“My experience with Health Carousel has been sublime. I didn’t expect that the processing time is this fast. I just applied as a new RN. They have placed an excellent support system in my transition to the US. The staff are accommodating and highly efficient. Thank you to Ms. Kim and Ms. Roda who has been helping me in this journey and of course to Health Carousel for the sponsorship of visa, licenses and employment. I wish you more power and success.”

Ria, RN

“I almost gave up on my dream to work in the US, because of the retrogression. Years have passed since I took the NCLEX exam and there was still little progress with my visa application. I took the chance to take a look into an internet advertisement of PPUSA. All that happened was a blur after I visited their office. The hardworking and patient Processing Associates made sure that I will submit all the requirements on their given deadlines, they also told me that being compliant will facilitate my visa processing and I have no regrets believing in them.
Now I am preparing to embrace a new journey in the USA. Less than a year after my first visit in your office, I am leaving with a very grateful heart. Thank you so much PassportUSA for all your help.”

Joanna, RN

“HCPI was my passport to my American dream. Despite the retrogression, I never lost hope. I waited for the opportunity and continue to complete the requirements. So when HCPI emailed me with the offer of assistance to petition me in the US, I readily submitted the rests. Their processing associates, Ms. Liza and Ms. Kim are incredibly efficient. They continually and patiently guide you in every step of the way. Thank you HCPI!”

Rose Anne, RN

“I had a wonderful journey with Health Carousel. I was about to give up my so called “American Dream”, when a friend of mine introduced me to this company. I was helped, passed and encouraged to reach for this dream. Everyone was so helpful, strict in a kind way. And now that I am going to start my life in the land of honey and milk, I will never be more thankful enough. To God be all the glory!”

Joanne, RN

“It has always been my dream to work and live in the US. Unfortunately, I am one among those nurses who experience the effect of retrogression. Thus my dream collapsed. However, I met Health Carousel during these darkest years. It was 2016 when I signed contract with them and the following year I’m already off to the US! Thank you so much Health Carousel for giving me such hope and inspiration. Special thanks to Ms. Liza, Ms. Roda and Ms. Ela. Thank you for your patience. You’re all truly the best. Thank you Ma’am Connie for the very inspiring words. Will surely bring my safety cup and fill it up with both blessings and challenges.

Thank you Health Carousel!”

Janeth, RN

“Despite many hurdles that I had to overcome, trusting the processes of Health Carousel and being diligent in submitting requirements paid off. I would like to personally thank Karen and Ela who have become my personal associates. With their endless support and commitment to their work, they make sure candidates go through the finish line. I am also thankful to Roda for providing me facility interviews. Special thanks to Ms. Valerie who was the first person I met in the office and who convinced me of their commitment when she said, “it is their business to deploy applicants”.
Because of the trust they have shown me, I am inspired to do my best in the work laid out for me.”

Leticia, RN

“Health carousel has been very helpful throughout the whole journey. I would like to thank my PA’s from Ms. Liza, Roda and Ela for the guidance and support. Special thanks as well to Ms. Connie, the president for the empowering words and meaningful advice. Everything has been so smooth and has been taken cared of accordingly. I will now be sharing a new life and a new career in the US!

Happy New Year Everyone!”

Heleinna Mae, RN

“My experience with Health Carousel has been a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs along the way but all the processing associates helped me to get through with it. My deployment may have went through the long route but I know that it is for the best.
Thank you, Health Carousel for helping me reach my dream to work in the US. God bless you!”

Nixon, PT

“Health Carousel has assisted me in preparing for my journey to the US. Communication with them was not hard and they were always providing me with updates. The staff are pleasant and always positive.”

Christine, PT

“Health carousel has been a Godsend to us providing good quality service. They are very professional and reliable. Thank you for all the help and guidance in achieving my American dream. I would highly recommend Health Carousel to all nurses who would like to take a step in achieving their American dream.”

Ma. Buena, RN