I signed with Health Carousel last Oct. or Nov. 2015. The process was smooth although there were delays when my case on NVC due to retrogression/changes of advisor. Overall, Health Carousel is very good and they are always real. Continue to provide PH nurses the opportunity to reach their American dream.

Marc, RN

Referred to Health Carousel by a colleague at work summer of 2015, was interviewed by Ms. Nyra and signed a contract with them. Received my PD, Oct. 2015 and the rest was history. Will be leaving in 3 days and cannot thank Ms. Karen, Ms. Kim and Ms. Emily more than enough in helping me through this journey!


For all the guidance and unwavering support, for the trust and encouragement, and for all the fast and appropriate responses to all my inquiries, night or day, rain or shine that got me through my processing, medical exam and interview, I would like to thank Health Carousel team especially Emal, Julia, Liza and Stephanie. Thank you so much! God bless to all!

Mae, RN

When I signed the contract with HCLLC, I knew it was my first step in reaching my American Dream and I was confident that HCLLC can be of big help in reaching my goal.  What I really love about HCLLC is that they would really give me specific instructions every stage of my application which is very helpful. Even though there were challenges along the way. If I would need an assurance, the advisors and managers would give it to me and find ways to help me in and they can.

Overall, the service that they provided was very satisfactory especially with my advisor, Stephanie. She was there 24/7 whenever I have questions and was very friendly.

Vanessa, RN

The application was very smooth. I appreciate the transparency of HC in processing the application, informing us every step of the process, following up from time to time making sure that we don’t feel abandoned. I appreciate the review materials HCPI has provided (HESI/SAUNDERS).

My NCLEX experience is something that I would remember for the rest of my life. It is such a huge milestone for me. I thank you for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity to turn our dreams into reality. your program is definitely a huge help, especially to those who are persistent but couldn’t afford it, without your help and generosity I wouldn’t be where I am today.


My message to aspiring nurses is to never give up. to continue holding on to their goal, to pass the NCLEX. the road towards reaching that goal is difficult but worth it. don’t be discouraged by the low scores you’re getting in any review material that you’re using. make it as a motivation to study harder. understand all the rationales. for those who are currently working while studying just like me, know that its possible to do both. it may be hard, but its doable. just learn to discipline yourself. stop complaining about the things that you can’t do (like studying for more hours), instead of maximizing the things the thing that you can do. above all, put God the center of everything. when the going gets tough, call on Him.

God bless you on your journey fellow nurses.

Nurse Dinalyn

I started joining Health Carousel in August 2017. I took the NCLEX exam last June 20, 2018. My application was smooth and hassle-free with the help of Health Carousel and I pass Processing. All the staffs who assisted me from start to finish were all accommodating and patient in assisting the completion of my requirements. I have to commend Health Carousel and I pass Processing who diligently helped me prepare for NCLEX. They monitor my performance and they make sure I am doing well while preparing for the exam.


For the last 45 days I treated studying as if it were my full-time job, I set goals each day in order to finish certain topics. I created a timeline for my review and I make sure I’m able to finish one set of 75-item exam per day. For me, taking practice tests over and over was very helpful.


My NCLEX experience was very challenging. I felt I went through that exam guessing many questions. I took 5 hours and a half to finish my exam and every time I’d see a SATA question I would get really excited because I was thinking I must be doing good since they’re giving me harder questions.


Health Carousel has been so generous to their applicants. Words are certainly not enough to express how thankful I am for the opportunity that Health Carousel had given me. I will be forever grateful to Health Carousel for giving me the chance to become part of the Aspire Program. Thank you so much for the support in making my goals turn into a reality.


To my fellow nurses, do whatever measures it takes to help you focus. NCLEX is probably the most challenging step towards becoming a USRN. Start preparing for the NCLEX long before the actual exam. Set realistic goals that motivate you and make an action plan with deadlines. Keep up your momentum and maintain a good study habit. Lastly, trust the process and believe in yourself that you can pass NCLEX.

Nurse Ma Rijesa

God moves when you least expect it. I never expected that Health Carousel will call me and offer me an opportunity that is hard to resist. I believe that God uses HC as an instrument to my American dream. I am one of the lucky candidates for the sponsorship of Health Carousel.

I joined HC last September 2017 and I am greatly blessed that I became part of the Aspire program and was given free NLCEX. Also, I’m very grateful to the HC team especially to Ma’am Cairos, Sir Emmanuel, Ma’am Martha and Ma’am Jeimy for helping me and guiding me in every step of the way. They were very approachable and very professional. They will listen to all your queries and they will update you from time to time.

My nclex application was hassle free since they will be the one to process it for you and they will provide an online review for you to study especially when you’re working. I took my NCLEX last July 7,2018 and by the grace of God I am one step closer to my American dream. I am now a USRN! To God be the glory! To all nurses, never give up on your dream and never lose hope for in due time it will be given to you.

Nurse Clalaine

I joined Heath Carousel last 2012. I was referred by my batch mate in college, I started from scratch, I don’t have TOEFL, FCCPT and I also lack 3 subjects which is needed for credentialing.
Processing of application and completion of requirements is very stressful since I’m also working but Health Carousel helped me and guided me all throughout the process. From the review of TOEFL and NPTE, helping me financially for the requirements and giving me all the encouragement that I need. I am grateful for the International Program Advisor who assisted me was very patient and professional since day 1 up to my date of departure. Also to Health Carousel for helping me and my son to get a US visa and most especially in helping me achieve my greatest dream to work in the US.

Mary Ann, PT

I always have that American dream—of seeing the world, to experience different cultures, and of course, to earn more. For years, it just remained a dream until last year, January 2017 to be exact, I found Health Carousel thru their Facebook account and signed with them without any hesitations. I gave them my full trust and so far I didn’t regret anything. Upon providing the complete documents and requirements, I had a hassle-free experience when it comes to processing my US working visa. I want to thank Health Carousel for making my long-time dream possible. To my family, for their undying love and support and most of all to our Lord Almighty because He has set the right time for everything.

Marigold, MT

I joined Health Carousel in February 2016. During the early period of my processing, it was quite smooth, but things changed when Trump’s administration started. There was bumps and roller coaster ride. I am thankful and grateful to my IDA who was so patient and understanding during my tough times. It was not easy, but it is worth it. To my Co-Nurses, PT’s, MTs, be patient and trust our agency because they are doing everything for us to reach success.


Christelle, RN