I joined Health Carousel last 2014. Completion of requirements and the application process is not easy but with the assistance provided by our IDA, we were able to make it.

To other Health Carousel candidates, communication is vital so always coordinate with your IDA’s. Also, maintain RESPECT and PATIENCE, it is always a virtue. To Health Carousel, we will always be grateful for the help and guidance you have done for us.

God bless! And more power Health Carousel!


Margarett, RN

I was able to know Health Carousel through the internet, inquired with them and signed a contract in February 2015. I was able to get my PD in June 2015. I would say that they are hands-on with their candidates and the process itself. If you comply on time, then you can also have results right away. Contract signing is no fuss at all.

I would say also that they are meticulous with your papers and credentials and see to it that we are on board on time.

I want to thank Health Carousel Philippines and of course, my IDA, Ms. Lenci Orilloza, for making my American Dream a reality. To Ms. Lenci, thank you for all the patience and guidance.

Kudos to this team!

Karla Mae, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines June 2014, Maricris Peralta helped me with my documents and application process. In October 2014, I got my PD, from there on I started my IELTS exam and renew my Visascreen. Staffs/agents were prompt to my request and needs. I want to thank Maricris, Je-ann, Jan, Kimberly and Ms. Connie for the opportunity and support they have given to me throughout my application process until my deployment date. A very big thanks to PassportUSA/Health Carousel Philippines for helping me reach my dream.

Erlie, RN

I am very grateful for all the opportunities and guidance of Health Carousel throughout my US application. They are all very informative and supportive.

May the company continue to inspire nurses and reach their goals.

Cherry Mae, RN

I am very grateful for all the opportunities and guidance of Health Carousel throughout my US application. They are all very informative and supportive.

May the company continue to inspire nurses and reach their goals.


Cherry Mae, RN

I and my wife signed with Passport USA program of Health Carousel way back in July of 2014. Since then, the process was smooth and fast. In August 2014, my wife got her priority date. From the start, we were handled by only one processing associate and that is Ms. Liza. She’s part of our dream came into reality. Special thanks also to our very supportive Vice President Ms. Nyra.

For the waiting nurses, stay positive and always trust Health Carousel. Our Almighty will not give us anything that we can’t handle. Trust him. Patience, hard work, and perseverance is the key.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Jeremy, RN

I joined Health Carousel in August 2015. They have an organized and systematized procedure for collecting the required documents. The staffs are friendly and accommodating. My journey to my American Dream was fast and easy because of the dedication and effort of Maricris, Roda, Liza, and Raissa. I could not thank you enough for the support, patience, and guidance you offered me every step of the way.

Thank you so much Health Carousel and Passport USA family.  To God be the Glory.

Ethel, RN

In 2015, I was just browsing Facebook when I saw an Ad of Health Carousel, I signed up on their website and an agent contacted me and after I immediately signed a contract. I was guided by the process all the way until my departure. I would like to commend the advisors especially Ms. Lenci, I could recommend Health Carousel to all nurses like me who would like to achieve their American dream.

John Danver, RN

I was referred by a friend who works for Health Carousel and I immediately signed the contract on June 2015. The application process went on smoothly. I am so thankful for the help and assistance of my associate, Ms. Lenci, who is very helpful in the entire process from my application up to my deployment.

My message to other nurses is not to lose hope. Health Carousel is her to help realize our American Dream.

Lastly, thank you God for this blessing.

Roy Francis, RN

I signed with Health Carousel in 2014 during my vacation from work in Saudi Arabia. I passed all the requirements to become USRN in 2009 and getting to the United States to live and work as a nurse was always my dream. But getting a sponsor was a challenge so I decided to change my path. There were times I thought my dream of coming to the US will not materialize because of retrogression.

But I was lucky to have found Health Carousel. They guided me through the whole process. I was working with them for a different time zone but my processing associate always finds a way to give me update on my application and even call me thru phone when needed. I am very thankful to my PA, Ms. Liza for being so kind, patient and excellent in answering all my queries and concerns.

The long wait is over. Thank you Health Carousel and Passport USA team for making my dream a reality.

Continue to improve the lives of all nurses.

Bernardo, RN