I signed up with Health Carousel on February 22, 2017 (please don’t put the date on the site-in case because my PD is Jan 8, 2017 and this may cause an issue/confusion). From contract signing up to deployment it was just 22 months, so I can say that may application surely fast! A few road blocks met but still extremely fast! At the start of this application, I was initially assigned to Ms. Liza who was very patient with me throughout the first petition. I was extremely busy and pre-occupied that time and have failed to meet my deadlines. I am just grateful that Ms. Liza did not lose hope for me. I was then assigned to a new IDA, Ms. Raissa. She is very efficient and knows what she is doing. She answered all my queries promptly and especially absorbed all my anxieties and frustrations I throw at her especially during those trying time (facility interview/USEC medicals/221g). To all the Health Carousel team, thank you! Especially to Ms. Liza, Ms. Raissa and Ms. Roda! Thank you for your patience!

To all Nurses/PTs/MTs who signed up with HC, claim it! Health Carousel will take care of you! Communicate constantly and comply timely as much as you can

Patricia, RN

Through a colleague’s recommendation, I signed up with Health Carousel in February 2015. Sir Brad, from Ohio, has been very amiable and accommodating during my first Skype interview with Health Carousel. The process of my application had its own ups and downs (particularly having had 2 retrogressions) but my Pas have been very encouraging and patient all the time.

Health Carousel helped me understood the process. They make sure its candidates are well-guided. They have always made sure of its people’s welfare and security. For the clinical part, the reviews, first training, and exams were really a big help to refresh, add skills and knowledge needed prior deployment especially that our hospital facilities are way different from the US.

Sir Michael, Ms. Karen, Ms. Ela, Sir Kevin, and Ms. Stephanie all played a major and wonderful role with my journey. They have been very focused and very patient. They made sure that I understand the process and comply with every requirement. They have been very positive and encouraging especially during the challenges I went through along with my application. May they stay as wonderful and any other candidates would be very fortunate to have them because I am.

Maria Perpetua, RN

Destiny belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and have the courage to pursue it. To my fellow nurses, don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done. Thanks to Health Carousel for being the tool and who have patiently guided me throughout the process of achieving my American dreams.

Carla, RN

I signed up with Health Carousel in October 2015. Health Carousel has been very accommodating since day one. Roda was my first advisor and my last is Raissa. There were few in between but these two left the most lasting impression. I felt their genuine sincerity and warmth. The processing of my application was organized. My advisors provided all the necessary information in a timely manner. I will always be grateful to Health Carousel for guiding me through this journey and eventually fulfilling my American Dream. To my fellow USRNs, keep the faith. Health Carousel always has our best interest.

Jocelyn, RN

I first heard of Health Carousel when I was looking for a job online. I then decided to research about it and finally applied and signed up with them. I was happy and satisfied because, since my application in October 2014, they have always been sending updates on the status of my application. My advisors have been really helpful in guiding me all throughout the process until I get my visa.

Now that I am about to leave for the US, I have high hopes that Health Carousel will continue to support me on my new journey.

To all other nurses, Health Carousel us more than willing to make our American Dream come true. With God’s providence and own determination, it will always be possible to reach success in the Nursing Field.

Eloisa, RN

I signed a contract with Health Carousel Philippines last December 2015. In my case I already had my NCLEX, IELTS and Visascreen which made the application faster, I had my I-140 approved after 2 months and priority date was February 2016. There was pressure from Health Carousel in completing the requirements and documents needed which I appreciated because I was able to process my application faster. I will be thankful for having Health Carousel with me through my US application process on achieving my #Americandream.

My message to other health professional is that you have to work for hand and hand with Health Carousel because the speed of your application will not just depend on Health Carousel but also it will depend on how fast you will complete the requirements/documents.

Sherilyn, RN

The path in fulfilling my dream to work as a Registered Nurse in the US was never easy but Health Carousel guided me all the way to achieve this life-long goal. I am truly grateful to Health Carousel and all their personnel especially Ms. Amelyn who played a big role in making my journey in achieving my American Dream a success.

To all healthcare professionals, especially nurses who also want to pursue their dream in the USA, remember that through hard work, perseverance, and faith in God, any dream you want to achieve in life will never be impossible as long as you always keep up a positive mindset and trust the process.

Entrusting my American Dream to Health Carousel hands was the best decision I have ever made. Again, I thank and congratulate Health Carousel for an excellent job. May you continue to help more nurses achieve their dream.

God Bless!

Gianna, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2017. From the beginning until the end, they have guided me in achieving my dream. I believed that the honesty and trust we shared, are the key for the smooth journey. Thank you very much for your marvelous help and I hope you can help more Medical Technologists’ like me. More success to Health Carousel and the Advisors within!

Myra, MT

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2014. I am very thankful to our Almighty God for making Health Carousel as an instrument in fulfilling my American dream. It was a smooth sailing process since day one, (filling my PD up to my departure date). Health Carousel guided me on the application process and made sure that all my papers are up to date. They had assisted me every step of the way during my entire US application journey. I commend, Ms. Raissa my Advisor who was very patient and professional in answering all my queries.

To all aspiring nurses who are chasing the American dream, is to keep going, believe in yourself and remember “Proverbs 3:6: In everything you do put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.”

Elizabeth, RN

Every step of the way, from the approval of I-140 to the day of deployment, it was a smooth and satisfying experience. The friendly and professional PA’s were a pleasure to have as a guide in the process of my application.

To all applicants waiting for approval, believe in yourself and trust Health Carousel to help you make your American Dream. After all, perseverance and resiliency will lead you the road of success.

Cecilia, RN