“My Journey to the US has been a rough one. I was abandoned by my previous petitioner and I was frustrated. However, I still believe in miracles and having that faith and belief, lead me to Health Carousel.
Health Carousel has been great from the very start. They encouraged me to facilitate my papers and reminded me every time to update documents that are needed for the recapturing of my case and later for the NVC review and finally for the embassy interview.
Thank you Health Carousel for making our dreams become a reality. Most especially to Miss Liza, Miss Rhoda and Miss Kimberly for their help and encouragement and for being there every time I have some issues with my papers and questions pertaining to the processing of certain documents.”

Gigi, RN

“Last summer of 2014, I was looking for an employer who will sponsor me to work in the United States of America. Luckily, I found PassportUSA branch in the Philippines, Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.
The company explained to me about working in the US as a registered nurse and guide me every step to take until the petition was submitted and approved. I am so lucky that they always remind me of the needed and lacking requirements and made sure I have comply with it. Despite the retrogression last 2015, they never gave up.
I would like to thank my Processing Associates especially to Ms. Kim and Ms. Maricris for their guidance and patience on answering all my queries. And Ms. Roda for the endorsement of my license.
With love from my family and friends, perseverance, dedication and the most important of them all, faith in God fulfilled my American Dream and made me easy to achieve it. Learning to wait patiently for God’s perfect timing and to never quit despite of all the circumstances are things to keep in mind to make a dream a reality.”

Ellen, RN

“Health Carousel helped me in achieving the American Dream from me and my family. Big Thank you to Maricris, Roda and Ela who helped every step of the way. They were very patient, accommodating and professional.
Thank you girls for assisting me in this journey.
Kudos to you all!”

Shelley Marie , RN

“First, I would like to say that I owe Health Carousel and its processing associates a debt of gratitude for all their efforts in making my US dream a reality. They have knowledgeable, accommodating, and professional staff that are always willing to support their candidates in every step of the way. I owe my success to them because I know I couldn’t have done this without them. I can’t thank them enough!”

Maria Teresa, PT

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Health Carousel Philippines for meticulously helping me in reaching my American dream.

I must say that it was not an easy journey knowing that they had to deal with me overseas and they are very accommodating with all of my queries. At first, I thought the application will be a long process but Health Carousel was able to handle my case smoothly and of course their patience, time and dedication only took me about less than 2 years and now I am bound to America.

Moreover, I thank Ms. Liza and Ms. Ela for handling my case especially for being patient and kind dealing with my husband’s papers. Your tasks were not easy but I am grateful that your teamwork and hard work helped me to significantly reach my dream.

I would highly recommend Health Carousel to my colleagues. Surely, their professional team will guide you and your family through your journey to work and live in America.”

Angeli, RN

“Health Carousel and their representatives were very straight forwards with how they dealt with me. They were open to questions and always have an answer and proper advice. They were knowledgeable with the process and everything was covered. I appreciate how they’ve guided me throughout the whole process including my whole family.”

David Joseph, RN

“I am thankful to Health Carousel for helping me fulfill my goal of working in the US. From TOEFL and NPTE review classes to visa processing, Health Carousel has provided adequate and satisfactory assistance and guidance every step of the way.
Shout out to my processing associates for their patience and encouragements.
I greatly encourage aspiring PTs who want to work in the US to start their journey with Health Carousel to ensure their success in the future. The process will not be easy, but through hard work, determination and great attitude, your dream is within your grasp.”

Michelle, PT

“It was a long and bumpy ride but Health Carousel helped me get through this. Abandonment, Disappointment, Disapproval and many more heartbreaking circumstances were all part of this journey. Credits to Ms. Cherryl, Ms. Lenci, Ms. Ela and Ms. Roda. Their combined efforts propelled me up to this time of the day. The day that my American Dream is about to become real.
Furthermore, all of there will never be possible without the love and support of my family and friends and by the grace and guidance of our Almighty God the Father.”

Kaycee, RN

“My dream of working in the US started a decade ago and just like most of us, I was also abandoned by my previous employer. This led me to try my luck in New Zealand where I worked as an RN for almost 5 years, a country gifted with wonderful people, diverse culture and magnificent scenery. My dream of going to the US took a back seat and was neglected for a while; however, circumstances in life led me to pursue this neglected goal.
Facebook introduced me to Health Carousel and honestly, for a nurse working abroad, complying with the requirements was double the effort because the resources needed were not readily available. There were times that I got too stubborn and questioned their system but my PAs were very professional and persistent. They never gave up on reminding me and providing me with assistance and various alternatives to meet what the immigration, visa center and nursing council demands. I know that my being stubborn and picky must somehow have taxed their patience that is why I really appreciate the efforts and dedication of Karen, Roda and Ela. You girls are amazing and I cannot ask for anything more.”

Camille, RN

“I felt that it will just be an endless waiting and never imagined this day would come. Because of Health Carousel, everything has changed and now the long wait is over. It’s time to face a new beginning now but with confidence. Health Carousel helped me recapture my petition in a fast and convenient way. They made my goal very simple and specific, their approach is personal as well as systematic, timely and definite. An because of that, everything went on smoothly despite of a never ending demands of my family life. I really appreciate how they handled my case as they are considerate based on my needs I still established realistic expectations to achieve a common goal. I will never forget the pleasant experience of working with them and the significant turn they made in my life.”

Vanessa, RN