Ever since I graduated Nursing in 2015 I really wanted to take NCLEX and after my local board exam I already started with processing it but I wasn’t able to really accomplished it until I gave up on trying for I was thinking maybe it wasn’t the right time yet for me to take it. I was thinking back then that maybe I was too young to be thinking of my future and becoming a USRN will be just a dream after all.

However, the year 2017 came and I thought of trying to pursue my dream and picked myself up but I don’t know where to start and having problems financially. My determination to take and pass NCLEX was really there and I said to myself that no matter what happens I will find a way for me to accomplish it and make my parents proud of me. So a friend of mine recommended HEALTH CAROUSEL and referred me to their recruiter. I was really interested in the ASPIRE PROGRAM that they have that sponsors NCLEX for newly graduates. They assisted me very well and with the help of iNURSE I was able to have a hassle-free processing of the exam. I really felt that they understand how important it is for the people who want to pursue their dreams and assisted me with everything regards of the processing.

Recently I just passed my NCLEX and I am thankful for the people who supported me and most especially for Health Carousel and iNurse. Special mention also to Sir Mico Manalac and Sir Mark Cunanan for making sure that I am always on the right track. My journey had a lot of ups and downs but if you have the right determination and mindset then you have the right people who can support you with your dreams then anything is possible. I know this is just the start of everything and me happy that I am living my dream. May Health Carousel inspire more people to reach their ultimate dream of becoming a USRN!

God Bless you all!

Nurse Darren

I joined last September 2017.  I took the NCLEX-RN on May 14, 2018.

My NCLEX application was much easier because of the assistance I’ve got from health carousel together with IPass processing who were all efficient and abrupt in answering my needs and concerns. It was a great help that HC has NCLEX sponsorship.

With regards to my review, it took me roughly 5 months since I’m working and at the same time the processing of an application takes time. I used good sources of NLCEX review materials such as Saunders, UWORLD, Colgrove‘s prioritization etc. and made sure that I covered all necessary and vital topics. I did a lot of practice tests and utilized applicable testing strategies that I’ve learned since my review with the local board exam.

It was a nerve-wracking experience but with enough preparation and with the Lord’s guidance I was able to give my best shot throughout the 75 questions I’ve answered.


Always give your best in reaching your goal because in order to achieve that requires a lot of effort, perseverance and hard work. Also, always remember to seek guidance from our God Almighty as things won’t be possible without Him. Keep aspiring and you will succeed.

Nurse Valerie

My journey towards my US dream started last April 2017, when I signed up at Health Carousel. It was a fast and smooth process. Back in 2017, I don’t know where and how to start my NCLEX application, thanks to Health Carousel for their generosity in offering me their sponsorship program for NCLEX. It was August 2017 when I passed the pre-test and got the sponsorship, I started my review immediately as I don’t want to waste this golden opportunity.

I would like to thank Ms. Martha, who has been very patient and consistent in following up all the documents I need to submit for my application. Thank you for motivating me and encouraging me during my review. I would also like to thank the whole Health Carousel and IPASS family for all the help and support that you are giving me from the start of my application until this day. Thank you for believing in me and helping me achieve my dream step by step.

I am forever grateful to the whole Health Carousel Team! God bless you all and More Powers!

Nurse Ma. Kristina

I joined with HCPI last Aug. 2017. I took the NCLEX last April 21, 2018. My application with NCLEX is a hassle-free since we are provided with a team who work with us to process our papers. I started my focus review last Jan.2018 –March 2018. My experience with NCLEX is very unforgettable. My exam stops at 75 items and I really thought I failed. The Nclex questions are vague. I am just doing my best and use critical thinking in answering the exams. My message to aspiring nurses is to keep going, focus on your goal. Those who feel discouraged, please keep going, it’s definitely not an easy but it’s all worth. All your hard work in studying will pay-off. Lastly, I want to say thank you to Health Carousel for giving us this privilege and opportunity in taking the NCLEX for FREE.

Nurse Mira Luna

I’m part of the Aspire program of health carousel and Health carousel sponsored my NCLEX. I took my exam last April 03, 2018 and luckily I passed the exam. I used Saunders which is an online reviewer and was given to me by HC.

The key to passing the exam is not memorization but analyzation. Trying to understand not only the questions but the answers and rationales as well. Every chapter I tried answering questions — I answered them as if I was taking the actual exam. After answering I wrote all the rationales. Correct answers mean nothing if you don’t know why they are correct in the first place. If you know the principle behind the questions it will be easier for you to answer them.

