“Life-changing” – Kristina, RN

I wanted to thank Health Carousel for guiding me throughout the US immigration process and employment. I commend them for also providing me the tools and resources. I needed in order to succeed in my nursing career in the US. It was truly a life-changing experience, to be a part of the institution/agency.

“Just trust the process.” – Christian, RN

I joined Health Carousel in 2017 and the process that I went through is very smooth with all the processing agents that handled my process. They have been very accommodating and all have been very well until this day.

Kudos to the whole team especially Ms. Liza. She has been nothing but helpful. Her patience and diligence are really commendable.

My message to the fighting dreamers out there (RNs, PTs, MTs) just trust the process and reach for your dreams no matter what it takes!

“Accommodating and prompt” – Angelita, RN

I joined Health Carousel, as I remembered 2015 August. At first, I was hesitant to apply in Health Carousel, but I discovered and heard that Health Carousel is a legit and with the good standing company and are deploying nurses in the USA. My experience in processing my application was outstanding, my IDA Ms. Liza was very accommodating and prompt in processing and updating my papers/application. She is very patient with me to answers all my queries and I really commend her for being professional during the whole process of my application.

To all aspiring nurses, never stop believing and pursuing your dreams. Pray harder and always trust in God’s timing. Good luck and God Bless to all of us. Salute Health Carousel!

“Very helpful and flexible.” – Leslie, RN

I joined Health Carousel year 2015. I can say that the process of my application has been very smooth. They’ve been very helpful and flexible with their applicant’s needs.

To Health Carousel, just continue to accommodate nurses like me who want to fulfill their American dream.

To all the nurses who aspire to work in the US, it’s not too late to start and make that dreams come true.