“Thorough plan and full support” – Nikki, PT

After I graduated from college, my only plan is to work in the United States. It is because I think that it is the only way to financial freedom and to be a successful physical therapist. However, I have no idea where to start. My friend just asked me to join her in attending seminars… Read more »

“Very professional and friendly environment” – Suyenne, PT

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last February of the year 2015. I already took my TOEFL when I signed with Health Carousel. I was given instructions through my email for the processing of my application. Though I had to fill out and send numerous forms, they were able to answer all my queries. Though there… Read more »

“Finally realized my American Dream!” – Kevin, PT

I joined Health Carousel last October 19, 2015, after my friend referred me to this agency. Initially, I started my US application on my own from credentialing up to finishing and passing the NPTE. I thought, by doing this route, it will be better in the long run as I will have independence and liberty… Read more »

“Smooth and Well-paved transition” – Edjo, PT

I joined HCLLC last August 2015 to kick start my American Dream. With its smooth, well-paved transition the company has given me the chance to attain Doctorate Degree program and Immigrant status. To everyone who is willing to face a wider and more competitive market; or simply those who are looking for more in their… Read more »

” Christine Richelle, PT”

I am truly grateful for signing up with Health Carousel. They assisted me with every step of the way towards achieving my “American dream” – from TOEFL review, TOEFL exam, filing for visa screen, NPTE review, NPTE, pre-deployment requirements, deployment, and most especially with my transitional DPT program which is a rare opportunity that an… Read more »

“Very organized and detailed.” – Lorraine, PT

I signed my employment contract with Health Carousel last February 2013 and took the NPTE after a year. It was a smooth process as Health Carousel is very organized and detailed on what you need to accomplish from time to time. Although the visa waiting time is the most tedious and unpredictable, Health Carousel assured… Read more »