I signed up with Health Carousel last November 2014 and since it’s recession at that time, I need to wait for 3 years for my PD to become current. It is not a smooth sailing journey due to some difficulties but with the help and patience of my advisors, we surpassed those difficulties. I would like to thank and commend my advisor, Raissa for the patience and unending help. She updates me all the time and answers my questions promptly. I would also want to thank Health Carousel for being an instrument in opening doors for our American Dream. To those nurses waiting, just keep the faith and HOLD on to HIS promises.

Charrie Jane, RN

Health Carousel Philippines has made our application easy. It seems as if time flew by. Our advisor has been helpful all the time. She is professional, competent and knowledgeable.

Cheers to more success!

Shielney, RN

The online training course’s excellence drives our success. By God’s grace, I was able to finish the online training course for about four days. I could say that it helped me a lot not only by equipping with enough knowledge about the US healthcare delivery system but also by enhancing my skills and attitude towards work.  It helped me have a glimpse of what to expect in the US hospital setting and it will be a great asset to me. I’m grateful because Health Carousel provides the opportunity like this.  Moreover, I would like to thank my International Deployment Advisor Mam Stephanie Grace Aglugub who is very patient and responsive to all my inquiries about the training.

Sheila, RN

I joined Health Carousel last February 2015. The path to my American journey was a roller coaster kind of joy ride. In the initial processing and stages, everything went well and had always been thankful for the timely and constant communication with my IDA Ms. Lenci. I also appreciate the efforts they all put into our application from start to departure.

In the latter part of my adventure, many obstacles and trials came along. I was on sputum culture, extended sputum culture and got pregnant but that didn’t stop me and Health Carousel in living my dream since they had been very supportive and professional in all the dealings.

I could say that Ms. Lenci had always put extra effort and was very “Magis” in all her work. I’m so thankful to God for guiding me throughout the process and giving me the right agency and persons to work with.

To all my fellow nurses dreaming of the Land of Milk and Honey, continue to pursue your goals and never let a speck of doubt overcome you. Pray hard, much harder than you can. Believed that “God will give you a life of abundance and knock and the door will open, seek and you will find, ask and you shall receive.” Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Maureen, RN

I signed up with Health Carousel last July 2014. The whole process of my application was a mixture of alternating stops and go’s. I was affected by the May 2015 retrogression. I definitely have a fair share of ups and downs during the whole series.

Fortunately, with Health Carousel’s determined help and substantial support, my story ended with a Great success!

To all the advisors I have come across with, during the application, especially to Ms. Liza, I cannot thank you enough! I appreciate and will be forever grateful to you for being patient and understanding all along. Your professionalism was admirable. And to the whole Health Carousel Administration, you are indeed an instrument and a blessing by God to help to fulfill every nurse’s long-awaited American dream. Thank you very much!

To my fellow dreamers – nurses who want to go to the US, don’t cease praying, continue t work hard and be patient. For when everything seems like it’s falling apart, that’s when God is putting things together – Just the way He wants it!

Paulette, RN

It was in August 2015 when I finally decided to sign up with Health Carousel and start the journey towards my American Dream. After complying with the requirements, I was given a priority date of October 2015. Fast forward to August 2018, here I am now, attending my pre-departure orientation and scheduled for deployment on the 29th. The road was indeed long and bumpy but with patient guidance from the advisors assigned to me (Roda, Maricris, and Raissa), everything became a lot easier. Even the VP for Operations, Katie Glaser, is diligent in addressing concerns, no matter how big or trivial those might be. Now, I will be moving to the next leg of my journey – living the American Dream. I know that this will be more challenging than what I have been through in the application process, but with faith in God and with the agency He led me into, I know I will do great. To all the candidates of Health Carousel, all I can say is hold on to your dreams and never give up. To Health Carousel, thank you so much and more power!

Melissa, RN

I joined Health Carousel last August 2017. They processed my application smoothly. I commend my advisor, Raissa for her hard work and dedication. I am very thankful to be part of this family.

Never surrender and put all your trust to our Almighty God!

Diana, RN

First I would like to thank God for this blessing and making my US dream possible. I started my journey in Health Carousel Philippines last November 2014. I passed my NCLEX in 2010 and got affected by retrogression. With the help of HCPI, I achieve my dream to work in the US finally.

The company helped me all throughout the process and I commend my PA, Ms. Liza Gaza and licensing associate, Ms. Roda for always patiently addressed all my queries and concern regarding my application. They are so professional and helpful.

I’m also grateful to Health Carousel/PassportUSA management for a great work. Thank you so much.

I would like also to offer my sweet success to my beloved Mama Caring who just passed away last July 1, 2018.

Christine, RN

Health Carousel is committed to inspire and give all the best for its applicants. The staffs were amazing and very organized in handling my application from filing the petition up to visa issuance. I highly recommend this employer.

Special mention to my IDA, Ms. Liza, who’s been very understanding and patient with my queries and persistent in making follow-ups with regards to my application.

Sheryll, RN

I signed with Health Carousel last July 17, 2017, and a little bumpy in the beginning and then smooth sailing thereafter.

Ela Tan was quick to find a facility placement and Kim Bancolita is very professional and approachable throughout the process. They were organized and systematic upon nearing departure.

Thank you HCLLC for the swift and organized processing of my immigrant visa petition. I will always and forever be grateful for everything!

Kristina, RN