“Thankful.” – Phyl, RN

First of all, I want to thank God for all the opportunities He had given me. To Health Carousel’s staff from my IDA, Ms. Liza, to Ms. Connie, thank you for your hard work and for keeping up with my persistent attitude and inquiries about updates regarding my case. Thank you for helping me reach this moment that seems impossible at first but due to your never-ending words of encouragement and persistence made this dream a reality.

“Constant communication.” – Liezl, RN

The recruitment process was straightforward. When I emailed my first inquiry last 2015 regarding the application, the response that I received was quick. I was encouraged to sign up after learning the ease of application. Documents were all sent online; the initial interview was done through the phone; all correspondence was carried out through emails. All these combined saved time, money and resources.

The consistent communication with the PA is helpful

“I am full of gratitude.” – Marian, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in February 2015. From then on, it was a smooth sailing process as the processing associates made sure that I was well informed of the progress of the application and all the necessary documents are up to date. Overall, I am full of gratitude and very satisfied with how Health Carousel helped me in achieving my goal of working as a registered nurse in the US. I would like to thank all the processing associates Liza, Efraim, Michael, Marianne, Roda, to my International Deployment Advisor Lenci and to Ms. Nyra Colinares for all the guidance and support.  To my fellow aspiring nurses, never give up. Believe you deserve what you’ve always dreamed of, work hard, be patient and the universe will serve it.

“Highly educational.” – Catherine, RN

The Transition-to-Practice program is a very innovative interactive education module that offers a great deal of information needed to equip the learner with the necessary knowledge and skills regarding a particular topic.  It has a set of learning objectives, a Pre-test and a Post-test that will evaluate right away the user’s learning progress.  As for me, the topics are very helpful and relevant to the scope of my work and at the same time gives me additional insight as to the recommended standards of practice in order to become an efficient and successful nurse in the United States.  The training module is easy to use and it also gives you a certain deadline to complete the topics so you can manage your time properly.  Moreover, it gives reminders regarding some unfinished topics so you are assured that you will be able to keep track of your progress. I highly recommend this online course as it is highly educational. A big thumbs up!

” They guided me all throughout.” – Riza, RN

At first, I was anxious because there were so many topics to be reviewed. However, when I was going through the modules, it made me realize that the lessons were really helpful in transitioning to the US. Although it was time-consuming, it was really worth getting through it. The coaches were also helpful because they guided me all throughout and reminded of the areas that I missed to touch.

I found it really important to be able to complete the training modules because it covered topics that were useful in practicing nursing as a whole. It included ways of taking care of oneself despite the busy schedule and most especially in being able to adjust in the US healthcare setting.

It took me 7 weeks to be able to complete all the 9 modules because I had other things to accomplish also. However, I liked the flexibility of accessing the training materials, I was able to sign in to my account anytime I want to and especially when I’m in the mood for review.

I would definitely recommend the training to other candidates, because it contributes to self-awareness, and boosts one’s confidence. I’m sure this will be beneficial for them too.

Now that I’ve finished the training sessions, I feel a lot more secure. When you know what to do or where to seek help, you’ll gain more confidence.

“Coordinate well” – Ma. Lourdes, RN

“I joined Health Carousel in January 2015. My processing associate was Karen and it was a smooth process. I was transferred from one advisor to another as my application progressed. The advisors coordinate well with nurses. To nurses, be aggressive in processing your papers!

All in all, thank you Health Carousel!”

“Dream into a reality.” – Marion May, RN

I joined Health Carousel last May 2016. Ever since I decided to take up nursing, it became my dream to work in the US. It was Health Carousel who helped make that dream into a reality.

I am very fortunate and thankful for all the staff especially Ms. Liza, for being with me every step of the way, from the time I signed up until the day of my deployment. She was very keen on providing timely updates and was very responsive to all my queries. Health Carousel prepared me well for my new life and career in the US.

Never give up on your dreams. Always ask God for guidance and lift everything to Him. All the hardships will be worth it in the end.