“Thank you Health Carousel for being my partner in making my American Dream come true. Special mention and thanks to Ms. Connie, Ms. Nyra, Ms. Marianne, Ms. Roda, Ms. Glenda and Ms. Abby.”

Joann, PT

“I waited for more than a decade due to previous retrogression and here I am now ready to take another challenge! I am thankful that Health Carousel helped me in all aspects in processing my documents from recapturing my priority date until deployment. The staffs Ms. Maricris and Ms. Ela were helpful and responsive to my questions even up to the smallest stuffs.
I am very grateful to HCLLC for the smooth process and in achieving my American Dream!”

Pamela, RN

“I would like to thank Health Carousel for helping me achieved my dream to work in America and live with my whole family. I’ve waited for more than 9 years for this. I can’t forget the first time I heard about Health Carousel, last February 2016 when I attended a Phil. Nurses Association Convention back in Bicol, there I meet Ms. Marivic Doctor who gave me a first glimpse of hope. After that, everything went very fast and smoothly of course with the help of Ms. Karen, Ms. Roda, Ms. Kim, Ms. Nyra and Ms. Connie. Thank you for constantly reminding me of all the requirements that I need to comply. And of course our Almighty God who is my constant strength and guidance. Again, THANK YOU HEALTH CAROUSEL!
To all the future applicant, just have a right mind set, BE PATIENT ALL THE TIME and trust the whole Health Carousel team!”

Cherry, RN

“I am greatly pleased to be a part of Health Carousel!
I became a candidate in 2007. It took me a decade for my visa process to complete and Health Carousel was with me every step of the way. Even though there was a time that I gave up hope of working in the US, HCLLC never gave up on me. There were times that I didn’t communicate with the company but still, they followed up and they expressed sincere help for my career.
I wish everyone in the company all the best because my blessings were given through them. God Bless!”

Brian, RN

“I am very thankful to be part of the Health Carousel family. They have helped me in each and every step towards achieving my American Dream.”

Lyrah Vanessa, RN

“With the help of Health Carousel’s PassportUSA Program my priority date was recaptured and they secured me a new employment in the US. The processing associates namely Ms. Karen, Ms. Kim and Ms. Roda really showed exemplary mastery and efficiency and for that I am grateful to them. It’s a long process which needs patience, time, effort and of course money but if you really set your goals to it you will really get it.”

Chris, RN

“Finally! My most awaited time for my career has arrived… My departure to the USA to work as a USRN! There has been challenges that I’ve encountered during this journey and it took me about 7 years in waiting for my visa to get current. Also, I found out that my first agency was a fake. However, God is really great because at that time when I needed a help I discovered about Health Carousel. I decided to withdraw my application on my first agency but they revoked my visa application. It was like a nightmare for me, but again, when I applied to Health Carousel my dream was not put to stop. I already thought that my PD of 2012 will not be recaptured anymore, but in just 1 month they were able to recapture it. The staff of Health Carousel are my angels. They were very efficient and most friendly. I consider Health Carousel as a family and friend. So for those who are in doubt, just continue your dreams… Pray, wait and trust. Health Carousel can really make your American Dream come true!
More power and God Bless the HCLLC family! Thank you so much and I will be forever grateful!”

Myrna, RN

“It was indeed an extraordinary miracle. I am blessed beyond measure. Thanks to our dear Almighty! My gratitude too with Health Carousel and the staff. I am pleased with the result of my American dream!
Thank you Ma’am Karen, Roda and Kimberly for constantly reminding me of what to do and for continuous communication for all my needs. Good job guys! May you continue to help nurses in pursuing their American Dream!”

Jenevive, RN

“My American Dream started 2007 when I was petitioned by my first employer. I was saddened with the long retrogression and thought that my dream won’t become a reality anymore. Until I came across Health Carousel LLC. Miss Liza was my first PA. I was satisfied the way she handled my application. It came to a point wherein I didn’t want to go to the US anymore. But Ms. Liza didn’t give up on me and continued to send emails and reminders. At the end, I continued with my application. Then came Ms. Roda, who handled me when Miss Liza had her maternity leave. I was in Riyadh during that time when my license was endorsed to Texas. She assisted me well so that’s why it went on smoothly. I was transferred to Miss Ela when I became DQ. She is persistent on following up with my requirements and is very patient, same with my previous PA’s. I was guided accordingly and she responds to my email or inquires promptly. At last, In God’s perfect time, I am rarely going to start my American dream. Thank you my Health Carousel family for making it come true.”

Nora Joy, RN

“I would like to start my testimony by telling a story, regarding my experience of trying to achieve my American Dream.
I am a Batch 2004, October nursing graduate in Tarlac City and started working as a nurse in a hospital by February of 2005. While working, I kept on thinking on what to do for me to be able to go to America. So I decided to take NCLEX. Luckily I passed the NCLEX by 2008 and looked for an agency to help me find a job. I found an agency and assisted me in filing for my visa and had a priority date of February 2010. Unfortunately, due to retrogression the agency abandoned me. After how many years, when the priority date was lifted, I found Health Carousel through the internet and emailed my resume.
Health Carousel have been very helpful to me. They assisted me in all the process that I need to do. They are very supportive and reliable. I will not forget Ms. Liza, Ms. Roda and Ms. Kim who have assisted me in each and every step that I need to take. Now that I am about to leave the Philippines, I still can’t believe that my ultimate dream of going to America is about to become a reality. I am very thankful that I found Health Carousel who have made my dream a reality.”

Genalyn, RN