“Bigger picture of our role as healthcare providers” – Joel, RN

As an active healthcare professional, it is expected that learning must never cease. Continuing education and training could not only update your knowledge and skills but more importantly, it gives you boost that makes you more capable of giving quality care to your clients. As I started and went through the Online education system and… Read more »

“Helpful training” – Antonette, RN

The “Practice-to-transition” training is helpful as the test themselves are applicable to the actual and current nursing practice. Each module is very well discussed and narrated. I enjoyed learning the clinical simulation but also feel anxious knowing that if I made a detrimental decision, my patient will deteriorate and my session will be cut off,… Read more »

“Engaging. Informative. Concise. Interactive.” – Arlen, RN

The online clinical simulation and educational courses provided by Health Carousel is beneficial to keep me abreast with the current trends in Nursing practice. It helps me to become more competent in the delivery of quality, safe patient care. Furthermore, I was able to at least have an overview on how the US Healthcare Delivery… Read more »

“Broaden up my nursing knowledge” – Sherryl, RN

Global healthcare recruitment, especially in nursing, is highly competitive nowadays. In US Healthcare Delivery System, the highest standard and best practices should be met in order to satisfy patients’ safety and wellness that is why nursing skills and knowledge are very essential in order to meet such requirement. With this regard, having this training courses… Read more »