I joined Health Carousel in 2016 without any doubt, but with a mindset that this would take a long process and would require patience, perseverance, and prayers. The process of my application went smoothly and it was faster than I expected. I am very thankful to the very hardworking and supportive staff especially my advisor Ms. Liza. I would like to thank also Manang Juliet and Ninang Sharon, who is also under Health Carousel and introduce me to this agency. I would also like to thank my friends and family who were very supportive.

I strongly recommend Health Carousel to my fellow nurses who have great dreams and aspirations to work in the USA. Again, thank you very much Health Carousel.

Bryiane, USRN
I have been practicing nursing for more than 14 years and have been working in different areas like MS, Pedia and PACU.
After finishing ATI, I believe that it will be easier for me to adjust smoothly to the U.S. healthcare system. I became familiar with the clinical setting as well as the practice being observed.
It was a great opportunity to have the ATI program. Going through numerous modules at an intended time seemed to be stressful, but with the guidance and encouragement of a virtual coach, everything fall into place. The program was very informative and interactive. I was refreshed on the basic nursing knowledge and was challenged on the application of theories using critical thinking skills in the clinical scenarios given. Every topic was vital and beneficial to the practice of nursing as well as in molding a nurse to be competitive and more efficient.
Ma. Aloha, USRN
I have been practicing in the LR-DR and NICU units for almost 4 years now.
I am a little bit more confident that I can easily adapt and transition to the US healthcare system after completing the ATI program.
The ATI program was a great way for me to review all the basics of my nursing profession as well as give me an insight of what to expect when I start working in the US. The clinical simulations for me were the best since it really gives me an idea of how the work is done in the US.
Charina, USRN
I have been a Nurse for 5 years here in the Philippines. I am currently working as an Orthopedic Nurse.
The transition to practice program helps you understand the healthcare industry as a whole. with that, I am now more confident with my Transition to the US healthcare system.
My Instructor Joanne has been amazing, and I’ve learned so much! I had a wonderful experience attending the program. The lectures and simulations have been very helpful.
Mavis, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in June 2016. I am very grateful and happy that Health Carousel accepted me even with volunteer experience. The process was very smooth since they always guided me in every step of the way. I am blessed to be handled by Ms. Carla, Ms. Karen, and Ms. Emily, they were very kind, helpful and they always keep in touch with the documents needed/lacking. If I may suggest, to have an early booking of flights to avail cheaper flights. To my other colleagues, just keep on striving, never lose hope, keep the faith and everything will follow. I’ll be forever grateful with Health Carousel for making my dreams come true. Thank you!

Cherry, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016. I am happy and fortunate to sign and the whole process went smoothly. The staffs are very accommodating.

Special thanks to my IDA, Ms Amelyn for updating me and monitored all the requirements that I need to submit and send. She is very professional and always listen to all my concerns.

It was a long process but it’s all worth it. Thank you, Health Carousel for accepting me as one of your candidates. I will choose this agency over the others.

Gina, USRN

I found out about Health Carousel in Facebook on April 2016.I applied online, was interviewed through phone and luckily they took me in and eventually signed up with them on May 20,2016 to be exact.

I had my PD in August of the same year. The process was smooth. I realized that we just have to be compliant with all that is asked or required from us.

In my almost 3 years of processing and waiting, I fully put my TRUST in them especially to my PA’s/IDA’s who were always ready and patient to all my queries. Special mention to Liza Marie and Stephanie and to the rest of the HC family. A million thanks to you!

I would highly recommend Health Carousel to other Nurses/PT’s/MT’s and for a piece of advice, just be compliant, be patient, PRAY and WAIT. In God’s perfect time, you will achieve your American Dream!

Leah Ruth, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in 2016. A friend referred me and got an interview the same day. I signed the contract immediately which started my US dream. I was working in a BPO company and I was given an option to continue my bedside nursing experience as a part-time. I was given updates as soon as it is available. My questions and inquiries were answered. There were some hurdles in the path but I always believed that my dream will be given in God’s time. Miss Lenci has always been upfront and applied pressure when and where it is due (e.g. Documents missing and deadlines approaching). She has been honest that if she can’t answer it all, she referred me to her supervisor.

To the other nurses, challenges and hardships will always be encountered to get our dreams to come true but it will make the journey worthwhile and sweeter in the end. Keep on dreaming!

Alvina, USRN

Health Carousel is heaven-sent for me, my American Dream turned to a reality.  I am so grateful and I feel that I am forever indebted to them. Without Health Carousel, my American dream would have still been a dream up to this day.

I signed with them in 2015. I did my part, I complied with all the requirements my processing associates asked me to do, no more, no less. My journey was not easy but it’s worth it. I have always prayed to God to help me with my application, and by faith, He granted all my wishes and the desires of my heart. I owe Him everything, and without Him, I can do nothing. He used Health Carousel as an instrument to fulfill my American Dream.

I look at Health Carousel as a perfect agency- it is 5/5, they’re excellent. With the achievements I have now, I am so happy and blessed to have them. The people who were assigned to my case were very responsible, career/goal-oriented, professional and focused. I had a very amazing experience with Health Carousel and will always recommend to everyone in the medical profession. My formula for success is Love, Luck, Faith, and Passion – it worked for me!

Thanks to God for everything. Thank you Health Carousel for everything. It is quite hard for me to mention all the help you have given me. It is beyond words how grateful I am. Thank you, America for the opportunity to live, work and serve this great nation

God bless us all!

Ar-Jay, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in December 2015 with a goal of working as a nurse and live my American Dream. Though at the start, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the requirements I need to comply with juggling work at the same time, but Health Carousel will help you throughout the process. I highly commend Health Carousel especially Raissa for being professional, friendly and committed to helping me from start to end. Overall, my experience with Health Carousel was strongly impressive. At this moment, I am beyond blessed and grateful for this opportunity to work in the US and I just realized that if you have a goal and you put your 101% effort in it, anything is possible.

John Mark, USRN