I joined Health Carousel Philippines last August 2014 which was held on the old office. My boss was from Health Carousel so I opted to try and see if we are qualified. Luckily my friend and I were given an opportunity. My priority date was June 12, 2015. Along the process I had a lot of PAs, I can think of having 5 or more, Ms. Kim was my last. It was a bit difficult thought of having a lot of PAs because I tend to mix and match emails a lot. I had to resend a couple of requirements again and again. Above all that I did not have any problems relationship wise, all the PAs I have encountered were nice and approachable. I would say Health Carousel is a very good company its very complete, well organized and I can feel that they are not solely into the profits but also the well-being of the applicants, like me. My message to future Nurse/PTs/ MTs to always be patient and do what needs to be done now or soon as you can to avoid any problems or delays. Thank you Health Carousel!

Tricia, RN

I was referred by my colleague in the hospital I was working to Health Carousel and signed a contract on November 2016. It was a smooth process since Health Carousel guided me well in complying with all the requirements needed to submit and to be patient enough in answering all of my queries. It took 2 years for me to reach my American Dream because of Health Carousel’s effort and dedication. I want to commend Health Carousel for having passionate people in their work who took extra time to attend my concerns. I am thankful to Lenci and Raissa for being part of this journey. I appreciate all of your efforts!

Marjorie, RN

Right after I passed my NCLEX, I was struggling to find an agency to help me with my US application. I looked through the internet and led me to the Health Carousel website. At that point, I was hesitant to apply but to my surprise, Brad emailed me stating that they will invite me for an interview.

I should say that the application was very rough and costly experience but it’s all worth it.

I learned a lot from it. There were times that my patience was challenged, but thank you for Health Carousel and to my IDA, Raissa, for bearing with me. Thank you Health Carousel for leading me to my American Dream. Most of all thanks to God for all the answered prayers.

To all the nurses out there- Hold onto your dream! Hold onto God!

Rosemarie, RN

Through Health Carousel, our dream of migrating to the USA became a reality. Ms. Liza, my processing associate was diligent and patient enough to handle my application even though I’m a thousand miles away for the Philippines. Through PassportUSA, will bring us all to the US.

Christine, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2016. The whole process takes time but for me, it’s worth the wait. I had a good experience with Health Carousel, everything they told me was going to happen came true. I am grateful that I signed the contract with the right company. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Lenci for providing me all support in all ways. And to all the staffs of Health Carousel for my American dream come true.

God bless your company and wish you all success!

Andrea, RN

It took me exactly two years and a month after my Priority Date to get my Visa. Things may seem so hard and impossible but if you hold on to your goals and ask God, He will make things happen. I have been beaten down several times due to mountains and mountains of paper works but things have panned out perfectly. I owe everything to God and my family who have been very supportive.

The Best IDA a candidate could ever wish for, Amelyn. She is very professional, punctual and kind person who never misses answering my questions. She would go to great lengths just to provide accurate information.

To other candidates, keep pushing and you’re next. Keep pushing even if you feel like breaking down, in the end you will see the fruit of your labor.

Lalaine, RN

The transition-to-practice program is an effective method of learning in this age where technology has played a key role in education. I am a nursing instructor myself and I find the training an excellent source of review and a refresher course for nurses and nursing students alike. This e-learning system provides access to different audiences across the globe. Based on experience, the training interface is very informative and very user-friendly. I learned not only nursing concepts but also values like time management and patience in completing the program. I had to be disciplined and focused enough so that after my daytime job, I have to do my training modules at night. It took me 2 months to finish the program because I had to insert this in my after-work schedule. I had to make sure I can have 2-3 hours of course access per day so I can finish it on time. I recommend other candidates to take training program wholeheartedly because this is an opportunity for us to get a glimpse of the clinical practices of nurses in the US and for us to be aware of the new trends and their evidence-based practices. Thus, this can help with our transition and make us more confident when we will be working in the US soon. I thank HealthCarousel/PassportUSA for this free opportunity that they have enrolled us in this program.

Niña, RN

Taking the Transition-to-practice n course was pretty amazing! It helped me gain my confidence as a nurse and taught me a lot that is beneficial to my career. I gained so much especially in giving excellent customer service, enhancing my critical thinking skills, improve my knowledge in assessing the patient’s condition and how to promote excellent patient care.

I  learned the foresight to be always prepared. Taking this program one at a time makes me realize that all the courses given have a great impact on what I am going to face in the workplace abroad. It helps me to be ready in all aspect of my nursing profession. It also gives me an idea on how to deal with my colleagues and most importantly the value of quality patient care.

I followed the program every month so it took me 3 months to finish it.  Yes, I would definitely recommend Transition-to-practice to other candidates. this program is very useful for us as we prepare ourselves for our new job in a different environment. It honed us to be more confident as a nurse and help us gain insight into what will be in real set up. I hope that this program will continue so that more nurses who are preparing to work in the US could also benefit on this.


After taking the Practice-to-Transition program, I could say that am now confident in my transition to the U.S. Health Care Delivery System. And as what I said earlier, it was really a big help for me as I wonder what it would be like in the actual setting. All the courses offered was indeed very applicable in the workplace. Thank you.

Jennifer, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in February 2015. From then on, it was a smooth sailing process as the processing associates made sure that I was well informed of the progress of the application and all the necessary documents are up to date. Overall, I am full of gratitude and very satisfied with how Health Carousel helped me in achieving my goal of working as a registered nurse in the US. I would like to thank all the processing associates Liza, Efraim, Michael, Marianne, Roda, to my International Deployment Advisor Lenci and to Ms. Nyra Colinares for all the guidance and support.  To my fellow aspiring nurses, never give up. Believe you deserve what you’ve always dreamed of, work hard, be patient and the universe will serve it.

Marian, RN

The recruitment process was straightforward. When I emailed my first inquiry last 2015 regarding the application, the response that I received was quick. I was encouraged to sign up after learning the ease of application. Documents were all sent online; the initial interview was done through the phone; all correspondence was carried out through emails. All these combined saved time, money and resources.

The consistent communication with the PA is helpful.

Liezl, RN