“Forever thankful.” – Reynold, USRN

It was a roller coaster ride, to be honest. The entire process was not that easy, but Health Carousel was really a great help to me through the big help of Raissa, Roda and Ma’am Connie, and the entire Health Carousel Team.

I am forever thankful and grateful to Health Carousel in making my US dream a real thing.

Through patience, perseverance, trusting the process and praying hard, are the qualities that I want to impart to my fellow nurses who are also seeking a US career.

“Process has been very smooth.” – Joemel, USRN

I was working in Abu Dhabi, UAE when I heard of Health Carousel. On March 2017, the company conducted an interview to willing applicants. I applied but was not able to come on the agreed date. Two weeks after, I received a call from PPUSA scheduling me for a phone interview. I agreed and on June 2017, my USCIS application has been filed, approved and now about to leave the country for my American Dream.

With the patience of my advisor, Raissa, my application process has been very smooth. All this will not be possible without her help.

To all willing applicants who want to achieve their American Dream, all you have to do is to do that “Leap of Faith” and trust Health Carousel. I am sure the application will be a success.

“forever grateful.” – Karen Joy, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last April 2015. My advisors made things easy for me. They update me about the status of my application, the requirements needed to comply, etc.

I’ll be forever grateful to this agency believing in me. They have pursued me to work and I would not be where I am today if I did not sign up with them.

My gratitude to Health Carousel is boundless. In those moments when I thought my American Dream will no longer come into fruition, they made it happen. I want to thank Raissa for her patience and support.

To all nurses out there, do not be discouraged nor disheartened. God will guide you in everything you will do.

“Supportive until my transition to the U.S.” – Midge Shira, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel back in Sept. 2016. I had no issues with regard to my application especially for processing my US visa. I am very grateful to them for processing everything for me, I waited and was worry-free. 2.5 years seem to be such a long wait but now I can say that it is so worth it! Finally, my sleepless nights are over. Through their help, my dreams are now on my grasp.

I have been telling my friends about Health Carousel as I wanted to help nurses like me achieve their dream too.

Thank you Health Carousel for the unwavering support from the very beginning until my smooth transition to the US, for sending me learning materials, simulations and tests to enhance my nursing practice. Special thanks to my advisor Lenci, who has been wonderful and superb with everything she does. Thanks for answering my inquiries and for keeping me posted at all times.

To my fellow nurses under Health Carousel, I’ve been through what you’ve gone through, keep praying and don’t ever lose hope you are in the right track. Your time will come and before you know it, it’s already the day of your deployment. God bless everyone!

“You’re in good hands.” – Nikki, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last 2016, they entertained me well during my first visit. After that, all the processes went smoothly. I really like how Health Carousel handles its nurses. They update us always regarding all the necessary things that should be done and what’s going on with our application.

I was really taken good care of by my IDAs from Ms. Karen to Ms. Carla, Ms. Raissa as well when Carla got sick. They attended my questions immediately and even called me when necessary. Without them my American dream won’t be that easy, so thanks to you guys. I appreciate all your help.

To my fellow nurses don’t lose hope. Just wait patiently and keep on praying. Also, trust Health Carousel with your American dream because with them you’re in good hands.

“Dedication and Professionalism” – Mary Joy, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2015. I believe Health Carousel is a favor connection from God. They actively provided guidance to facilitate progress in my application. I truly admire their dedication and professionalism. In fact, even if I am working abroad, we managed to process the application smoothly. I am grateful to all the advisors who constantly giving me updates and made me sure that all of my concerns were addressed properly.

To my fellow nurses, if you are confused about which company to connect into, pray for it first, God will definitely give you answers. He will lead you to that divine connection. For me, it’s a blessing being connected with Health Carousel. They are my favored connection in achieving my American dream.

“Helped me in every step of the way.” – Jameela, USRN

Applying to become a registered nurse in the United States is a tedious process for the past couple of years. So finding a good agency is crucial in reaching this goal. Health Carousel especially Ms. Liza helped me in every step of the way; patiently answering all of my queries and gave feedback in a timely manner. I can say that it was a great experience all throughout my application

“Very accommodating to all my concerns.” – Mercy Sara, USRN

I signed the contract with Health Carousel in March 2016. I was referred by a friend at that time and was lucky enough to have been qualified for the program. My application was smoothly processed with the help of their dedicated IDAs. Health Carousel and their respected IDAs were very accommodating to all my concerns. Answered and attended all my queries very timely and patient enough in checking and making sure that all the necessary documents and requirements are obtained and submitted on time. All my IDAs made sure that my papers are correctly processed and it made it fast-track as much as possible.

To my fellow nurses, never give up on your dreams. All you need to have is faith, patience, willingness and Health Carousel to be able to achieve your American Dream.