It has been a great experience working with Passport USA. When I signed up in 2016, I know communication wouldn’t be a barrier to the whole application process. They are flexible enough and they know how to maximize their resources to get in touch with you to prevent any delays. To my IDAs, Liza, and Carla, their people skills and services are excellent. They were responsive for my queries and they see to it that all of my documents are always up to date. Overall, I am satisfied with how PPUSA does the process in an organized way. So, to my fellow nurses just keep going, enjoy their process and be positive!

Rae Ann, USRN

I gave up my American Dream nine years ago. I never thought perfect timing and opportunities will change my life. Thank you Health Carousel for making my dreams into a reality. Thank you for being patient and supportive. All praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for not giving up on me. To all aspiring nurses/PTs/MTs don’t give up on your dreams. Keep the faith.

Jenelyn, USRN

I had my contract signing with Health Carousel Philippines last October 2016. I just emailed them and submitted the documents that need to be submitted. It was a smooth processed. We just communicated through calls and emails. Overall, I am satisfied with their service. I would like to thank Health Carousel for helping me with my American Dream.

Aileen, USRN

I have started with a plan, worked hard for it, coupled it with a strong sense of purpose and determination then I found Health Carousel who tirelessly guided me along the way to reach my American Dream. To my advisor, Amelyn and the whole team who extended their assistance and unfailing support I gave my salute! To my family for their unending love and support and above all, to the Holy Father for making all things possible in His given time. Just believe, keep on working to reach your ultimate goal.

Cherylin, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in July 2015. The process went smoothly with the help of its efficient staff members, especially Carla and Roda who were very accommodating, responsive to all queries, meticulous and attentive to my needs.

My advice to my fellow nurses is just complied with all the requirements on time plus hard work and determination to make your American dreams come true.

Most of all, always believe in God’s plan and everything will fall in the right place in HIS best time.

Shiela, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last 2016. The application process was a smooth one even though there were many bumps along USCIS requirements. I would like to commend Ms. Liza and Ms. Stephanie for being approachable and patient with my concerns and for the quick response to my queries. My advice to other nurses is that, even though it would take a long time to fulfill your dreams, do not give up and trust the process.

Zayda Jane, USRN

I joined Health Carousel last January 2017 to pursue my American Dream. The whole process of my application is smooth and fast, I got my US visa in less than 2 years. I’m very grateful to Health Carousel for this whole journey. I would like to thank my advisor, Raissa for patiently answering all my queries and guiding me throughout the process.

To all aspiring USRNs, never stop dreaming and always believe in the power of prayers. God bless us all.

Aiza, USRN

When I first started nursing school in 2009, I realized that I wanted to aim higher. My goal was to have a promising career as a nurse in the US. I told myself that I can turn my dream into reality within 10 years. As soon as I graduated, I started processing the requirements for NCLEX, TOEFL, as well as my visa screen certificate. In July 2016, I joined Health Carousel and have been grateful to them ever since. Not only I did they make the entire process easier, but they also gave me the guidance and support I needed every step of the way. Through them, I will have the chance to work at a prestigious healthcare facility. Special mention to Lenci and Carla and to the rest of the HC family. I hope HC continues to help nurses achieve their dreams. And to all future RNs, PTs, and MTs, always dream big and never settle for less.

Effienet, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel on September 2015 and from day one, they have always been consistent, reliable and up to date, in terms of providing us information on what we need to achieve our American Dream. I am thankful to my advisor, Raissa for patiently answering all of my queries. Overall, I am deeply grateful to Health Carousel for making my American Dream as a reality.

Mavis, USRN

I decided to join Health Carousel in 2015. The assigned IDA to me has been very accommodating and really helpful, most especially my last IDA who is Jeanne Carla. They will guide you along the process and see to it that you comply with the necessary requirements for deployment.I am really grateful to Health Carousel, may you continue to help and support other professionals in achieving their American Dream and to my fellow nurses, be patient. Everything will happen in God’s perfect time. Keep the faith and trust your future to Health Carousel.

Carla Joy, USRN