John Ardy, RN

When I graduated from nursing school, I was really eager to find a job abroad particularly in the US. When I began to have a glimpse of the entire process, I was overwhelmed by the requirements to materialize that dream of mine. Around the month of May 2016, I came across Health Carousel’s advertisements on Facebook.

“Guide and help you” – Heidi, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in May 2015. I applied thru their website only and after two days, I received a call, from there I started to do all the requirements they needed. They always update me about the visa bulletin and other news/item about my application.

“Just keep going.” -Christian, RN

I joined Health Carousel last June 2016. The process of my application was smooth, Health Carousel guided me through every step. Ms. Kim and Ms. Liza provided me with the information needed. Both are patient and understanding, especially on times when I get anxious.

To all aspiring nurses who are still processing, just keep going. Have faith.


Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through God who strengthens me.”

“Very informative. Modules are updated.” – Erica, RN

I am so privileged to take part in the Transition-to-Practice training since it served as a refresher course to me as an RN. I believe it will be very useful since I will be working very soon at the USA. I am now more confident to do my job and be assured that I am equipped with the best knowledge and skills. It is very informative and the modules are updated. Candidates will benefit from this training for sure. Continue reading

The Transition-to-Practice Program was amazing!” – Finah, RN

My experience in taking the Transition to Practice program was amazing, I was able to learn the workflow in US hospital setting especially in providing quality care to patients. The value of hard work is important in completing the program because it has an expiry date so you really need to complete it with maximum efficiency. Working hard on studying the course also helps me to achieve the target score for every test.  I feel fulfilled every time I passed the test because it means I can apply it in a real-life hospital scenario. Continue reading

“Very helpful in transitioning to U.S. Healthcare System” – John Ardy, RN

When I heard the news that I have to undergo a program to help my transition to the US healthcare setting with ease, particularly in the emergency department, I was really excited to work on it immediately, even though; my working schedule was very hectic before. Perhaps, I had that ecstatic feeling because I believed that this course will be very helpful for me when the time comes that I have to practice in the US. Continue reading

“Helpful in my profession.” – Rechelle, RN

Being enrolled in the transition to practice Review Program through Health Carousel was a challenging and amazing experience! At first, I was stressed out and pressured because it has been ages since I got into this kind of study program but as I progressed to the different modules, I found it challenging and very helpful in my profession. It refreshed my memory, giving me updated knowledge and practices in the nursing field. Finally, I had already completed the program. I believe that this program will equip us, nurses, especially those who will be working in the US. Thank you Health Carousel for this experience!