After almost 8 weeks of learning, I received my Online Transition-to-Practice Medical Surgical Program Certificate, and I would like to thank the training program team and Health Carousel for your support.

What I love about the Transition-to-Practice Program is that it is a thorough course that enables the student and professionals to learn at their own pace, have access to their instructor when needed, and most significantly, the experience taught me the skills that will enable me to continue to develop my nursing skills beyond the electronic classroom. I must say the course was well organized, conceived, and pitched at a level which allowed me to learn quickly and in depth. I wrapped a real-life experience around the tasks with excellent content and that built on your knowledge, reinforce, and then expand. It was indeed a tremendous learning experience.

Overall, I thought the course was great. I did get tons of useful experience from the course and my instructor Ms. Alison Walsh was very helpful and did an excellent job. Transition-to-Practice Program indeed prepares nurses to carry out skills in the real world. Keep up the good work!

Theresa, RN

I am one of the lucky Healthcarousel nurses to experience online learning training. I could say, it was a fulfilling opportunity and very beneficial to me. The training reminded me of the theories and skills that play an important rule in my profession. Also, I have learned the value of continuous learning when I completed the program and to my knowledge, nursing is truly a process. I finished my training in the span of 2 months and after this, I was able to study the lessons and look back the lectures that are greatly helpful. I honestly recommend the training to every nurse who is about to be deployed to the United States because my training boosts my confidence to become successful USRN and to contribute holistic care to the US Healthcare System.

Sheryl, RN

The training program has refreshed my foundation skills as a nurse. It offers the most comprehensive and adaptive learning system to assist local nurses like me to be prepared globally. Turns ordinary people into Extraordinary Nurses. Thank you

Francis, RN

“Take advantage of every opportunity”

I can still remember the phone call I had around June last year asking if I want to be part of Health Carousel. And then, I thought, “Why not? This could be the answer to my dream to work abroad”. So I grabbed the opportunity and took the Qualifying Exam for NCLEX Sponsorship last July 2017. Thankfully, I passed and started my online review provided by Health Carousel. I followed the study calendar given to me and submitted all the necessary documents for my NCLEX Application to Health Carousel and iNurse Processing.

After 6-7 months of studying, the big day came. Last Tuesday, February 13, 2018, I took my NCLEX. I don’t know what to feel a lot of mixed emotions. It was the longest four hours of my life and the exam was so draining. Four days had passed and Ma’am Liana called. Thank God! She delivered a very good news! I passed! After the call, I thought about all the sacrifices I made, effort and time invested in learning, studying and complying with all the requirements. It was all worth it.

I would like to thank the following: Ms. Connie B. Dela Cruz, Mr. Ademar S. Cutang, Sir Emmanuel Peter Labradores, iNurse Processing, Ms. Liana Samia, and the rest of the Health Carousel family for assisting and helping me process my NCLEX Application. Thank you to the aforementioned for aiding me to step closer to my American Dream. Special thanks to Ms. Liana Samia for guiding me continuously with the succeeding steps needed after passing NCLEX. To Ma’am Edel, Ma’am Cherry, Dimple, and the rest of my DR Family, my heartfelt thanks for your invaluable pieces of advice and encouragements. Likewise, thank you for my family and friends for your trust and wholehearted support especially to my mother and father who’s always been there for me.

Moreover, I will be forever grateful to the Lord, our God. Faith in Him makes everything possible. I will not be who I am right now if it wasn’t for Him since the beginning of my life. God has blessed me more than I deserve and I thank you for that, My Lord.

Lastly, to all aspiring nurses, just like me, all I can say, “If you think you can, then you can”. Always be positive and stay focused. Just believe in yourself. And most importantly, Have faith in God, because God has faith in you.

Nurse Michelle Ann

I started my journey in HCPI last July 26, 2017, and I took my NCLEX last Feb 3, 2018. With the help of HCPI and iPass, everything went smooth and easy. They are so quick to respond to all my inquiries and request that made the process so fast. Reviewer materials from HCPI are very helpful, some of them were asked during the NCLEX. NCLEX is nothing to worry about as long as you know to yourself that you are well equipped with nursing concepts especially when you finished all the review materials from HCPI. I can say that HCPI is a GOD’S GIFT for those who dream as they sponsored my NCLEX. To those future USRNs, be optimistic, set your goals and keep your faith in GOD.

