“I joined Health Carousel last March 2015.  The processing of my application went quite well.  It was fast and smooth.

I can say that I am fully satisfied with the kind of assistance that Health Carousel provided me during the whole processing of my application.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the support and guidance you have given me during the entire period (processing time), especially to Mam Nyra Colinares who has been very attentive of all my needs and to my advisor Ma’am Valerie.  Thank you so much for everything.

Soar high my fellow nurses.”

Michelle, RN

“The process was smooth and fast. The associates of Health Carousel are responsible and efficient in updating progress in my application. Ms. Karen is efficient in responding to emails. Ms. Liza took effort in processing everything for me and responds even beyond her working hours which I appreciate the most. Health Carousel truly helps us professionals achieve and realize our dreams.

Thank you!”

Rysa, RN

It was 2015 when I joined Health Carousel. Honestly, I almost lost my hope to be able to work in the US. But with the help of Health Carousel, I say that “what used to be a dream had finally become a reality”.

My experience with Health Carousel was really amazing and a life-changing experience. I would like to thank Ms Liza who has been tirelessly following up all the documents I need to submit and helping me to the best that she can until I got my deployment date.

I could proudly say that you won’t regret as an aspiring candidate if you will apply with Health Carousel and Passport USA to fulfil your American Dream.

Katrina, RN

“I do not regret signing with Health Carousel. Although my deployment took quite a while, the entire application process was without any hassle and worries. Health Carousel will give you assurance and confidence and they will deliver their promises successfully. They have solutions in every trial and bump along the way. Overall, everything went on. All my advisors were easy to communicate with and gave timely responses to all my queries. I am also very grateful to Health Carousel for giving me a rare opportunity to study transitional Doctorate for Physical Therapy as an overseas student. They supported me every step of the way to finally become a doctor of Physical therapy.”

Jo Anne, PT

“Health Carousel just made my long-awaited American Dream come true! I am truly thankful to have signed up with Health Carousel as they have helped me throughout the process of getting a tourist visa, taking the NPTE, and getting an immigrant visa. Their generosity, patience, and the kindness of the whole team who handled my application are very much appreciated. Special thanks to my advisors. I couldn’t have achieved all of these without their help.

It was indeed a life-changing decision that I will forever be grateful for. Thank you so much, Health Carousel!”

Jerlin, PT

“It was September 2014 when Health Carousel filed my papers. Since then it was a smooth sailing journey. Continuous communication with Health Carousel assures great result. And with this, I would like to thank the whole Health Carousel team for helping me achieve my dream into reality. And to my co-nurses, do not lose hope. Always dream and aim high and in God’s perfect timing, you will achieve your dream with the help and guidance from Health Carousel. Thank you!”

Rey, RN

“I have signed up for Health Carousel late 2014 and learned the company from my college colleague. The process of my application ran smoothly with the help of my efficient advisors, Maricris and Raissa. From the processing of my priority date up to my US deployment, they have been very resourceful and knowledgeable. I would advise my fellow nurses with the same goal as mine to not lose hope and aim for your goal. Don’t get discouraged from the negativities of other people and you will achieve your dream sooner than you think.”

Ronald Joseph, RN

“I have achieved my American Dream through Passport USA/ Health Carousel. I am thankful for having an awesome and assistive PA Ms Karen, who always keeps me updated. I also appreciate Ms Ela for assisting me with the requirements needed. To all nurses waiting for their deployment or is in the process of achieving their American Dream, keep up the faith and be assertive.

Thank you for guiding us all the way ♥

Allyana, RN

“I want to thank Ms Lenci, Ms Ela, Ms Valerie and Ms Kimberly for facilitating a smooth process for my family’s migration. There were challenges but they were reassured and remained in the passenger seat during the whole ride. I never felt a doubt because of their constant guidance.

To the other candidates, stay focused. The day will soon come when you will be writing your own testimonials. Good luck!”

Oliver, RN

“This has been my dream and I thank HCPI for being with me on this journey. I signed up with them in December 2014 and I was very grateful to Ms Roda and Ms Lenci for assisting me during the whole process. Their constant reminders, updates and deadline had helped me focused on my goals. To my fellow nurses who share the same dream, never give up and always have faith. Soon, we will all achieve what God has a plan for all of us.”

Shella, RN