“Meticulous and attentive.” – Shiela, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in July 2015. The process went smoothly with the help of its efficient staff members, especially Carla and Roda who were very accommodating, responsive to all queries, meticulous and attentive to my needs.

My advice to my fellow nurses is just complied with all the requirements on time plus hard work and determination to make your American dreams come true.

Most of all, always believe in God’s plan and everything will fall in the right place in HIS best time.

“Comprehensive online learning system” – Catherine, RN, USRN

The Clinical Training Program is a very creative and comprehensive online learning system that covers nursing concepts, that are offered not just to the students who wanted to pass the NCLEX exam, but also to nursing professionals who wants to enhance their knowledge, skills and values about quality patient care and prepare them to practice the nursing profession globally.  The best thing about the program is it is interactive learning with lots of simulations that makes learning more fun and easy.  Moreover, the program is individualized especially for the working professionals as the lessons are being customized according to your specialty areas, so you can improve your nursing practice.  I would like to thank Health Carousel-PPUSA for the opportunity of enrolling me in this online course as I am more confident now in starting a new career in the US.  Indeed highly recommended

“Concise, informative and engaging.” – Arlen, RN

The online training program provided by Health Carousel is beneficial to keep me abreast with the current trends and setting in Nursing practice. It consists of clinical simulation and educational courses, a helpful tool for me to become more competent in the timely provision of quality, safe patient care. Furthermore, I was able to at least have an overview of how the US Healthcare Delivery System works. Continue reading

“Process was systematic.” – Marie, RN

I joined Health Carousel in May 2016 and the process was systematic. I just had to complete the requirements within timeframe then I was informed that my petition has already been approved. My PA and IDA, Ms. Liza Marie and Ms. Carla were most accommodating. They guided me through the process and encourage me to finish the requirements on time. I wish other Nurses would be blessed with this opportunity as well and when the time comes I wish they’d trust the process and just enjoy the journey.

“Never give up on your dreams.” -Rhea, RN

I had a great experience with health carousel. The process was really smooth. I sent most of my requirements via email so it was very convenient for me.

I would like to commend Ms. Liza Marie Graza and Ms. Stephanie Aglugub for doing a great job. With their help, I never felt lost because they always follow-up with me and they always respond when I have questions.

My message to other nurses is… Never give up on your dreams. Submit all your requirements on time. Work hard. Be patient. And trust that Health Carousel will always be with you and support you along the way.

“Family-friendly.” – Karissa, RN

I joined Health Carousel April of 2017. I found out about the organization thru my internet search. I was a case of an abandoned employer because of retrogression before. So I was really hesitant at first with signing up with Health Carousel. But I’m glad that I did because my American Dream became a reality. Moreover, I was able to bring my family with me because of Health Carousel’s help.

Everyone was so accommodating and understanding. From the start of my recruitment with Sir Mico. To my deployment advisors, Ms. Karen and Ms. Stephanie, thank you so much. To Ms. Glenda, for the IELTS tips and pieces of advice and for being patient with me and with all my queries. To Ms. Roda, for handling my RN license endorsement. And to everyone at Health Carousel for making all of this possible.

To fellow nurses, just trust the process, Health Carousel knows what they are doing. They are a legit organization. Just be patient and compliant. Most of all, don’t forget to pray always.