“I felt well accommodated.”- Claudine, RN

I remember signing the contract with Health Carousel Philippines in 2015. The application ran smoothly. I remember being assigned to a different PA and so far, up to this day I felt well accommodated. I wouldn’t be able to reach the “American dream” without their help. They clearly give me instructions. We communicate thru emails,… Read more »

“Efficient and professional” – Kristine Joy, RN

I got caught up working overseas for a long time that I completely forgot about my American Dream. A colleague of mine recommended Health Carousel and I decided to give it a try. I joined Health Carousel in July 2015 and I consider it as one of the most important decisions I have made in… Read more »

“A dream turned into reality”- John Vincent, RN

I joined Health Carousel in August 2014. I am so amazed how Health Carousel handled my application since I signed my contract. Karen and Liza never failed to update the status of my application. I almost lost confidence that this application will not push thru. PD was not moving fast but with the constant update,… Read more »

“Living my American Dream!” – Jay-R, RN

“Success comes to those who patiently wait and believe it will”. The path to success is really tough. I’ve been through lots of bumps and curves but it never caused me to give up. Retrogressions never bothered me anyway. I strived harder and pushed myself beyond limits to achieve my ultimate goal. Thank God the… Read more »

“Confident to deliver care and quality nursing” – June, RN

Being part of the Training Program is a great privilege that definitely required an exemplary focus, time and determination. It made me go back to my senses of being a student again and thus, the huge effort had to be done due to overwhelming information about patient cases and theories I haven’t been practicing for… Read more »

“Learned new ideas, techniques and skill! – Meia, RN

I have encountered a lot of challenging situations while I was taking the simulation training program. But despite the fact that it was harder than I thought, it was of great help to me in molding me to become a better member of the healthcare system in the US. I have also learned new ideas, techniques,… Read more »

“My American Dream!” – Noel, Ancheta

First off, I want to apologize for all the stress, miscommunications and inconvenience I have caused the group if there’s any. I am sincerely asking for your understanding and excuse if I have offended anyone with the way I respond and explain things. Secondly, I want to thank each and every one from the best… Read more »

“Sincerely thankful” – Sharlotte, RN

God’s timing is everything… Timing teaches us to be patient and learn to wait and say that in all we do, there is a time and place for everything… and all that is left is for God’s work to continue to unfold. Thankful to you Maricris and thank you to my GUIDING START all throughout… Read more »

“Grateful for the direction given” – Cherry Anne, RN

My initial route to the US was to study nursing through a student visa. I packed my bags and left then my 7 yo daughter. Upon graduation, retrogression was still in place. Employers were not willing to sponsor and agencies in NY advised me to go back. I was in my 4th year away from… Read more »