“Back in 2014, fresh from a rejection from an agency and with just an NCLEX under my belt, Health Carousel took me into its wings. I feel lucky to have not waited too long for my bigger careers plans to materialize. All thanks to Health Carousel, most especially to Ma’am Liza, Ma’am Kim, and Ma’am Lenci, who were always eager to answer my queries, replacing my concerns and doubts with answers and assurance of a successful path to the US.

The process is long and with the help of the right people, my waiting time is cut to just a little over three years, and it is all due to that fateful day back in September 2014 that Health Carousel welcomed me and made me realize that amidst the then retrogression, my American dream is not that far within my reach.

To other aspiring healthcare professionals, remember that in order to open a door of wonderful opportunities, you must at least try to get your foot in the door. I am glad and grateful that I have.”

Janine, RN

“I am so grateful that I have chosen Health Carousel to be my partner in realizing my dreams to advance my career and to have a better future for my family.”

Cynthia, RN

“I joined Health Carousel last April 6, 2015. I have known them through online and have read positive reviews about their services that is why I chose to work with them to achieve my American dream.
The application process was long and very hard since there are so many documents that I have to accomplish and submit but thankfully Health Carousel religiously helped me in every step of the process. They are also motivated me to do all the things that have to be done in my application.
The process was hard but at the same time fun and fulfilling because of the very accommodating staffs of Health Carousel.

So to the RNs, PTs, and MTs, Health Carousel is among the best and will never abandon you. Focus on what you want to achieve and everything will fall in its right place.
Thank you Health Carousel and God Bless!”

Christian, RN

“I signed up for Health Carousel in October 2015 after my good friend referred me. I had all the requirements starting from CGFNS exam to NCLEX, IELTS and Visa screen completed since 2007 but the retrogression made me lose hope in achieving my American dream. I regained the hope and motivation to start the process again after I signed up with Health Carousel. And because of their professionalism and constant follow up with the needed requirements, I got my priority date in a short span of time. So because of their commitment to helping me in achieving my dream, I am now starting to realize my dream. Shout out to Ma’am Connie, Ma’am Nyra and Ma’am Karen for being with me during the entire process. Thank you so much for dealing with my inadequacies at times. Signing up with Health Carousel is one of the best decision I made in my life.

For other nurses/healthcare practitioner out there, getting to the US is never easy. There are ups and downs, but just always keep your faith in God and you will reach there in his perfect time. In the end, you will know why there are delays during the process, it is because he is paving the best opportunity, best timing and best outcome for you. Thank you once again Health Carousel! You are the best!”

Alrace, RN

“What used to be just a dream had finally become a reality. Thanks to Passport USA, I am now on my way to Georgia to work as a registered nurse. I was provided with great assistance, making sure that my transition to living and working there will be fuss-free. I never felt that I was left on my own during this journey. May you continue to help more people in reaching their goals.”

Jan Daryl, RN

“It was 2016 when I joined Health Carousel. I waited for 2 years to be chosen without actually expecting that one day I will really make it due to a large number of applicants. I just really took the opportunity before it slips away. And now, two years later, I’ll be flying to the US! Finally! The long wait is over.
Thank you Health Carousel for making it possible. It is true indeed that we can only achieve our dreams if we work hard enough. It really pays off. I would like to thank my advisor for being patient in answering my never-ending questions.
To Health Carousel, please continue to be an instrument for other allied healthcare workers’ dream come true.
To aspiring healthcare workers, just have faith and pray, for it will be given to you in God’s perfect time. Never lose hope and think that God is with you forever and always.”

Leana, MT

“It was last March 2017 when I finally signed my contract with Health Carousel. I have been looking and jumping from one agency to another since I was feeling very skeptical. Luckily, I found Health Carousel just by searching the net and it was the best decision yet! I never thought the process would be so fast that I was filed for a visa just a month after signing. Now, a year after, I am finally getting a hold of the so-called “American Dream.”

A big thanks to the entire Health Carousel team especially my advisor who has been helpful and patient with me since day one and to my other advisor for the DPT program which was also offered by Health Carousel!”

Rachel, PT

I signed up for Health Carousel last December 2015. Shout out to my advisor for the help and support. They were so efficient and very approachable with whatever concerns you have and will really help you through it.
Without Health Carousel, I don’t think I would have achieved my American dream as smooth and hassle-free as how they handled it. I can never thank you enough for the opportunity you have given me.

Chol, PT

“I joined Health Carousel last November 2016. The process was like riding a carousel. There are ups and downs but I enjoyed every ride. I actually consider myself among those lucky candidates because I only started late 2016 and luckily got selected in the April 2017 filing fo the H1B cap.

For my advisor, I consider her as my lucky charm and I thank her for guiding me all throughout.

For Health Carousel, continue to be a blessing to all aspiring candidates who wants to make their US dream come true.

Lastly, for other Nurses/PTs/MTs/OTS, try Health Carousel where your American dream is not just a dream but a reality.”

Lourielie, MT

“I joined Health Carousel in 2015. It was referred to me by a friend and I heard that there were lots of nurses who get deployed/migrated in the USA with their help. Indeed it was true. The process of my application is fast, they entertain/answer my queries and their approach is organized and provides deadline which helps a lot. My overall experience with Health Carousel is great. It was life changing and they helped in making my dream come true. I don’t regret signing up with this agency.

I recommend Ms. Karen, Ms. Kimberly and Ms. Liza with their good work. They do the best they can with your best interest.

To other nurses out there don’t lose hope. Always pray because God will provide and guide you.”

Dana, RN