Nurse Benedict

I joined health carousel last December 2016. I was really hesitant to continue with my application back then because it was such a “too good to be true” thing. But thanks to Sir Mark because he was so eager to follow up on me, until I took the pretest in July 2017.
I took NCLEX on February 3, 2018. The application runs smoothly because of the help and assistance of Health Carousel. Every inquiry I asked, they answered promptly. I also did not felt any pressure in complying with the requirements because they gave me ample time to complete it. My online review also helped me a lot. I learned so many things especially test-taking strategies. From different modules up to the comprehensive exam, it’s as if I’m learning something new.

My NCLEX experience was really surreal. It was a dream come true. I arrived at the test center 2hours early from my appointment. And from the waiting time up to the moment that I sat in front of my computer, my heart was really pounding. It was like it wants to get out of my chest cavity. As I start the exam, I felt like there was something holding me that I can’t move my hands, I was only staring at the screen. 1st question was really, really hard, actually, all of those questions were hard. As I go along, I waited for number 75 expecting that the computer will shut down, but it did not. Until I reached number 265, and I felt really hopeless, I thought I will not pass that nerve-wracking exam. That is why when I found out that I passed NCLEX, the only thing I can say was Thank you, Lord.

NCLEX sponsorship program is really a well recommended one. I felt really blessed from being part of this program. I never thought an impossible will be possible with the help of this program.
To other aspiring nurses, the best is yet to come. Be part of the HCPI And start your own #AmericanDream
It is never too late to be what you might have been. It will not be easy but absolutely it will be worth it.

Nurse Raenalyn

Health Carousel and iNurse Processing played an immense part in achieving one of my dreams- to become a USRN. I am a part of Health Carousel’s ASPIRE program, wherein I was given the chance to be a part of their NCLEX sponsorship, it saved me so much time, effort and money. They had assisted me every step of the way during my entire NCLEX journey, thus making it a hassle-free application. I commend Ms. Ann Martha Alayon of Health Carousel and Sir John of iNurse Processing who was very hands-on and patiently addressed all my queries and concerns regarding my application. Three weeks after knowing that I passed, I am still in a celebratory mode. Two years ago, though I was a bit skeptical, I took the risk and signed with them. Now with my firsthand experience with their people, I speak about HC with profound gratitude and I am extremely thankful for the opportunities they have laid on the table for me. We are now getting ready for our next move, and I am gearing myself up with more knowledge, grit and strong faith to the Lord so I will be fully equipped as I set my foot on the American soil, the land of the dreams.

Nurse Mark Anthony

My experience with iNurse and Health Carousel was superb. The company helped me on my review for NCLEX by decreasing the stress of filing forNCLEX. Also, since I am on the iNurse Sponsorship program, the expenses for the NCLEX is not a matter for me. Before the exam, Health Carousel provided me with review materials and let me focus on my review while they process my papers for my NCLEX application. Few weeks before the exam, Health Carousel asked me for my preferred examination dates and occasionally ask me about how was my review. During the exam, I was nervous and confident at the same time because I know I prepared for this. After I sit down in front of the computer, there is a practice question that I think helped me lot because it relieves a bit of my anxiety. While taking the exam, I treated it like I’m just reviewing. After the 75th question, an indicator popped up saying that the exam has ended. As I walked out of the building, anxiety started to increase and the wait for the result has started. The day after the exam, Health Carousel asked me how my exam went and that they are with me in praying for a passed result 3 days after, the result came out and fortunately, I passed the NCLEX!

Nurse Jerick

Me, being with Health Carousel was a journey that I would never, ever forget. I have my ups and my downs, my frustrations, and joys, but all throughout, Health Carousel was behind me. My gratitude to Liza Graza and to Sir Brad Steffen, who trusted me. For me, both will always be the advisors a nurse can trust.

Thank you Health Carousel for a brand new life in the United States of America!

Rainier, RN

I signed up with Health Carousel almost three years ago. Ms. Lenci, my Processing Advisor is very helpful on things to do first and keen on updating me on the process.
To those nurses who want to achieve their American dream just be patient and do what your Processing Advisor advises you to accomplish.

Edmar, RN