“I joined Health Carousel Philippines in January 2015. I can say my experience with Health Carousel was very positive. They make me feel fully supported, informed and prepared for each stage of the process. I don’t think I would have been able to have the confidence and know what to expect if it wasn’t for the resources they provided me and their constant support.

Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my advisors, Karen, Kim and Raissa for their constant follow-ups, and quick response to my inquiries. It was a pleasure to work with them. Health Carousel’s commitment, professionalism, and passion for their work truly validated my decision to come to them.”

Ivy, RN

“I’ve been with Health Carousel since 2015.  The process if my application turned out well because call my PAs and all the staff are very accommodating and showed enough knowledge in answering all my concerns.

With the help of Health Carousel, I was able to achieve my American Dream timely and successfully.  For those Nurses who are dreaming to experience the USA with ease and confidence, let Health Carousel guide you in reaching you American Dream, and surely it will be a victory.”

Jovelyn, RN

“Thank you Health Carousel for making my dreams come true. It was worth the wait. Thank you for continuously guiding us through the process, it may seem slow in the beginning but it was steady and sure.”

Gerald, RN

“I signed my contract 3/7/2015 through an International recruiter of PassportUSA and eventually endorsed to Health Carousel Philippines.

I am very thankful to all Health Carousel Staff especially to my PA Karen and Ma’am Connie for their support. My message to other PPUSA Nurses, be compliant with your PA and IDA and everything will follow.”

John Rafael, RN

“I joined Health Carousel in 2015.

They thoroughly guided me during the NCLEX license endorsement and they are easy to communicate with, responses came immediately in getting my visa screen and license. My experience with Health Carousel is excellent that I would recommend it to anyone looking for US employment.

Liza, Karen, Kimberly and the rest whom I communicated with, Congratulations for doing a good job. I will be forever grateful for all your services.

To all Nurses, keep chasing your dreams!”

Rita, RN

“I’ve signed a contract with them last October 2014. My application was a long and tedious one, my processing associates have been patient and assertive at times to push me to work on my dreams when things seem difficult. I believe they are the one of God’s instrument in making my life a long dream come true and proving a better future for my family. Just keep in mind to always seek the guidance and do your part in complying with all the requirements and in His perfect time, everything will just put into place. Health Carousel keep up the good work and thank you! “

Ronald, RN

“I joined Health Carousel last October 2015 through the influence of my friends who recently joined the company. Health Carousel has guided me and explained to me things and instructions clearly. My processing associate and deployment advisor have been patient enough to answer all my queries. I didn’t expect that my application will be this fast. I have already set my mind that it will take a decade waiting for my visa to be processed but with God’s grace, it only took 2 years until I had my embassy interview. Those two years and up to this date my journey has never been easy, but Health Carousel has helped me along the way. To my co-nurses, just continue to have faith that in God’s perfect time, you will also be able to live your US dream. It will always be tough but just be confident and competent that you will also make through with the journey!”

Diana, RN

“I joined Health Carousel last October of 2014. Health Carousel team was superb in handling my application. All of my advisors were very responsive to my queries and pro-active in making follow up with my requirements. The application process, the overall experience was very smooth. I am very happy with Health Carousel and I will be forever grateful for helping me achieve my dream.

I would like to specifically thank my IDA, Ms. Raissa for being helpful to all my questions.

To all nurses, let Health Carousel help you achieve your dream! Thank you so much!”

Criselda, RN

“I signed up for Health Carousel last January 2015. The process was systematic and fast provided you comply the requirements on time. I am grateful to all the staff of Health Carousel for helping me realize my goal to work as an RN in the USA. To other nurses looking forward to achieving their American Dream, stay focused and keep the faith. Ultimately, your hard work, dedication, and patience will pay off!”

Christine, RN

“NBA, Superbowl, burgers, steak and Disney world are just some of my wild fascinations as a child. Then I started dreaming living in the USA. Eight years ago, I began chasing my American dream and passed the NCLEX exam. I am more than blessed with a family who supported me all the way. There were bumps in the road but they didn’t stop me from achieving my ultimate goal. A friend introduced me to Health Carousel 3 years ago. From there, I knew I’ve found the missing link. The visa process was never easy most especially that I was working overseas then, but my processing associates worked excellently to make it a reality. To Karen, Roda and Liza and the whole Health Carousel team, Thank You big time! Indeed, the struggle is real but so is God.”

Remegio, RN