“Supportive and very well goal-oriented.” – April Therese, USRN

I remember signing up with Health Carousel last 2016 and with regards to the whole process of my application, it went smoothly and in an organized manner. I’m grateful for Health Carousel’s dedication towards accomplishing this #AmericanDream one step at a time. From the beginning to the end they were supportive and very well goal-oriented when I come to finishing a certain deadline. My experience with Health Carousel was satisfactory that I didn’t regret trusting them with this milestone. To my, IDAs thank you for the patience and understanding as I complied my requirements. You’ve guided me well in the best possible way. Lastly, to my fellow nurses I know the process won’t be easy all throughout, you’ll find yourself lost and confused in the process but you’ll find your way into achieving you’re sought after dreams to the finish line. I quote: “Nothing is impossible when you believe in the power of dreams”. God bless us all.

“Truly tested through times.” – Michael Ray, USRN

I admire this agency for their efficiency, all the agents that have worked with me are so professional and kept me updated with my case. I am not good with compliments but Health Carousel truly deserves my respect. Despite my shortcomings and wrong decisions (they know it), they have given me another chance to materialize my American Dream. To my fellow nurses, always choose to work with the right people, the right company that has already anchored with so much credibility, truly tested through times. I must say I made the right decision from the very moment that I signed with them. God speed.

“Good communication loop.” – Camille Dianne, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last August of 2016 while I was having my first hospital notation as a newly Registered Nurse then my friends suggested to check out about the program of HC online despite I am not sure of the outcome I decided to give it a try, submitted resume a via email and luckily, got selected under the Aspire program.

My journey with HC required constant dedication to submitting the needed documents and requirements albeit I am working and kind of tired from duty. Good communication loop with my advisors was significant and I am grateful to have advisors from Martha, Raissa and of course to Amelyn who were great at communicating updated and gave me support as well throughout my journey.

My message to my fellow healthcare workers is that we all have a different timeline and never ever stop trying to achieve any of your goals and take risks as well, I have read one time that if it doesn’t scare you then your dreams are not huge enough. Never give up for the American Dream.

“Great experience.” – Mary Margarette, USRN

It was a great experience for they have handled my application smoothly with helpful and competitive advisors who are very willing to answer my queries.

They are also confident in processing application although there were problems in facility selection, still, they have given a positive outcome in handling my application.

I commend Health Carousel for all of their support in aspiring nurses in the US.

“Helping me throughout this journey.” – Catherine, USRN

I signed my contract with Health Carousel last December 2016. At first, I was having doubts about signing the contract but as soon as I had a colleague deployed by Health Carousel, I started the process. It was not easy at the start. I had to wait for more than a year for my I-140 approval but since then the process took only less than a year. The advisors helped me a lot to be more patient and to comply with the necessary requirements on time. I highly commend, Raissa, for helping me throughout this journey. She was more than willing to answer my queries and she always reminded me to be optimistic. Her positive attitude reflected positive outcomes.

To my fellow nurses, the road to being USRNs requires a lot of motivation, hard work, and patience. It will not be easy but Health Carousel will help you achieve your dream. Thank you and more power Health Carousel! To God be the Glory!

“Providing assistance and guidance.” – Erika,USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016. The process of achieving the American dream is not easy. You will need faith, perseverance and a lot of patience. Health Carousel has done a tremendous job in providing assistance and guidance from signing up with them until deployment and even beyond. I would like to thank Maricris, Roda, and Lenci for their dedication in helping me reach my goal.

“Making my American Dream came true.” – Amelyn, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in July 2015 and the process of my application went smooth. I’ll be forever grateful to Health Carousel for making my American Dream came true. I thought working as a Nurse in America will be just a dream but Health Carousel made it possible. Special thanks to my IDA Stephanie and the rest of HC team for making this dream a reality. To all Nurses out there, don’t give up on your American dream it may be a long and rough journey but it’s worth it and I highly recommend Health Carousel to take care of it.

“Ready to embrace my new life in America.” – Aysa Rose, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel last 2016 and a month after taking the IELTS, I already have a Priority date. Throughout my application, I am grateful for my processing officers/IDA since they always follow up regarding your documents saving time and effort when I became current already. During the processing, I got pregnant and changed status, but that didn’t hinder me from continuing my application. Continue reading