I took and passed NCLEX in the year 2010. During that time applying to work in the USA was a challenge due to retrogression, among other things. In the year 2013, I got hired by an employer in Texas and got my priority date as well. Unfortunately in 2016 while waiting for my priority date to be current I was abandoned by my employer. I was so upset and disappointed but I never gave up. I focused on my goal and I know those good things will come my way. In April 2017, I saw the Ad of Health Carousel online, I got curious so I immediately inquired, applied and finally signed up a contract. Health Carousel is a well-oiled machine working wonders for applicants like myself. They would always follow up with the requirements. They would set deadlines for completion of documents. They are persistent in guiding and helping you achieve your American dream.

Ma. Lourdes, RN

After I passed my NCLEX-RN, I struggled to find an agency which can accommodate me for EB3 filing. 2014 was the year Health Carousel, thru its PassportUSA program, opened its door for nurses with ongoing clinical experience. It was then that I applied and got a PD. It was a bumpy ride reaching my American dream as I was one of the nurses who got affected by the recession. With patience and commitment to my agency, I was lined up to one of the best hospitals in Arkansas as a Neuro ICU nurse. I’m so thankful to Health Carousel for their help. To my fellow nurses, all it takes is patience. Just pray and put your trust in them.

Gregg Evan, RN

I joined Health Carousel last in 2015. The application process was not easy but thanks to my efficient PA Karen, I was able to complete my requirements on time. She never failed to remind me about the deadlines. I can say, I owe my “USA journey” to Health Carousel. I appreciate the professionalism of Ms. Kim, Karen, and Ms. Roda. I will forever be thankful to them. Thank you Health Carousel!

Judy Tricia, RN

I joined Health Carousel in the year 2013 but I’m not yet really sure if I want to push to my application. The staffs are very helpful and eager during my decision process. In June 2015, I decided to go back to the bedside and give a shot this US dream I have. The whole process is smooth. Thanks to Health Carousel. They are truly God’s blessing. To all the nurses, trust his timing and put your faith to work because God is faithful. He has a master plan for your life.

Grace, RN

I joined Health Carousel way back in 2013. At that time, it is very hard to get petition but Health Carousel made possible the things it seems impossible. I had a different PA along the way. They are all responsive in all my queries. I would like to thank Maricris Peralta, Roda Cardoso, Ela Tan and Kimberly for all they had done to me. I highly recommend Health Carousel in making your dreams come true. They will never abandon you.

Frankee, RN

It’s been almost 9 years since I passed my NCLEX. I almost gave up because of retrogression and the thought of just setting down in the Middle East but when I signed up with HC in 2014, I knew that I can still fulfill my American Dream. The process was convenient for an OFW like me because almost everything was done online and I was guided throughout my application process.

I am very grateful to Health Carousel especially to all the processing associates and IDA’s who helped me; Ms. Roda, Maricris, Ela and Ms. Kimberly.

Thank you so much for your patience, support, and guidance.

Luriza, RN

“Never give up because great things take time.” Truly, this quote will be my favorite mantra in life. I have experienced a lot of setbacks and frustrations with regards to my US application but as what they’ve said, in the ladder of success, there are lots of hurdles along the way. The American dream is like a dream that is so hard to reach. Gladly, when I came across Health Carousel’s page in 2014, I immediately apply and signed up with them. They have been very consistent in asking for documents, implementing deadlines and is very helpful in reaching towards my goal. Health Carousel is an answered prayer for my dream of working and leave in the US with my family.

Special mention to my IDA Ms. Liza, who’s been very patient with my inquiries even beyond her office hours, persistent in making follow-ups with regards to my updated documents. She always sees to it that she give me timely updates with regards to my application which I loved about her and I do not need to follow up.

Thank you so much Ma’am Liza for being a part of this success.

To my fellow nurses, stay focused. Be persistent and never quit because God will fulfill his promise in his right time

Marian, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in September 2014. The application process went on smoothly with my IDA, Ms. Liza. I am forever grateful to Health Carousel for helping me shape and materialized my American Dream. There may be roadblocks along the way but always have faith in the process and the agency’s reputable system and these will be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you and God bless Health Carousel administrators and staff.

You are really are the best.

Aileen, RN

I express my heartfelt gratitude to Health Carousel for being an integral part in this quest of fulfilling my dream to be provided an opportunity to work in the US. They have been an essential partner in providing guidance from start to finish. In retrospect, I found their team of dedicated individuals to be professional in every way and go above and beyond their call of service to help healthcare related candidates achieve their dreams. It was a long wait but a satisfying experience nonetheless. In the end, what matters is Health Carousel stayed true to their promise of bringing us closer to what we aspire for.

Phil Bryan, RN

I passed NCLEX-Rn in 2014. At that time, EB3 visas for the Philippines were still on retrogression so I’m not expecting it will be a smooth sailing journey towards my American dream. I put my aspiration aside and just pursued another path. Luckily, I came across Health Carousel. They were the only agency at that time who processed my application amidst retrogression. Then, I became part of the Health Carousel family in June 2015.

Meeting all the requirements was quite challenging at first since I’m a Nurse working abroad, but it became easier knowing that I was supported along the way. For that, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Cheryll, Karen, Roda, Nyra and most especially to Ms. Lenci for the guidance in achieving this goal. So, to all US-RNs, just hold on to that dream, never lose that passion and that drive to achieve what you want, and most of all trust God’s plan.

Mariel Angelica, RN