“I would like to thank Health Carousel for fulfilling my American dream. It was a roller coaster ride for me all throughout my processing journey. But in the end the satisfaction and pleasure that I felt after I have received my immigration visa. Once again, thank you for all the help and guidance to me.”

Marjorie Ann, PT

“First of all, I want to thank God for the wonderful opportunity He had given me. Living in the USA has always been a dream for me.
Health Carousel played a major role in making this dream possible. I’m very much thankful to my processing associates for being so patient and helpful throughout the entire process. They are always available and respond to my queries promptly.
The road I have traveled to be here right now was not easy. I was rejected for H1B visa twice but God’s plan is the best. In His time, He made all this and my dream come true.”

Grace, PT

“Thank you Health Carousel for giving me the chance to live my dream working in the US. No amount of words how grateful I am for your assistance in filing my immigrant visa, preparing for my IELTS exam, and filing my US license and client interviews. More power and God Bless!”

Marianne, RN

“Like several other cases of abandoned nurses, I was in the dark for a decade. I thank health Carousel LLC for showing me the way to realizing my dream to work in the US.
The Health Carousel team patiently facilitated completion of my requirements and documents which made the whole process proceed smoothly.
Thank you Health Carousel for making my dreams come true. One day, I will make you all proud.”

Francisco, RN

“I signed the contract with Health Carousel last March 2016 (recaptured) and due to unavoidable circumstances, my paper processing took longer than expected. Despite of the delays, Health Carousel has been very efficient in making sure that everything is settled until the day of my departure to USA on Nov. 27, 2017. Finally the long wait is over, it is all worth it and I believe that it is the Lord’s perfect time. Special thanks to the following for their efficiency, love and dedication for their work.
1.Cheryl Arcon – who assisted me from the interview to contract signing.
2.Ms. Nyra Colinares – who has been very supportive during all the delays in my PD recapturing.
3.Karen Merueña – my processing associate, very efficient, detailed, strict in a good way, dedicated to her job and patient as well.
4.Ms. Kim Bancolita – very keen, detailed, efficient and strict in a good way.
5.Ms. Roda Mae Cardoso – for her efficiency at US license concerns.
6.Ms. Valerie Santos – thank you for the encouragement and words of wisdom.
And to all the staff of Health Carousel, thank you for making this USA dream a reality. I am forever grateful for your superb service to the nurses who dream to better their life including myself.
To God be all the Glory
Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Janice, RN

“I was abandoned by my previous employer and Health Carousel recaptured my case. Initially, I had problems with my primary agent which caused so much delay in my application and unnecessary additional expenses. However, upon being reassigned to a new agent, Health Carousel has been prompt and redeemed itself from my initial encounter. Thank you to my agent Ela and thank you Health Carousel for the opportunity to star my nursing career in the USA.”

Anna Karina, RN

“I was part of the batch in which there was a massive retrogression. Since it took a very long time, my previous employer abandoned me. One of my friends signed up in Health Carousel and he was the one who encouraged me to sign up with them as well. I just communicated with them via email since I was working overseas. I signed up with them on 2015. Before the year ended, my priority date was captured and my priority date was already current. 2016 I started to process my expired papers and I was able to secure the necessary requirements needed for my application. Since different PA’s handled my account, I think they forgot to endorse my papers so every now and then they will ask me again and again regarding my requirements. 2017 I was waiting for a long time for the DQ process since they appear to have lost my police clearance since the beginning of the year. By July I have received the notice for my embassy interview and in a month and a half I passed and decided to terminate my contract early in my current job. I fly back to the Philippines and arranged my other pending requirements specifically my driver’s license. It took me another 2months to finish everything. By the grace of God, I am now scheduled for my departure for my first job in the US. It’s a little bitter sweet since I will be spending my first Christmas and New Year there alone without my family. But I am so looking forward to work and finish my contract as soon as possible.”

Jasmin, RN

“The process for recapturing my PD was fast considering I was abandoned by my previous employer. There were some delays yet the time frame was still within my expectations.
Thank you Health Carousel Philippines!!!”

Angelo, RN

“Health Carousel did a good job on making my Milk and Honey dream come true. Health Carousel never gave up on their promise when they started to recapture my application in 2013.”

Mariel, RN

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Health Carousel. I almost gave up last 2016, because my application is still pending, until I was endorsed to Health Carousel by my former agency. Since day 1, with this amazing team, I was supported, advised and kept being posted about my status and knew that my American Dream is within reach again.
I will always remember your kindness and support. More power and I hope you will continue to support and assists more of my colleagues.
Thank you Ms. Karen, Ms. Ela, Ms. Glenda, Ms. Roda and Ms. Connie! You are all great in your job.
Thank you Health Carousel!!!”

Relibelle, RN