“Helping me turn my goal into a reality.” – Charina, USRN

I had started my journey with Health Carousel around October 2016 with the hope that through them I can be closer to my wish to work in the US. Although there were a few minor bumps on the road, the whole ride was generally smooth and quick. I had graduated from college last March 2014 and told myself that after years, I would be working as a nurse in the US come 5 years later I am now seeing that dream, that goal become a reality and it’s all because of the support and guidance of Health Carousel especially my deployment advisor, Ms. Lenci. A big thank you Health Carousel for helping me turn my goal into a reality. To all other aspiring applicants, ask, and you shall receive. If you want it bad enough, don’t be afraid to go after your goal, be patient and pack a full bag of perseverance and determination.

“Very grateful.” – Joan, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in late 2014. And my journey in achieving my American Dream was not an easy one.  I’m thankful that the Health Carousel staff especially Ms. Liza guided me in every step of the way.

I am very grateful to the entire team of Health Carousel for assisting and helping me fulfill my dream to work as a nurse in the USA.

Thank you Health Carousel family and God Bless us all!

“Guidance and warm assistance.” – Ma. Krystal, USRN

I joined Health Carousel mid-2016 and I must say that it’s a gradual process which required dedication and constant communication with my advisors. I’m very thankful to my advisors, especially to Raissa, for the guidance and warm assistance all throughout the process. I will definitely recommend the agency to other aspiring nurses who wish to fulfill their American Dream. To Health Carousel, continue to be the bridge between professionals and to greater opportunities.

“Helping hand.” Sheryl, USRN

First of all, I would like to thank God for this opportunity and blessing He has given to me and my family. Secondly, to my IDA Ms. Lenci, for being always a helping hand in order to have a smooth sailing process of my application. Thank you for your outstanding patience as my partner on this journey. Lastly, to Health Carousel family especially Ms. Nyra, Ms. Liza and Ms. Roda, thank you too for your guidance and being part of my application. Health Carousel/PassportUSA Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

“Never give up and be focused.” – Rodolfo, USRN

When I passed NCLEX, I have only one goal – to look for a good agency that can sponsor my application to the US. I’m so happy that I found Health Carousel, they are very professional, a goal-oriented company for aspiring nurses like me.

Few weeks after passing the exam, I signed the contract with them and starting from that moment, up until my deployment date. They are very helpful and everything went well.

To my IDA, Raissa, thank you for answering all my questions with useful answers and in a friendly and polite manner.

To my fellow nurses, don’t stop dreaming until you reach your goal. Never give up and be focused. Do not stop learning new things that will be beneficial for you as a person and as a healthcare provider.

“Helped me reached my American dream.” – Ryan, USRN

Health Carousel helped me reached my American dream. They are very accommodating in your needs especially processing your documents. From day one, they are an enthusiast in helping to reach your dream. They are well organized in dealing with the application. Thank God for Health Carousel and may your organization help many aspirants just like me.

“It’s worth it.” – Fredalie, USRN

It’s been a long winding journey but it’s worth it…. Wait patiently, believe and receive. Everything happens in God’s perfect time.

I joined Health Carousel in May 2016. At that time, I am no longer working on the hospital because of my pregnancy condition but they still process my application. Luckily, at less than a month my priority date was approved. And the process went on very smoothly.

So I want to extend my gratitude to all the staff who helped me achieved my American dream especially to Ms. Liza, Ms. Steph and Ms. Roda – for unending support, kindness and answering all my queries.

Thank you so much Health Carousel and God Bless you more! And always be a blessing to all the aspiring healthcare workers who want to make their American dream to be a REALITY!

“Constantly communicates.” – Reycheal, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in January 2017. I did not expect that within 2 years I will be able to fulfill my American dream. Thanks to my IDA, Lenci who constantly communicates with me regarding all my requirements and concerns. I was a very smooth process once I complied with all the necessities. Health Carousel trusted my credentials and nursing experience to be one of their candidates. I feel immense gratitude for this agency. I would like to commend Ma. Lenci Orilloza. She is very thorough and patient with all my inquiries. I wish that other nurse’ lives will be touched by Health Carousel as well.