case. Thank you for helping me reach this moment that seems impossible at first but due to your never-ending words of encouragement and persistence made this dream a reality.

“Constant communication.” – Liezl, RN

The recruitment process was straightforward. When I emailed my first inquiry last 2015 regarding the application, the response that I received was quick. I was encouraged to sign up after learning the ease of application. Documents were all sent online; the initial interview was done through the phone; all correspondence was carried out through emails. All these combined saved time, money and resources.

The consistent communication with the PA is helpful

“I am full of gratitude.” – Marian, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in February 2015. From then on, it was a smooth sailing process as the processing associates made sure that I was well informed of the progress of the application and all the necessary documents are up to date. Overall, I am full of gratitude and very satisfied with how Health Carousel helped me in achieving my goal of working as a registered nurse in the US. I would like to thank all the processing associates Liza, Efraim, Michael, Marianne, Roda, to my International Deployment Advisor Lenci and to Ms. Nyra Colinares for all the guidance and support.  To my fellow aspiring nurses, never give up. Believe you deserve what you’ve always dreamed of, work hard, be patient and the universe will serve it.