“Take the first step.” – Bryan, RN

My first attempt to join Health Carousel was back in 2013. At that time, I did not have any extensive clinical experience and just recently passed the NCLEX. Needless to say, my application was declined. I went to work in a BPO setting for a while. Arrived 4th quarter of 2015, a colleague of mine shared a very positive news that HCLLC is already accepting applicants with volunteer experience, at least. I signed the contract before the end of 2015 and accomplished all the requirements with all my concerns. From the time of my petition was approved until my embassy interview, Health Carousel especially my advisor, Raissa, assisted me efficiently. I can honestly say that without the guidance of HCLLC and Raissa, for going beyond her means, for being patient and considerate during the course of the journey. Thank you!

To my fellow RNs and other allied health professionals, take the first step to achieve your American Dream – join us and become part of Health Carousel Family.

“Dedicated and helpful.” – Marites, MT


To begin with, I would like to thank God for his blessing and for making my US dream possible. I also thank God for bringing me to Health Carousel in December 2016. With their help, I achieved my greatest dream to finally work in the US. Indeed, I am so blessed to be part of this company. Health Carousel helped me all throughout the process and I am grateful to the International Program Advisor who assisted me and treated me not only a candidate but as a friend. I do appreciate all their efforts and hard work.

They are very dedicated and helpful. They have been very understanding and patient to all my inquiries and persistent in making follow-up towards my application. Everything became so easy and my application process is very smooth from start to end.
I would also like to offer my sweet success to my late husband Benny.

“Follow your dream” – Dianne, RN

I joined HC-Philippines last 2014 and had my IELTS in March 2016, after that HC processed my I-140 around April 2016 with PD June 2016. Last March 2018, finally PD was current, April 2018 ID and was rescheduled last May 2018 and became 221g. USEM wanted to verify if my workplace. With the help and encouragement of my IDA, I didn’t lose hope. Still, everything goes to my plan with God’s help as well. I commend HC management for all the help and never ending support for this dream come true. Kudos HC! GOD BLESS and more power. For all nurses out there, just follow your dream, don’t lose hope and include God in your life. That in all things, God may be glorified!

“Family-oriented benefit ” – June, RN


“All things work together for good!” Romans 8:28

Indeed, God has His own perfect timing. I started my application with Health Carousel, LLC on October 2014 via referral of my ex-colleague at a certain facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At first, I was a bit hesitant to pursue my US application, since I’m doing well already in Abu Dhabi, when it comes to salary. Considering, a long-term plan for career advancement but my children are miles away from me, made me decide to reactivate my interest in US employment.

The package that HCLLC offer is a family-oriented benefit and basically something that any nurse or staff in the medical field would be taken as a great blessing and opportunity.

Throughout the process of my US employment, Ms. Liza Graza had been supportive and truly worked hard to facilitate all requisites will be furnished on time.

I commend HCLLC for the unselfish effort and support to all candidates who are still in the process of their applications. Thank you and more power!

“Professional and approachable.” – Kristina, RN

I signed with Health Carousel last July 17, 2017, and a little bumpy in the beginning and then smooth sailing thereafter.

Ela Tan was quick to find a facility placement and Kim Bancolita is very professional and approachable throughout the process. They were organized and systematic upon nearing departure.

Thank you HCLLC for the swift and organized processing of my immigrant visa petition. I will always and forever be grateful for everything!