“Stood with me the whole time.” – Christine, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last 2016. The whole process of the application went by both challenging and demanding. I’d like to describe my whole experience with Health Carousel as a “beautiful struggle”.

At this point, I’d like to honor Ms. Lenci for her precious time, attention and assistance during this whole process. Without her help and her incessant reminders, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything that’s needed to be complied with. Although it didn’t go without any unpleasant experience, I still commend her patience and labor of love. She stood with me the whole time.

Thank you, Ms. Lenci, for all you’ve done to make this American dream a reality.

To those who dream of going to the US, pursue it and take the step to make Health Carousel a part of your journey to make this dream a reality.

“In good hands.” – Angelie, USRN

I learned about Health Carousel thru my aunt as she met new nurses in the US. It was 2014 but I was hesitant. After my own research, I learned that I will be in good hands with them, so I signed the contract in February 2015. The US process is known to be long and tedious but with Health Carousel, it became long and smooth. The processing officers were effective and efficient. They reminded me and always made sure that I am on time with the deadlines, which I appreciate. I am grateful, especially to Karen, my PA, and Amelyn, my IDA. They are both commendable.

To other nurses, this is the best time to start your American dream, it may be long but it is worth it!

“A big role in achieving my #AmericanDream.” – Rechelle, USRN

Hi, I’m Rechelle Yuson, I signed with Health Carousel in May 2016. My PD got current a year after I signed up with Health Carousel. Health Carousel has played a big role in achieving my American dream. Ms. Liza and Ms. Kim helped me process my papers and requirements thoroughly and in a timely manner. Thank you, Ms. Liza and Ms. Kim!

To my co-nurses, there may be huge hurdles along the way but never lose that dream and know that there is a Health Carousel that can help us achieve that dream. Thank you Health Carousel!

“Always willing to assist and answer any question.” – Rosalie, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in July 2016. Thanks to technology and of course to my IDA(s) because I didn’t have to go through a tough process. All was done online and my IDA(s) was just an email away. They’ve always been willing to assist and answer any question that popped up along the way.

To my fellow nurses, and to those who brave this “American Dream”, just have faith, be patient and your dream for yourself and your family is within reach with HCPI.

Thank you!

“Guidance, assertiveness, and constant reminder.” – Carole, USRN

I’ll always be grateful to Health Carousel, most particularly to Ann Martha and Raissa for being optimistic, approachable, and patient with my concerns and inquiries. Their professional guidance, assertiveness, and constant reminder were really of big help.

To all aspiring nurses, remember that God is faithful to His words. Jeremiah 29:11” For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future”.

To God be the Glory!

“Assistance along the way.” – Janet, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016. It was introduced by a friend of mine, Hazel Puno. I am grateful as the processing of my papers went on smoothly. I had a very supporting IDA, Amelyn. She has been there, always ready to listen with my concerns as well as provide immediate resolutions. Also, I would like to express my thanks to Liza and Roda for their assistance along the way. I know there are challenges and delays in this type of journey but with strong perseverance and faith in God, everything will fall into its proper place, in His time, in His will.

“Instrument towards my dream.” – Ma. Rhoneza, USRN

Health Carousel was introduced by an applicant also and a co-worker. She convinced me to choose the agency without a single doubt. I never questioned but just followed her advice to me. It was way back 2015, 3 years ago. Just all faith.

Now, I have with me my visas, packet documents (EB3) and everything I have hoped for. The process was not easy but it’s worthwhile. I never complained anything because in my heart I am thankful for their guidance (esp. agents). I followed every instruction they provided me and completed. Everything paid off. Sacrifice was the ultimate key because it all follows patience, perseverance, and hope.

Therefore, Health Carousel was a tool, instrument towards my dream. They helped me, inspired me and gave direction towards my career and impact to achieve my American dream. Thank you and May they help more nurses like me attain their dreams in life.

Thank you to Ms. Liza, Kim, and Roda for everything!