Way back December 2016, I signed up with Health Carousel with an NCLEX and expired Visa Screen, I was advised to take the IELTS soon for visa screen renewal. After passing IELTS and renewing my visa screen. My I-140 was filed right away and got a priority date in February 2017. And now, here I am, super thankful and blessed reaching my American Dream. I would like to give massive thanks to my terrific and efficient IDA, Amelyn and the rest of Health Carousel Team for helping me achieve this gigantic dream.

To all health care professionals out there, always dream big! For dreams do come true! Remember, I made it, YOU CAN MAKE IT TOO! Good luck and God bless.

Judy, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2014. When I signed up. I know it will be a long wait but with the help of Health Carousel, I have an assurance that I am waiting for something – a dream that I had since I decided to take up nursing. Health Carousel as a company and all the other IDAs have been there since day one of my application. This company is the reason why my dream has come to reality.

The Health Carousel team are very approachable. I know they made their best. Healthcare professionals dreaming to be in the US, be with the right company that will make sure of your deployment and don’t lose hope and keeps on dreaming.

Annie, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last December 2016. The processing, in general, was smooth though challenging on my part, since I’m working abroad (UAE), I have to extend effort and request help from my family and friends to process documents in the Philippines in my behalf. In spite of that, the Health Carousel team was very helpful and guided me in every step of the process. Special thanks to Ms. Lenci for being accommodating and responsive to my questions. To my fellow aspirant nurses who wanted to work in the United States, always strive for greatness. Dream big and never ever let it go. Yes, “American Dream” may seem a long process but definitely, its attainable and Health Carousel will make it possible.

Ernesto, USRN

I joined Health Carousel sometime in 2016. The process of my application was fast, maybe even faster if I would have left last year after my Embassy interview. I just can’t understand why I was not given a visa during my Embassy Interview and I waited for a year before my visa was given.

My experience with Health Carousel was okay. My Processing Associate Ms. Lenci was very accommodating and she was strict with deadlines of submission, which was very good for my part.

I am grateful to Health Carousel and my IDA Ms. Lenci for helping me to realize my American dream. Although I was not able to be given a visa last year, I know it was all God’s plan. And now is my perfect time!

Maria Cecilia, USRN

The professionalism and service that I have received from Health Carousel are truly commendable. I am particularly satisfied with the response/good communication with my advisors that helped facilitate an organized application. I appreciate all the efforts in securing me this position.


Patricia Hannah, USRN

I think I have been part of Health Carousel since 2016. They process my application smoothly and fast. They really know the process! My experience with Health Carousel was okay, they helped me a lot. Amelyn is very efficient and kind.

I would like to commend Ms. Amelyn for helping us through this process. She was able to answer all my inquiries on time. Please continue to hire employees like her. And to Health Carousel, I would like to thank you for this opportunity.

To other nurses out there, Health Carousel is a wonderful partner in making your dreams come true!

Aliana, USRN

I am beyond grateful to Health Carousel’s assistance in achieving this milestone. Way back in 2016, I was a newly licensed nurse when Nyra interviewed and introduced me to the Aspire Program. Throughout the process, my advisor guided me and kept me well updated regarding my case status. I am blessed to have had Raissa as my advisor who continuously made sure everything was set and prepared. Thank you, everyone, who helped me achieve this dream!

Tanya Grace, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel Philippines last 2016. The good side about this is that I gained more people to trust. All my advisors, from Mr. Smith, Karen to Amelyn and Ma’am Nyra. They were all knowledgeable, supportive and caring.

Health Carousel has taught me how to be extra patient. There were times that it took months to just wait for one certain document to be able to move to another. They never stopped informing us and even updating us, sometimes we even receive email greetings. All the hard work has now paid off and thanks to Health Carousel and to my advisor, Amelyn for guiding me all throughout the journey to the land of the “free”. I know for sure that this company will help more nurses and other medical practitioners to also achieve their goal of working in the US.

Justine, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in January 2016. My officemates referred me to the company. I tried to apply online for faster transaction and got an interview the next night. A day after, I signed the contract. I am happy I choose Health Carousel because they are on my side every step of this journey. Raissa, my advisor, always assist and guide me in all the necessary documents, and the training I need to do. They are accommodating and easy to communicate with. My application process up until my pre-departure orientation is smooth sailing and I am grateful and proud to be part of Health Carousel. I recommend the company to my friends who are also USRNs and aspiring to live their American Dream. God bless us all and may you continue to inspire and help other nurses to achieve their goals!

Cherry Lou, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Phils last October 2016. It took me more than 2 years of waiting but the process was smooth and thank God there were no problems met along the way.

I personally thank Ms. Liza, my advisor for all the help on my journey, for answering all my questions and inquiries promptly. Thanking also Ms. Roda for the processing of my US license.

Patience is really a virtue, you really need to understand the process and keep on asking your advisors if you have any queries. Most of all, I believe that Almighty God is real and there to be with you along the way.

Christina, USRN