I would highly recommend Health Carousel especially the fact that I have an unpleasant experience with another agency. Lenci is very knowledgeable about her work and informative. I could always rely on her. She gives constructive advises and her patience is what I appreciate the most during the process.

Thank you Health Carousel!

Hannah, RN

Thank you Health Carousel for the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. This is it! My great American Dream!

Through them, I’ll be bringing my family for greener pasture and bright future specifically for my adorable kids. Thanks to all the advisors who handled my application since 2015 and of course to the management of the agency.

Edna, RN

I would like to take this opportunity to thank HCPI for all the help in my “American Dream”. I also would like to thank Raissa for a great job in helping me with all my concerns on this journey.

More power and hope you will continue to help all aspiring nurses to the USA!

Nichole, RN

I started being part of HC Family in June 2015. I find all HC Staff very accommodating, supportive and prompt in answering my queries. And I’m very grateful to all of you especially to Ma’am Karen Meruena who has been very efficient and hard working in facilitating my papers. And the same with Ma’am Kimberly and Ma’am Lenci.

To all fellow HC members, never stop believing and reaching your American Dream. It will happen in God’s perfect time.

Zenaida, RN

I joined Health Carousel on January 8, 2015. It took me 3 years of tedious processing but with perseverance, faith, and determination and with the help of kind and understanding Processing Associate and International Deployment Advisor, my dreams of becoming a nurse in the US is possible.

To all my advisors, Processing Associate and International Deployment, thank you for all your help. I will be forever grateful to Health Carousel Philippines. I would definitely recommend Health Carousel to my friends and colleagues.

Mary January

I joined Health Carousel in 2015. Honestly, fulfilling an American dream is not a walk in the park. But, all thanks to Health Carousel who always got to answer all my queries and concerns with the assurance that they will help you get a job in the US.

The process was long and hard but it is worth the wait. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to my processing associates Karen, Ma’am Kim and Ma’am Liza for their constant follow-ups and support throughout the process. It was a pleasure to work with them.

To all aspiring health professionals out there, don’t lose hope. Always pray because God will provide.

Alyanna, RN

It has been a dream come true to finally set foot on the land which I thought would be impossible. I signed up with Health Carousel way back 2014. Though I am working outside the Philippines, the process went smoothly. They are hands-on and accommodating with regards to every query I asked. Indeed, distance is not a hindrance to achieving my dream as Health Carousel became the pillar of my success. I would like to express my profound thanks to Ms. Liza for helping me and assisting me all throughout the process and to Health Carousel team, KUDOS! May you continue to make every Filipino nurse dream come true.

Erin Mae, RN

I joined Health Carousel last October 19, 2015, after my friend referred me to this agency. Initially, I started my US application on my own from credentialing up to finishing and passing the NPTE. I thought, by doing this route, it will be better in the long run as I will have independence and liberty to decide for myself. But I took a chance with Health Carousel after hearing from other PT’s that they had a good experience with Health Carousel. They assured me that I will be taken care of and have proper assistance throughout the process. That’s what exactly Health Carousel did for me. The company took care of me and the filling of my visa. My International Program Advisor help me answer my queries and even replies to my email even after working hours.
I just want to thank Health Carousel team for the assistance and realization of my American dream.

Kevin, PT

I joined HCLLC last August 2015 to kick start my American Dream. With its smooth, well-paved transition the company has given me the chance to attain Doctorate Degree program and Immigrant status. To everyone who is willing to face a wider and more competitive market; or simply those who are looking for more in their professional life, HCLLC is an ideal partner for you.

Edjo, PT

I am truly grateful for signing up with Health Carousel. They assisted me with every step of the way towards achieving my “American dream” – from TOEFL review, TOEFL exam, filing for visa screen, NPTE review, NPTE, pre-deployment requirements, deployment, and most especially with my transitional DPT program which is a rare opportunity that an employer provides. Though the initial expected deployment date was not met, I am still greatly thankful to my advisor’s constant effort in updating me, may it be through a phone call or email, as it reflects the company’s passion and commitment in guiding their candidates. Their lines are always open which ensures candidates or interested applicants to be able to place their inquiries and have the answers right away. With Health Carousel, you are assured of the aid and direction you need from the day you signed until you get deployed to your assigned facility.

Christine Richelle, PT