Prayer is also a key to pass the exam. Do not forget to pray and ask for guidance every day. Thank Him for all your blessings. Always give yourself a little treat after a long day of review. Exercise is also good! Do not stress yourself too much and surround yourself with positive vibes! Lastly, I just want to thank HC, Ms. Martha and the whole team of iPass for helping me with my NCLEX journey. I ‘m very thankful to them for all their efforts to help me get through this. Thank you very much and God bless! To those who will take their exams good luck and may God bless you

Nurse Iris

My journey with Health Carousel has been incredible so far. The first time I heard about their program, it stirred curiosity within me I contacted them right away. As I attended their orientation, it felt like it was really promising for me. I got interviewed and was informed then that I was qualified for their ASPIRE program. They gave me a time where I was to be assessed through a comprehensive exam. After being told I passed, I was informed of what’s going to be the process and if there could be any concerns, they will be of help. I obliged immediately to the set requirements. The assistants were there along the way and they really helped me to feel this is a priority. They have given me my reviewers which were really helpful for me. Months went by, all I worried about was to review and they were the ones to make my NCLEX-RN application run smoother. I took the exam last March 9 and now feel really blessed to pass it. I’m grateful for Health Carousel for helping me jumpstart achieving my goals and assisted me throughout the process.

Nurse Nephi Paul

Before, I hesitated to take the NCLEX. Simply because I don’t know where to start and I was thinking about the expenses. But when I heard about Health Carousel, I knew it is a good opportunity and through them, I’ll be able to achieve my dream. Thank you so much Health Carousel family for helping me along the way. From the very start, it was a smooth process and I had so much time to focus on reviewing at home, fewer worries and more time to review. And the review materials you provided were really a big help. Thank you to my Program advisor for answering all my concerns and especially for all the words of encouragement. I am filled with so much joy that finally and officially, I am now a USRN! Thank you so much Health Carousel family for making this possible. God bless and more power!

Nurse Angela

I was really determined to pass NCLEX on the first take because I don’t want to waste time and efforts, not just mine but also those people helping me with this journey, especially Health Carousel and iPass. They would always tell me to just focus on reviewing and they would do the rest, from processing to scheduling. From pretest, I saw how dedicated they are to assist us in our dream to become a USRN. I used the online review they provided, I scanned my college modules, and I also availed Uworld. Those three were my resources on reviewing for NCLEX. And I must say, I found the online review very useful!

They were all very accommodating and has this influence to make us be devoted to our goals and dreams. The journey on passing the NCLEX may not be easy, but thanks to the Lord, my family, my significant other, friends, colleagues, and to health carousel and iPass, for the continuous support and motivation that helped me pushed through it.

Nurse Chared

To begin with, I was really amused when I received a notification of taking online seminars about several concepts which pertain to improving the quality of healthcare service that I will render to my clients. Perhaps, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to take these training which helped me to have a glimpse of what to expect when I will be deployed to the United States soon. As I started taking those activities, I was able to enhance further the knowledge and skills that I already possess and learned new ideas along the course. There were some concepts that were unfamiliar to me hence made them difficult to understand at some point, however, I was able to grasp those when I tried to apply them in the hospital.

Mostly, I am able to utilize that new information that I took from Health Stream’s online seminars or webinars, I suppose, in the clinical setting. I can say that through these courses I learned a lot especially in having a therapeutic relationship with my patients. Additionally, I believe that through these courses as well, I can say that I am capable of communicating with my patients effectively, thus increasing my clients’ satisfaction with the services I provide. I learned that clinical skills come hand in hand with the way a nurse should interact with their clients to provide the best possible quality of health care for my patients.

There were some courses that have a lot of contents, nevertheless, there were few which were short and concise. I finished some within an hour or earlier but sometimes two or more especially for those that were very specific like those which were clinically inclined concepts. Overall, I was able to finish everything in about a month and a half because I worked on it on my day offs.

I will surely recommend the Health Stream training seminars to those candidates like me because of the fact that the webinars are very informative about the American health care setting which makes us very prepared in rendering a high-quality patient care in a global stage. To add things up, I am a health care provider who is, I believe, capable and confident in delivering an internationally competitive health care measures to all patients.

John, RN

My experience in taking the Transition-to-Practice training program is one of a kind, in the sense that it is a new approach in learning, wherein teachings are presented in a modern way, such as it comprises of interactive learning and training.
For me the value I achieve from completing this program is the value of perseverance. In this way, if you persevere and gave your good shot, in the end, you would reap the fruits of your labor. I took the program within a months’ time. Yes, definitely I would recommend this program to other candidates. It is a new and remarkable approach to learning.
After completing the entire program, the confidence that I attain is remarkable. In such a way that every information and detail that I need to know in the US healthcare delivery system was promptly addressed.

Kenneth, RN