“Health Carousel is an agency with great dedication to helping nurses to reach greater heights of opportunity. I have signed the contract way back 2015. Upon signing, my processing associate instructed me to do the vaccination, later I realized that the preparation that I did years ago paid off with the help and dedication of Ma’am Lenci. I would greatly recommend my fellow nurses to take their first path of the American Dream by signing in with the agency.

I would also give the highest credit to each Health Carousel employees who have helped my application, especially to Ma’am Lenci Orilloza. I would like to thank her for everything that she has done with her wittiness that she did her job perfectly well.

To all the officers and staff, thank you is an understatement and I would be forever grateful. “

Paula, RN

“I signed my contract with Health Carousel in 2013. The process of my application was well guided & coordinated through the help of my PA from the very beginning up to Ms. Ela. My experience with Health Carousel is good. They were there to guide me step by step from my application until my deployment. I’m very thankful to everyone especially the Philippine office for the patience and hard work they are putting in each candidate. May God Bless you with more abundance!”

Joshua, RN

“At the time that I have been thinking about living and working in the United States, I came across Health Carousel. It was introduced to me by one of my colleagues and from that time I begun trusting the agency about my future career as a Medical Technologist in the US.

I was very impressed with the process and the people I worked with. They were very professional, thorough and consistently going extra miles for the sake of their candidates. Special thanks to my advisors, they are excellent! And for my family who was always there to support me.

To God be the glory!”

Sherlyn, MT

I signed up for Health Carousel last September 11, 2013, through a colleague, who is an employee of HCLLC in Texas. I started from scratch – no TOEFL, no FCCPT because I have never thought that my US dream will still come to reality.

It was never an easy journey to take but I was determined to finish what I have started. The TOEFL review with the advisor was breaking, but because of her fluency in English, diligence and patience to all of us, after my 2nd TOEFL attempt, I made it and got not just the required score but even higher. The whole process was like a roller coaster. There were times I felt down, got frustrated with my performance but with the help of my advisor, I was able to do my best on all the pre-NPTE requirements, tests and the whole visa process. There are times that I get tired of all the requirements asked by my advisor but then at the end of the day, I understand that it is all for the fulfillment of my America dream.

To my co-PT’s, just enjoy the process, be patient, be diligent, and be assertive. And all our efforts will be rewarded.

Again, Thank you my Health Carousel family especially to my advisor who is very patient and lenient yet professional in dealing with me all throughout my visa process up to the date of my departure.

Lourdes, PT

“I signed with Health Carousel last 2015. The process was smooth as long as you comply with the requirements. I am grateful that I signed with Health Carousel because of the benefits, opportunities, and details they provide. I am very thankful to my advisor for being so patient regarding my numerous questions!

To PTs, I encourage you to sign up with Health Carousel so that you can also enroll in a DPT program.”

Jessica, PT

“I signed up for Health Carousel in 2016. The process that I experienced since I signed the contract was very smooth combined with a lot of hard-work & luck. Health Carousel assisted and guided me through every step of the way, from my TOEFL exam to the filing of my H1B visa and even up to now that I am finally going to the United States. Each step was carefully explained and each bumped in the road that I encountered was also fast resolved.

I would like to thank Health Carousel for the patience, hard work and motivation that they offer to all of their candidates. The achievement of one’s dreams will always be influenced by the decision that you make to the people that you surround yourself with and I thank God for including Health Carousel in this new chapter of my journey.”

Elfren, PT

“I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2015 with the hope of getting employed in the US. Health Carousel Philippines has provided me with all the necessary assistance and resources. Their timely goals and checklists have made the transition smooth and realistic. I am grateful for all the opportunities that Health Carousel Philippines has provided in my professional career.”

Benedict, PT

“I joined Health Carousel in 2015 being referred by my friends who are also Health Carousel PT employees. And what I can say is that they’re correct with all the good feedback I’ve heard and experienced most especially with my NPTE and employment processes. I haven’t encountered difficulties and everything is smooth and detailed. My advisors have been very caring not only with the technicalities of the processes but also with my overall career welfare.

I’m forever grateful to everyone in Health Carousel Philippines for the fulfillment of my American Dream.”

Alissa, PT

“I joined Health Carousel Philippines last April 2016. The application process went smoothly. They supplied me with review materials while I was reviewing for the NPTE, helped me process the documents needed for my travel when it was time for me to take the NPTE and continued assisting me until I was able to get deployed in my facility. Working with Health Carousel had been easy thanks to the people behind the agency. They were very accommodating and patient with me and my queries and questions regarding certain documents I needed to submit or processes that I needed to undergo. As much as possible, they make themselves available 24/7 just to provide me with the information I needed. They make you their priority.”

Carmela, PT

“Health Carousel was very helpful and courteous to reply on every query that I had before. Ms. Karen was my first Associate and she was very helpful in reminding me what documents I have yet to submit. My experience was as smooth as it can get. The process was by step and they guided me through it. Thank you very much to Ms. Karen and Ms. Liza for assisting me all throughout my application. For always replying with my emails and for the constant reminder of my lacking docs. Again than you Health Carousel for making my dream come true.

To all candidates of Health Carousel, always stay positive and pray. Trust your Advisors because they will guide you all the way.”

Ryan, RN