I joined Health Carousel in September 2013. It was challenging due to some unforeseen circumstances but Health Carousel guided me throughout my application process period. My experience with Health Carousel was not a fairytale story. A lot of challenges happened along but mostly those where uncontrolled. What I am grateful with Health Carousel is that they have been very helpful and responsible. I can say that they take care of their candidates well and look after them and ensure that all decisions and plans are what best for their employee. The International Program Advisors are helpful and responsive. They clarify issues and provide suggestions that would give the candidates an easier time.
To my fellow PTs, continue to pursue your American dream. Though it may be challenging, it will all be worth it in the end.

Jose Angelo, PT

First, highest glory to our great God for the divine grace and favor he has given me. Second, I’m very grateful for my family’s unconditional love and recharging motivation. To my friends, thank you for the eternal support and encouragement. Lastly, I want to proudly return my gratitude to Health Carousel for helping me achieve my lifelong dream of living and working in the US. At first, I was a bit apprehensive but they proved me wrong. There were rough patches along the road but in the end, they were able to believe and made it happen. As they say, “nothing worth having comes easy.” It takes hard work, dedication, and patience. Soon, it will be harvest time!

Powell, MT

I signed my contract with Health Carousel Philippines last 2016. The journey was never easy because a tremendous amount of patience and understanding of the application process was needed. But everything was clearly explained to me as it went along. All the sacrifices and effort paid off when I received my plane ticket. I felt the genuine and sincere support of their International Program Advisors. They became a part of my family and they’re a great asset to the company. To my fellow Allied medical professionals, it’s about time to fulfill your American dream. Health Carousel can make it happen.



Christopher, MT

Everything comes in God’s perfect time. Now, the long wait is over. I thank God for this incredible blessing and for using Health Carousel as an instrument to make my American dream a reality.
Thank you Health Carousel for always being there all throughout the process and with special thanks to my International Program Advisor.

Evelyn, MT

I joined Health Carousel last February 2016 after taking NCLEX the same month. It was a smooth flowing application. I commend Karen, Elvin and especially Raissa for being so nice and patient on me. Health Carousel is a well-organized company and I thank them for taking care of my application while waiting for my American Dream to come true. Most of all, to the Lord Almighty for answering my prayers! To God be the Glory!

To the healthcare professionals out there, don’t give up on your dreams. Pray hard and work for it. Good luck and God bless!

Charmaine, RN

I joined Health Carousel since they have proven themselves as a competent company – most of my friends were able to work in the US upon signing with Health Carousel. The application went smoothly, they were able to provide all the details that I need to submit and work on. I did not encounter any major problems while waiting for my PD to become current. Updates were sent to me regularly.

I was first handled by Karen Meruena and she was able to assist me with all my questions. At some point, they decided to switch IDAs and I was assigned to Amelyn Salapate. I was very fortunate to have worked with Amelyn since she is very patient with all my questions and has been very efficient in assisting me with all the procedures.

Others may have a different experience with Health Carousel, but I am happy I signed up with Health Carousel

Rachel, RN

I signed up with Health Carousel back September 2013. At first, every step of the way went on smoothly until the retrogression commenced in 2015. Because of that, I felt demotivated and there was a time I lose touch with my advisor. But despite that, Health Carousel and my advisor constantly communicated with me and followed up my requirements which I am grateful of. So to all aspiring candidates, you should never give up on your dreams and have faith in God, because, in His perfect time, everything will fall into its right place.

Leslie, RN

I had a wonderful experience in Health Carousel. From the date, I signed last February 2015 I am excited to accomplish everything. Health Carousel is an agency that I can truly trust and others too, effective and efficient.


Marchel, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in September 2015, they were able to file my application by July 2016. The process was smooth, I receive frequent updates from my PAs. Health Carousel also assisted me in completing the IELTS requirement for the Visa screen by providing review materials and sites. Though there were several roadblocks along the way, I can say that in general, my experience with Health Carousel was pleasant. There were matters beyond their control that were handled very carefully and surely. I would like to thank my PAs, Roda, and Liza for assisting me in every step of the way. To other nurses out there, don’t give up in reaching for your dream!

Dennis, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last 2015. The process of application is smooth and systematic. They will update you with the ongoing development of your application. The PAs will respond with your queries. I would like to thank Health Carousel for processing my application. They will assist you in every step of the process.

Sidem, RN