“Helpful and Prompt” – Sheenly, RN

I joined Health Carousel last November 2014. The process went smoothly as the advisors assigned to me were really helpful and prompt in answering all my inquiries. Health Carousel was there every step of the way in the ARDUOUS and COMPLEX process of reaching my American Dream. I waited for 10 years for this to… Read more »

“My dream is their dream” – Diana, RN

Waiting for something uncertain was difficult but the thought of letting go of something you have worked hard for your entire life fills me up with apprehensions, hence, I stood up and tripled my efforts. When I came across Health Carousel in May 2015 and experienced their hospitality, outstanding and goal oriented strategy, I know… Read more »

“Greener pasture” – Jethro, RN

Greener pasture… this line is almost synonymous with working in the USA for most Filipinos. This was once a fleeting dream of mine when I was young but became a reality at present because of Health Carousel. From visa application to departure for the US, Health Carousel has made it a smooth journey for my… Read more »

“I am very grateful!” – Aileen, RN

I joined Health Carousel in July 2015. Things went smoothly since then and the processing of my application was faster than I expected. Though there also have been a few setbacks, I am very grateful I have joined Health Carousel and to everyone who has helped me in achieving my goal of working as a… Read more »

“Very honest and transparent.” – Sara Mari, RN

I joined Health Carousel early January of 2017. I was referred by a friend who is also a client of Health Carousel. It was a long process on my part due to case abandonment from my former agency but then Health Carousel came to the rescue. It was not an easy process but Health Carousel… Read more »

“Professional and efficient.” – Mia, RN

I joined Health Carousel in January 2015. It has been a smooth process. My advisors were extremely professional and efficient in guiding me through every step of my application. I am forever grateful to Health Carousel for helping me achieve my American Dream. To my co-nurses, keep the faith. All things happen in God’s perfect… Read more »

“Approachable. Organized.” – Jester, RN

I joined Health Carousel last February 2015 just after passing the NCLEX exam. To my fellow nursing colleagues, I particularly commend my success to Health Carousel in their professionalism in handling my US application. Their associates are very approachable in dealing some issues that concern with my requirements and they are organized in making my… Read more »