I joined Health Carousel Philippines on July 2016. Everything went smoothly with my application. I’m very fortunate and happy that I signed up with Health Carousel. In just 2 years our immigrant visas were approved. My advisors, Lenci and Stephanie were very efficient. They answered all my questions and were quick to respond since day 1. They are truly a pleasure to work with. So to all nurses out there, just trust the process and leave all your worries to God. To God be the glory.

Joselito, RN

I have signed a contract with HC in 2015 but started to comply with all my requirements on mid of 2016 (personal choice). Within a month, they were able to file for my petition and monitored the progress in a timely manner. When my PD becomes current, I had some issues which cause a delay but they were very understanding and helpful on my situation. They kept me monitored and was able to surpass all the difficulties.

This is with all the help of my IDA, Stephanie Grace Aglugub, whom I’d like to commend for having exemplary performance on her duty. She is very responsive to all my queries, attentive to details and cheerful to communicate with. She is professional and kind-hearted that you would not hesitate to convey all your concerns. She was able to find answers to my questions.

With my overall experience, I won’t hesitate to bring future USRN to your company. Health Carousel has prepared me professionally for my American Journey.

Thanks a million!

Ma. Estrella, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines way back in 2015. It was a long way process but fortunately, the whole process went smoothly. The staff assigned to me are all very professional in terms of dealing with the candidates. They are all very accommodating and eagerly listen to my concerns. Being a Health Carousel candidate is one of my greatest achievement that I chose this agency over other competitors in this field.


Thank you, Health Carousel for this wonderful time in my life, that you accepted me as of one of the candidates.

Jason, RN

I joined Health Carousel more than 2 years ago. I am so grateful with all the staff who helped me in processing my application from contracting signing up to my deployment to NE, USA.

I commend my IDA, Ms. Amelyn and Ms. Roda and Ms. Liza for being very accommodating, friendly, reliable and professional.

Thank you, Health Carousel Team for making my American dream a reality.

To all my fellow nurses who aspire to aspire to work in the USA, just follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up. Trust Health Carousel and let them help you in making your dreams come true.

Gemma, RN

I signed with Health Carousel April 2016 as a newly registered USRN and already expecting that the application process would be long and tedious mainly because of the recent retrogression. But because of the efficiency of Health Carousel, especially Ms. Liza and Ms. Raissa, everything went well and smooth because I was guided accordingly.

Thank you Health Carousel for making my American Dream a reality! Kudos!

Graciano, RN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016, a couple of months after graduating from nursing school. The process of my application was smooth as I was meticulously assisted by my PA’s. Health Carousel team, Martha and Amelyn were seemingly thoughtful in their approach to me as a candidate and it has been a great motivation for me to be compliant for the requirements.

To my fellow nurses, you can achieve your dream of working in the USA by signing up with Health Carousel.

Benedict, RN

I joined Health Carousel last May 2016. I was able to talk to Brad and decided to join the team upon hearing the processes involved. Well, honestly, the process went well and the step by step procedures was smoothly initiated. I was once handled by Ms. Liza and was endorsed to Ms. Raissa. Generally, they were so excellent at managing their applicants. They regularly forward emails which are very essential in the application per stage. I would say that Health Carousel Team should continue to work on with their duties to continuous serve the clients for the betterment. Healthcare Professionals should be persistent with their goals and objectives to achieve their American Dream.

Stephen, RN

Health Carousel has been very supportive of my American Dream since I joined them. My journey was smooth sailing and I like that everyone was very attentive to my needs and there was open communication between us. They have been encouraging and accommodating; they make sure that you follow your timeline and meet all the necessary requirements.

I am grateful to Health Carousel and to the amazing people who made this dream come true.

Thank you very much!

Helen, RN

I started my application in 2016. The process was long but kept on hoping that all will be well. The PA’s assigned to me, all of them were patient and jeep on inspiring just to be patient. Keep on hoping and be patient.

Jocelyn A., RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last January 8, 2016, few months after I passed the NCLEX examination. When I signed the contract, they provided me with a step by step instructions which made the entire process hassle-free. It took me three years to wait (due to my priority date) but I can absolutely say that the advisors who handled me (shout out to Ms. Liza and Ms. Roda) were excellent in terms of giving me updates on the status of my application. I am grateful. They exceeded my expectations. Please give them a raise (LOL). To those aspiring nurses who are looking for greener pasture, Health Carousel is here to help and will make sure that you get to achieve your American dream. Do not lose hope should you encounter any bumps on the road as long as you trust the team and the Lord God., everything will fall into its place when you least expect it.

April, RN