I signed up with Health Carousel in 2014. The processing was fast and easy as I did not have to physically visit their office for the requirements, everything was done via email. I am fortunate to have been guided by Karen and Raissa throughout my application process. They were both efficient and available for questions and concerns. To all nurses aspiring to go and work in the US, Health Carousel can help you reach your goal!

Zyrell, RN

I joined Health Carousel last March 2015. I applied to them online and never seen anyone personally since I’m working in UAE until my final deployment days. I was compliant with all the requirements. Any questions and processing are done thru email. They are prompt with answering all my queries. Went thru retrogression in 2015 but Health Carousel is always there to answer all my concerns and prepare me when PD is already current.

Remie Joy, RN

Matthew 21:22 “ If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer”.

In God’s right time indeed! I heard about Health Carousel from my aunt who worked in Odessa, Texas. On January 2015, I passed NCLEX and immediately contacted Health Carousel and submitted my resume. I was immediately accepted and processed the needed documents.

It took me 3 years to wait and have my visa. Along the way, there were bumps and disappointments but HC always has my back. All of my queries are immediately answered. The process went on smoothly.

HC helped me achieved my dreams. They are very supportive and helpful in my transition to the US. They offered ATI that gives more insight on how to handle difficult situations.

Thank you HC and Raissa for helping me achieve my dreams! To all of the nurses who are still waiting, never give up. Don’t lose hope and enjoy the process while waiting. Most importantly, never cease to pray. God bless us all!

Viberly, RN

I joined HCPI last 201, and since then they have been very active in helping me prepare for the NCLEX. I took the NCLEX last June 15, 2018, and finished it at almost 2 hours including their research. I was only able to answer 75 items and was really anxious for the result.

The Saunders online review, 2nd edition, which the HCPI provided, played a vital role in my NCLEX success. I have read it at least thrice and clung to it for I know the thorough discussions, rationales, and questions will provide me a great reassurance to deal with the actual NCLEX questions. I also revisited my college notes which offered a great experienced to refresh my knowledge about pathophysiology. My utilization of the registerednursern.com assisted me to work on my weaknesses in some areas of nursing practice.

Four days after the examination, I have received an email from HCPI that I was successful on my NCLEX. I was really overwhelmed by the result and for that, I am glad that the HCPI existed to express an unselfish act of helping people like us who dream big. Thank you so much for your generosity.

To those who will be taking the NCLEX study, relax, and pray and positive results will follow!

Nurse Erwin

I started joining last May 2017 and took my NCLEX last June 16, 2018.

The review period for my NCLEX was not easy. I planned on enrolling in a review center but I had a hard time filing a resignation in the hospital where I am working due to the shortage of staff nurses, so I ended up continuing my job and just had a self-review. I purchased some online applications. Balancing the time for my work and review was challenging. I just had a few days off and most of the time, I am very tired when I reached home. I always try to allot time for my review but I always fall asleep. So a few days before the schedule of my NCLEX, I just visited a few churches and just lifted everything to God. On the day of my NCLEX, the weather was not that good because of the heavy rain. I am also not feeling so well. Upon reaching the venue for the exam, I the anxiety I felt has increased. Other test takers seem to be prepared which made me feel so nervous knowing that I wasn’t able to have a formal review. I took the exam. I encountered a lot of unfamiliar medications, diseases, and devices. I was not confident after finishing the exam. But after few days, upon hearing the results, I just felt so blessed and happy that God responded to my prayers positively.

The NCLEX program was a great opportunity for the newly graduated nurses who aspires to become a USRN. Never lose hope in achieving your dreams. It’s okay to experience failure at the beginning, what’s important is how you strived in making your dreams come true. It’s the courage and the determination to continue.


Nurse Keem

I signed with Health Carousel last October 6, 2017. The process was systematic and Ma’am Liana and IPASS processing team did a wonderful job in follow-ups and updating me about the process. With this, I was able to submit and complete the requirements on time.  Health Carousel provided me some online review materials (HESI/Saunders) and it did help me a lot in refreshing the information that I have read and learned during my studies. After I finished the course calendar, I started reading the books my sister gave me (Lippincott Q&A and Kaplan NCLEX) and also joined the FB live review of Remar Nurse University just before my examination date last May 28, 2018. During the exam day, I just tried to relax while answering the questions and waited for the 2nd Hour break before I proceeded with the 75th question though I opted not to take the break, and the exam finished at I think the 83rd question.

