I joined Health Carousel Philippines last 12/31/2014. Overall, I had a smooth process of my application from the filing of my petition, submission of important documents, up to the date of my departure. I am thankful to all my Processing Associates because of their timely response most of the time, and they always made sure that I submitted my requirements on the set deadline. Special mention to my Processing Associate, Ms. Lenci Orilloza, I am grateful that she was my PA, then my IDA until my departure date. I did not encounter any problems with her through the majority of our communication was in the email.

Furthermore, I would like to thank Health Carousel for granting my request to depart on my set timeline before migrating to the USA.

My message to other aspiring nurses is to never give up on your dreams because you will achieve them in God’s perfect time. We can make it!

Emmanuel, RN

I joined Health Carousel in the year 2015, I was referred by a friend. I signed contract April 2015, I-140 Approved on March 2016. My experience with Health Carousel has been tough or challenging. I just think of it that people have their different timeline. I am thankful to Health Carousel that they still continued to support me all the way to my deployment.

Maria Jayseaca, RN

I thought that my American Dream of working as a nurse in the US will never come true until I joined Health Carousel year 2015. My advisor, Raissa, always reminded me of my lacking documents that I still need to comply and they always update me on my visa processing.

As far as I am concerned, I did not have any problems with Health Carousel. My advisor always answers my queries.

I hope that more nurses, PTs and MTs will apply to Health Carousel to achieve their American Dream!

Theresa, RN

I joined Health Carousel last February 18, 2015. The process of my application was long and tedious but good thing that my PA’s never left me behind and was accommodating with all my queries. The experience was generally satisfying and commendable. I am impressed with the professionalism and how these people managed to communicate with their applicants in a timely manner and great efficacy. I would commend my previous PA’s Ms. Cheryl Arcon, Ms. Karen Meruena and my current PA/IDA Ms. Stephanie Aglugub. Also, thank you to Ms. Roda Cardoso for assisting me with all my licensing requirements & Ms. Nyra Colinares for guiding and supervising me throughout this process.

To all the nurses who are seeking the opportunity outside the country especially in the USA, keep on dreaming and pray hard.

Melody, RN

I joined Health Carousel way back in 2015. I didn’t expect my application would take only almost 3 years until I reach my American Dream. Thank you to all the people especially my IDAs in helping this dream come true.

Johann, RN

I appreciate the assistance Health Carousel have provided to us nurses as a step in fulfilling our American dream. I applied last 2014 and Health Carousel has never failed to follow-up and check on the requirements. I would also want to express my sincerest gratitude to my PAs Ms. Lenci, for being patient with me along the entire length of the application starting from the submission of the requirements until the pre-deployment orientation. May she be able to assist other RNs in the fulfillment of our dreams.

I would thank the Lord for the guidance he has given us. To my family and relatives, who never lost their hopes on my capabilities, thank you very much.

Jade Mark, RN

I joined Health Carousel last September 14, 2014. The whole process of the application is like riding a carousel. There are ups and downs but you are confident that everything is smooth and a clear destination is certain. I am very thankful to Health Carousel for the excellent services they rendered and for inspiring Nurses to never let go of their American dream.

I would like to commend Ms. Kim, Ms. Roda, Ms. Connie and all the staff of Health Carousel for doing a great job especially for their patience in reminding me of my documents and for the tips they provided me.

My message to my fellow Nurses is that everybody has an opportunity but you just have to work hard and have patience because some of the processes may be timely, but everything will fall into place afterward.

Glenn, RN

I joined Health Carousel last December 2014. The processing of my application was smooth and hassle-free. They assigned a processing associate who helped me in my entire process like licensure, IELTS, licenses and of course processing my immigrant visa. My heartfelt thanks to Ma’am Liza for all her efforts in updating, and continuous support in my American dream. Lastly, I am forever grateful to Health Carousel because they made my dream come true when my previous employer abandoned my petition.

I highly recommend Health Carousel for a fast, efficient and hassle-free processing of my application.

Kudos Health Carousel!

May Lani, RN

I have encountered a lot of challenging situations while I was taking the simulation training program. But despite the fact that it was harder than I thought, it was of great help to me in molding me to become a better member of the healthcare system in the US. I have also learned new ideas, techniques, and skills which are very far alike from what I have learned and experienced as a nurse here in the Philippines. Through this training program, I have learned the value of patience and understanding. Patience in dealing with difficult patients and understanding that each and every patient is different and unique which means that the care they need also varies.

Although the program was set to be finished in eight weeks, I completed it in less than the set time frame. Because of my eagerness to finish and my coach’s help, I was able to complete every module and tests with a passing rate. After I finished everything, I can say that I am now ready and confident in my skills and knowledge and that my transition in the US healthcare system would be successful. This program has been very helpful to me and I believe it would also serve the same purpose to all other candidates.

Meia, RN

Being part of the Training Program is a great privilege that definitely required an exemplary focus, time and determination. It made me go back to my senses of being a student again and thus, the huge effort had to be done due to overwhelming information about patient cases and theories I haven’t been practicing for a long time since I was concentrated about Renal Nursing for more than 10 years now.


As I went through all the modules required in the checklist, it became more interesting about the simulations which displayed those real Nurse- Patient scenarios. Indeed, these segments were helpful because the student will be able to anticipate the possible issues and events when providing care to patients as per US healthcare Standards of Practice. I am quite lucky that I have been working with JCI accredited institutions for the last 6 years and was able to refresh all the practices and standards needed in every patient situation. It took me 2 months to finish the whole Medical- Surgical Program and this is a great refresher for me since it covered most of the areas of Nursing in a comprehensive manner.

The training is highly recommended to all nurses in and out of US because it gives comprehensive information and review about nursing skills and clinical judgment that can be applied in their daily tasks.

This program gave great impact and influence to me as a Renal Nurse because it was not just about Renal Nursing but also gave equal highlights on other areas of Nursing such as Mental Health, OB-Gyne, and Pediatrics. I can truly tell myself that after I finished the course,  I am able to deliver care and quality nursing to all ages from all walks of life, embracing the standards based on acceptable US Healthcare Delivery System.


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my coach, Ms. Joanne Harrison, for her continued support and understanding, as I ventured this program up to the end of my certification. More power and may this program continue to help and develop nurses in their careers and transition to US nursing practices.

June, RN