I joined Health Carousel last August 26, 2016. I just accidentally discovered the agency by scrolling in a social media site. I just submitted my resume and board rating thru email and after that, the process run smoothly from my agency interview until my deployment date. Health Carousel guided me and assisted throughout the process. They were also very responsive in terms of any questions regarding the process. I am proud to be a product of Health Carousel. I thank the people who helped me in this journey namely Martha and Amelyn and the rest of Health Carousel team. I would proudly recommend Health Carousel to my fellow Nurses who would like to achieve their dream of working in the USA. Thank you so much

Joan Karen, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in September 2016, this is to attain my ever long American dream. The entire process was smooth and very efficient. My IDA Lenci sees to it that I submit and process everything. It may take a while however if you just believe that it will happen, definitely all your hard labored work with the assistance of Health Carousel will yield success.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my IDA Lenci for a job well done, including Roda for patiently answering all of my queries.

To all future RNs, PTs and MTs it is not too late to dream, just believe that you can. It will always be worth the wait.

Kenneth, USRN

I joined Health Carousel in April 2015. Although it took me a few years for my US application to get approved, it was still seamless all throughout because I’ve been guided by Health Carousel every step of the way. From Karen to Raissa, all of them are accommodating and approachable. To my fellow nurses, continue to chase that American Dream and it will eventually come true. Just continue to have faith in God, work harder, and believe in Health Carousel and you will achieve that dream.

Je Melvin, USRN

It is truly a blessing that a friend of mine referred me to Health Carousel. I feel so blessed and grateful to be under the management of this wonderful company. The processing of my application was fast as long as you have all the credentials needed.

I appreciate all the support and assistance of the staff. Thank you so much Health Carousel Family! More power and please continue to help more nurses in pursuing their dreams.

Mehran, USRN

I applied last December 2015 at Health Carousel, that day I signed the contract and the process began. The process was smooth though I waited a little bit for the facility interview and acceptance. I have a good working relationship with my IDA and PA while processing my papers. I am satisfied with my PA and IDA’s assistance. Keep up the good work!

Minerva, USRN

Health Carousel has been very supportive of my journey towards attaining a career in the US. Their follow-ups and assistance are immeasurable. My deployment advisor has been communicating with me beyond duty hours.

I highly recommend this agency to other healthcare workers who dream to be in the US someday. It was such an honor working with them. Praying for their continued success in the future.

Thank you, Ms. Liza, Stephanie, and Ms. Roda for the assistance and being patient with me throughout this journey. May God Bless you all.

Kristine Aiza, USRN

Working as CVOR-USRN in a reputable, world-class facility and become globally competitive in the provision of quality, safe patient-care is one of my wildest dreams and part of my self-actualization. Thus, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the team members of HCLLC, from recruitment to deployment for making this possible and hassle-free. I highly commend Ms. Lenci and Ms. Liza for being accommodating, responsive and for ensuring that I am guided accordingly.

I learned about HCLLC in August 2016 thru a friend and former colleague, who is also under Health Carousel and PassportUSA program. Immediately upon passing my NCLEX-RN exam, I sent an email inquiry to Health Carousel and to different recruitment agencies. But before the other recruitment agencies responded, Health Carousel already got me a priority date. Health Carousel is indeed true to their promise – helping you achieve your American dream! They go beyond expectations as demonstrated by their commitment to excellence. Simply trust the process and be responsible too in the compliance of requirements ahead of time. For this life-changing opportunity, I will forever be grateful to the Lord, to my family, to all my mentors, to my friends, to everyone who supported me, to HCLLC, to all the people I have worked with, and most importantly to all my patients.

Once a dream, now a reality.

Arlen, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2015 and at that time I did not have any idea yet as to how to go about with the process of taking the NCLEX exam to file on Immigrant application. I was filled with anxiety at that time but as my PA ran me through the initial process and adequately answered my questions I became a bit more confident. Health Carousel frequently updated me with how each process went and I, in turn, made sure that I pass all documents, exams tests they require on time. It is given that one of the most common hindrances a nurse faces when applying abroad is the constraint of finances that is why I am glad that Health Carousel shouldered some fees such as the application for immigration. Not only were my PAs professional in dealing with me as a candidate but they were also approachable to the point that it felt like they were my friends and partners. The way they communicated was comforting and seemed as if I am a part of their family. Overall I am very much thankful for Health Carousel.

Xela Reina, USRN

Who would have thought I’ll be leaving for the USA in a few days? Everything went fast in a span of almost 3 years. I joined Health Carousel around July 2016. The application was smooth and clear. They gave complete details on what I should do and submit. All I have to do is comply and meet the corresponding deadlines. And just like that, I am now set to fulfill my dreams in working as a nurse in the USA.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and surely, I recommend PassportUSA to all my friends, colleagues and family to help them achieve success abroad. To other nurses and professionals in the medical field, let my experience with Health Carousel be an example that nothing is impossible. We can reach our dreams if we will work for it and always have God at the center of our purpose. May God bless us all. And once again, thank you PassportUSA for making my dream come true.

Maria Rizza, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel in March 2016. Then, I got my PD in July 2016. My US journey was a long process of waiting. It began when I passed my NCLEX in December 2010 and was later on affected by retrogression. I set aside my American dream first and opted to work in Qatar. Later part of 2015 my colleague encouraged and motivated me to recapture again my American dream by introducing me to Health Carousel agency. My advisors (Karen, Ela, Kim, and Roda) are very knowledgeable in the process of the application and very professional. They patiently answered all my queries and concerns. The agency is trustworthy and guided me all throughout the process of my application.

The most important is to believe in our Almighty God and everything will fall into place in God’s perfect timing. Always keep the faith and pray. To my family, this accomplishment is for us. Thank you for always being there to love and support me.

Mary Cristela , USRN