“Pursue your dreams.” – Nikki, USRN

After being abandoned by my previous employer, I was then referred by my lawyer to Health Carousel LLC in 2015 and my PA was accommodating and oriented me with the processing of documents. The process was smooth and I am always reminded of the things I need to accomplish. It took me 9 years of waiting (3 years from Health Carousel) due to the retrogression but all was worth it in the end. I would like to encourage all aspiring nurses to take necessary exams while all your learnings are still fresh in your mind. For those who are already working, it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

“Very helpful.” – John Nemrod

I signed up with Health Carousel on December 18, 2014. The process was smooth and coordinated. Health Carousel was the best choice I did, with the help of Amelyn, every step was easy and the transition never felt difficult. All the instructions are simple, that is why the margin of error was less.

Amelyn, continue being the best with your work, you are very helpful and never fail to answer even the silliest question given to you. You are still able to respond professionally.

I started this dream to be with my family, after living alone abroad for several years, I need to do something because life without a family is useless. I took the NCLEX exam and after passing, in just 2 days, I joined Health Carousel family. They guided me to the right path to easily achieve my goals and that is to be with my family forever.

Health Carousel is the best choice I made.

” My greatest dream.” – Renz, USRN

I just want to express my thanks and gratitude to Health Carousel for providing tremendous help and assistance in the filing of my greatest dream. I will not be able to do it without you and with that I will be forever grateful.

May you continue to be passionate and committed to helping nurses attain their ultimate dream.

“Ensure smooth & continuous progress.” – Jerome, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in January 2016 but I first heard of Health Carousel back in 2006. I applied via email and I have entertained right away. It has been a very tedious experience. I had to commit myself to complete all the requirements on time and had to go back to the bedside. However, I could say that those were the most fulfilling and rewarding three years of my life since I was obtained my US license as a nurse in 2010. I appreciate all the time and effort by all advisors I have worked within the last few years for incessantly reminding me of all the important things I had to complete to ensure smooth and continuous progress in my application. I am grateful for this opportunity given to me by Health Carousel and I wish you all the best. Many nurses like me would surely appreciate the quality of work, guidance, and commitment provided by Health Carousel.

“Just trust the agency” – Filipina, USRN

Achieving my American Dream is really a test of patience but it’s indeed worth waiting for. I’m very thankful to Health Carousel because they helped me fulfill my American dream. I joined the agency last September 2016 and after a month when I accomplished all my requirements they immediately filed my case. I also want to thank my IDA Riassa because she’s so knowledgeable and systematic on what are the things I need to submit and she makes sure I understand everything.

To all aspiring nurses, just trust the agency, follow all their instructions. Don’t lose hope and always believe that we have a mutual goal and that is to make our dream turn to reality. Lastly, always pray and ask God for guidance.

“Accommodating and friendly staff” – Ciara, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2015. The staffs are all accommodating and friendly. My IDAs have been very helpful all throughout the process. From Ms. Karen to Ms. Raissa. They update me and guide me in every step, making sure that everything is done correctly. I had a wonderful experience with Health Carousel. I signed up with an agency that proves their commitment to each candidate.

Thank you Health Carousel. Keep it up!

“Pursue a career in the U.S.” – Benito, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in April 2015. Except for several retrogressions that happened in 2015, I’d say that the process overall was smooth sailing. Health Carousel assisted me every step of the way from contract signing to deployment.

Special mention to Karen, Kimberly, and Ms. Nyra as they were the ones I was in communication with during the application process. To nurses out there who want to pursue a career in the US. Pass NCLEX and start from there. The process might take several years but it’s surely worth the wait.