“Responsive to inquiries.” – Christian, RN

I signed the contract with Health Carousel LLC on the 9th of August 2016 and from that point forward, they were very responsive to my inquiries and assisted me and continuing to do so until now. The overall experience is great since they are very approachable and open to all of my questions.

Two years of waiting is all worth it. To the professionals applying or already in process of making your US dream come true, patience is a virtue. Everything will come at the right time, never ever lose hope.

“Appreciate the prompt response.” – Jo-Ann, RN

I joined Health Carousel in 2014 and was approved 2015. I do appreciate the prompt response of my then IDA, Karen Mereuna and even until Raissa’s time to help me out with the process. There may be some loopholes on the process but one thing for sure, have faith in Health Carousel and the people helping you. Entrust God your doubts and dreams and He will give you your heart’s desires.