” Engaging real-life scenarios and questions” – Carolyn, RN

After almost two months of taking the training, answering questions and engaging in real-life scenarios, I must say that I am somehow confident in starting a new career as a Nurse in the US. I was able to at least grasp on how the US healthcare delivery system works and on how to properly practice… Read more »

“Sincerely thankful” – Sharlotte, RN

God’s timing is everything… Timing teaches us to be patient and learn to wait and say that in all we do, there is a time and place for everything… and all that is left is for God’s work to continue to unfold. Thankful to you Maricris and thank you to my GUIDING START all throughout… Read more »

“Organized and systematized procedure” – Ethel, RN

I joined Health Carousel in August 2015. They have an organized and systematized procedure for collecting the required documents. The staffs are friendly and accommodating. My journey to my American Dream was fast and easy because of the dedication and effort of Maricris, Roda, Liza, and Raissa. I could not thank you enough for the… Read more »

“Valuable information. Supportive coach” – Bryiane, RN

It was indeed a tremendous learning experience that I have taken advantage of the online course Transition-to-Practice ED/ICU/CCU Program. Thanks to Health Carousel PassportUSA and to our training associate for giving me the opportunity to take this course that would help me acquire new and valuable information regarding my profession and my current nursing practice,… Read more »