“Impressed with the professionalism!” – Melody, RN

I joined Health Carousel last February 18, 2015. The process of my application was long and tedious but good thing that my PA’s never left me behind and was accommodating with all my queries. The experience was generally satisfying and commendable. I am impressed with the professionalism and how these people managed to communicate with… Read more »

“Excellent Work!” – Patrick, RN

My overall experience in taking the ATI transition to practice course online was superb. It gave me numerous insights into the in and around of Nursing, especially in the United States. I have learned and refreshed myself on the important topics that are essential to be an efficient, competent and skillful nurse. This course tackles… Read more »

“The training improved my knowledge!” – Maricor, RN

Indeed, nursing demands a continuous development in skills and knowledge. Taking the training was a  refresher course for me as well as a challenge being a professional nurse. The training further improved my knowledge by persevering to accomplish the tasks within 72 days. ATI training should better be taken by each and every candidate. Experience… Read more »

“Confident to deliver care and quality nursing” – June, RN

Being part of the Training Program is a great privilege that definitely required an exemplary focus, time and determination. It made me go back to my senses of being a student again and thus, the huge effort had to be done due to overwhelming information about patient cases and theories I haven’t been practicing for… Read more »

“Learned new ideas, techniques and skill! – Meia, RN

I have encountered a lot of challenging situations while I was taking the simulation training program. But despite the fact that it was harder than I thought, it was of great help to me in molding me to become a better member of the healthcare system in the US. I have also learned new ideas, techniques,… Read more »

“My American Dream!” – Noel, Ancheta

First off, I want to apologize for all the stress, miscommunications and inconvenience I have caused the group if there’s any. I am sincerely asking for your understanding and excuse if I have offended anyone with the way I respond and explain things. Secondly, I want to thank each and every one from the best… Read more »