“Thankful for the constant reminder.” -Sharmaine, USRN

Good Day, fellow aspiring US nurses!

I signed up with HCPI July of 2017 and took the NCLEX last Dec 16, 2018, and learned that I passed 2 days after taking the exam. After signing up with HCPI and passing the qualifying exam for NCLEX sponsorship, I was immediately given the requirements to start processing for NCLEX . Under  Mr. Mark Cunanan and IPass, the processing to take the NCLEX was smooth and fast. I have a full-time job as a nurse but I never found the NCLEX process tedious because of HCPI. I applied forTexas and submitted all documents October of 2017 and got the report Issued in January 2018. I used the NCLEX review program provided by HCPI, did self-study with my NCLEX review books, used UWorld for 2 months before taking  the Exam, and Prayed Hard.  I could have taken the exam at an earlier date however due to some unforeseen events it was delayed. I am Thankful for the constant reminder by HCPI to continue studying for NCLEX to achieve my USRN dream. I highly encourage my fellow aspirants to comply with the requirements fast and take the NCLEX and IELTS exams as soon as possible and to never lose focus in their dreams of working in the US.

“My American Dream is now possible!” – Geraldine, USRN

I started my NCLEXjourney last year 2017 as I signed to health carousel aspire program. It is a sponsorship program for aspiring USRN like me. My deepest gratitude to health carousel through their program my American dream is now POSSIBLE! And also a big thanks to sir Mark Cunanan my advisor for being so amenable to all my queries and guiding me step by step process. My nclex review and application was quite long for I have to comply all requirements they needed and for nclex preparation review I have to say it’s all total commitment, hard work and prayers because it is not easy but it’s all worth it! I took my NCLEX exam last October 10, 2018, and luckily I passed in 75 questions 🙂

To all aspiring USRN like me, it will be hard but its all worth it! NEVER GIVE UP and good luck

“Very helpful online review materials” – Courtney, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2017. I had a great experience with them from the very first day. I just love how I need to comply with my requirements via email since it was very convenient for me considering that I need to go to work and no time to go to their office. I am grateful to my Program Advisor who always made sure that I comply with my requirements and always encouraging me to do better especially when I was preparing for my NCLEX-RN exam. She follows- up with me and eager to answer questions. Continue reading

“Don’t give up and be patient.” – Aimel, USRN

It all started from my childhood dream, a dream that led me to this chapter of my life. I had a hard time deciding on what steps to take after I graduated from BSN course. At that point, I was looking for an agency that will help me go through my journey towards my American dream. I was searching and asking my colleagues to gain insights on what agency would be best to help me. I was working in a postgraduate program for nurses in a private hospital when I met a fellow colleague, through her I was able to learn about Health Carousel. She shared her thoughts and experiences with Health Carousel and I started to ponder.  Through then, I searched for it and read the reviews about it to guide me in making a decision. Continue reading

“Helpful in transition.” – Zayda, USRN

The Clinical Training Program has been helpful in preparing nurses in their transition to work in the US Healthcare system. The modules were designed to enable us, nurses, to develop our critical thinking skills, independent functions, and therapeutic communication which will make us competent, perplexed and empathetic to our clients. I will surely recommend this to my fellow nurses who want to be globally ready. Overall, it had been a wonderful experience doing this online class.

Thank you

“Very dependable.” – Jophen, USRN

I have joined Health Carousel family last 2014. The journey of my application was a long one and certain obstacles were met but fortunately, the agency did not let me down. My advisors were always there for me and replied to my concerns and questions as soon as possible. They are very dependable. The only thing that I can say to my advisors is to not change. They are perfect on what they are doing.

To my colleagues in the medical field, I can assure you based on my experience with them for almost 5 years, that they are dependable and very committed.

“Meaningful and fruitful.” – Karen Ann, USRN

I started my journey with Health Carousel Philippines when I received an email from them way back in July 2014, with the information and research, I signed my contract the month after August 2014. The guidance provided by the hardworking staff of this company has given me the necessary information in order for me to embark on my dream destination which is almost 5 years in the making. I am looking forward to a very meaningful and fruitful partnership in the years ahead. Thank you!

“Never lose faith.” – Katherine, USRN

I have been with Health Carousel since early 2015, and what a rollercoaster ride it had been. There were a lot of stumbles, nonetheless the team endeavors to coordinate with me to overcome those.

Our journey to the US may be a bumpy ride but never lose faith. With effort from us and from the Health Carousel team, as well as a ton of prayers, we can surely meet our goal, that is, become a healthcare professional of the United States of America.