I felt I did lack the preparations for the exam, unlike the other nurses who did several months of reviewing thru review centers or purchasing Q-banks or subscriptions from known NCLEX review programs. But, I believe that prayer and faith with Jesus Christ helped me pass this exam (and all other exams that I have taken), I do believe that if He is in control, it fails proof. Hence, my whole preparation for this exam is about 55% prayer and 45% review materials. It is not by chance that Health Carousel is the company that is helping me achieve my #AmericanDream. So for those who are going to take the exam in the future, choose Health Carousel Philippines Inc., believe in God, believe in yourself and believe in the process. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”- Mark 11:24

Nurse Julius

“All things work together for good!” Romans 8:28

Indeed, God has His own perfect timing. I started my application with Health Carousel, LLC on October 2014 via referral of my ex-colleague at a certain facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At first, I was a bit hesitant to pursue my US application, since I’m doing well already in Abu Dhabi, when it comes to salary. Considering, a long-term plan for career advancement but my children are miles away from me, made me decide to reactivate my interest in US employment.

The package that HCLLC offer is a family-oriented benefit and basically something that any nurse or staff in the medical field would be taken as a great blessing and opportunity.

Throughout the process of my US employment, Ms. Liza Graza had been supportive and truly worked hard to facilitate all requisites will be furnished on time.

I commend HCLLC for the unselfish effort and support to all candidates who are still in the process of their applications. Thank you and more power!


June, RN

I was working in Kuwait as a nurse when I heard of Health Carousel through Facebook. At first, I didn’t believe they could help me but I decided to message them via FB since I had nothing to lose. I was immediately contacted by one of their staff Ms. Karen who explained to me their services and told me to pass a resume. This was way back in 2016 when I signed with them. From filing to getting my immigrant visa, Health Carousel made the processing fast, stress and hassle-free. I really appreciated the constant communication via email. I am really grateful and lucky to have found Health Carousel. As a nurse working in a different country during the processing phase, prompt and immediate communication through email or phone is what I really appreciated from Health Carousel. They always updated me regarding the next stage and needed documents.

To other nurses who want to avail of Health Carousel’s services, do not be afraid. They will really take care of you and make your US journey a pleasant one.

Timothy, RN

I joined HC-Philippines last 2014 and had my IELTS in March 2016, after that HC processed my I-140 around April 2016 with PD June 2016. Last March 2018, finally PD was current, April 2018 ID and was rescheduled last May 2018 and became 221g. USEM wanted to verify if my workplace. With the help and encouragement of my IDA, I didn’t lose hope. Still, everything goes to my plan with God’s help as well. I commend HC management for all the help and never ending support for this dream come true. Kudos HC! GOD BLESS and more power. For all nurses out there, just follow your dream, don’t lose hope and include God in your life. That in all things, God may be glorified!

Dianne, RN

I heard about Health Carousel in 2009 the same year when I passed my NCLEX exam. A month after passing my NCLEX was the effectivity of the 5-year retrogression in the US. I joined Health Carousel way back September 5, 2014, 5 years after retrogression. (I’m the residue of the 5-year retrogression)

My application in Health Carousel was a long process. One by one, I accomplished them. Whatever my PA/IDA required me, I provided them immediately. If my memory serves me right my first ever (PA) was Ms. Je Ann Peralta followed by Ms. Roda, Sir Mark, Ms. Maricris and lastly, (IDA) Ms. Lenci.

I have a good experience with Health Carousel because they provided me the necessary information about my US application. They helped me step by step in fulfilling my dreams. One by one from US requirements, medical exams, embassy interview, and the PDO.

Keep up the good work, to my IDA Ms. Lenci, Thank you for helping/assisting me in my transition to the US. Thank you for providing me the information and the steps. Sorry for being so “kulit” sometimes if you cannot reply immediately. I understand I’m not the only client you have. Once again, thank you very much.

Never lose hope, fulfill your US dream! Don’t let others rush you with their own timeline because you have your own timeline of success.

Finally, my dream is now a reality. Thank you Health Carousel for fulfilling my dream to work as a Nurse in the USA.

It was a long journey but the wait was worth it!

Gian Carlo, RN