“Helpful and patient staff” – Michael Tristan, RN

I started with Health Carousel last 2015 and submitted all the necessary documents for visa processing. Honestly, it is a very long wait that is not in control with Health Carousel as USCIS is the one who dictates the time for processing the visa. Prompt sending and compliance will really help the processing to be… Read more »

“Assures you of any uncertainties.” – Zenaida, RN

I joined Health Carousel in November 2016. It was a smooth process, very precise on documents that you need to submit, hence, it was so easy. Health Carousel answers all my questions, assures you of any uncertainties you may have. I have been abandoned by my first recruiter for 12 years but Health Carousel renewed… Read more »

“Grateful for the support!” – Patricia, RN

I signed up with Health Carousel last 2015. Health Carousel has given their full effort in assisting and guiding me all throughout the process of achieving my American dream. I am grateful to the whole team for their support. To all aspiring RNs who want to fulfill their US career, just the patient and pray,… Read more »

“Patient. Understanding. Hardworking.” – Ralph, RN

I joined Health Carousel in late 2014 and had my priority date on October 28, 2015. Everything was handled very well by the staff despite some delays. Thanks for the patience, understanding and hard work of Ms. Karen, Ms. Connie, Ms. Valerie and Ms. Kimberly. Thank you for this opportunity and may you continue to… Read more »

“I have nothing but appreciation.” – Jason, RN

I passed my NCLEX/IELTS, obtained my Visa Screen more than a decade ago. It took me 6 years to realize that I should carry on my American Dream as I lost my interest when I was one of those who was hampered by the recession in the States. The day was 18 September 2014 when… Read more »

“Good and fast-paced” – Jennifer, RN

I joined Health Carousel in 2015. They guided me and helped me all throughout to achieve my dreams to be in the US the soonest possible time. Ms. Lenci Orilloza has been very accommodating and very nice in dealing with my queries and has been very patient in assigning my facility. Overall the experience was… Read more »

“Very systematic.” – Sheena Lyn, RN

I signed my contract with Health Carousel on the last day of December 2014. Ever since I communicated with them, they have been actively involved with my application, making sure I am guided through properly. They are very systematic and the overall process of my application has been smooth sailing. I would like to thank… Read more »

“My Sincerest Gratitude” – Joevelino, RN

It was in the year 2014 when I decided to take a big leap in my professional life and further my nursing career in the US. As a new applicant, I was still confused on how will I commence with the application until Health Carousel came and guided me all throughout. They did not think… Read more »