” Engaging real-life scenarios and questions” – Carolyn, RN

After almost two months of taking the training, answering questions and engaging in real-life scenarios, I must say that I am somehow confident in starting a new career as a Nurse in the US. I was able to at least grasp on how the US healthcare delivery system works and on how to properly practice… Read more »

“I’m more equipped and ready!” – Marichu, RN

Overall, my experience with training was very fulfilling and definitely very informative and easy to understand. Completing this program prepares me with the smooth transition in the nursing practice to the U.S. The actual clinical scenarios shown on this program was indeed beneficial in learning the proper approach to be effective and efficient in the… Read more »

“I am now ready to transition to the US Healthcare System. ” – Xela, RN

Being able to participate in the Practice-to-Transition Online Program gives me feelings of both anxiety because online classes are not common in the Philippines and enthusiasm because the training offers various learning methods in which I am eager to try. The course is highly comprehensive allowing the students to cover important topics within a specific… Read more »