I joined Health Carousel Philippines last June 2015. From the beginning, they have assisted me throughout the process. They guided me and helped me through every detail. They were approachable and patient enough. Thank you, Ms. Lenci, for being really patient with me. With all my queries and dilemma she was the one who really supported me till the day before my flight going to the US. I’m happy to be part of Health Carousel.

Christilyne, USRN

I am a graduate of batch 2017. I really planned to work abroad so immediately after passing my local boards I looked for an agency to fulfill my desire (never applied for working experience yet). And so I found HC, read some reviews and inquired.

I joined last January 2018 and started submitting documents they require. While waiting for my ATT, I read HC’s toolkit for NCLEX and finished their modules. Received my ATT late September 2018 and scheduled my exam on November 2018. I studied again for almost 2 months, went on review center and answered some Q&a books.


On the day of my NCLEX, I didn’t expect some questions were very basic BUT have a very tricky option that would make you stop and decide for some minutes.

Luckily, I passed my NCLEX and now working for my IELTS.

Never experienced hassle on my part on filing for application of my NCLEX exam because IPass was there.

Big thanks to both IPass and Health Carousel for your part in my journey and for making my dream possible.

Michelle, USRN

I learned about Health Carousel Passport USA from my Sister. I began my journey with them last November 2017. They had provided me with all my needed review materials and processed all my documents for the preparation of my NCLEX. Everything went smoothly balance between my work in the ICU, my family, and my review. During my review days, I am committed to complete my modules and passed my comprehensive exam under their compassionate supervision. I even subscribed uworld to enhance my knowledge and got a high chance of passing but few months before my exam date a tragic event happened to me unexpectedly my 5 years old daughter got severely ill, we spent 1 month in the ICU to the extent of losing her. I am totally lost that I was not able to pass my NCLEX. However, Passport USA never gives up on me. They had given me another chance to rest, review and retake the exam with the collaboration of my one and only IPA Sir Mark Cunanan, IPASS and Passport USA. They believe in me, they had given me strength and courage to retake the exam again. I never wasted for the chance and time I had despite of the pain I am sufferings, depression strikes me but I surrender everything to God. I prayed harder, visited churches to heal me and prepare myself for my upcoming exams. With my two months of preparation, I answered 75 to 100 questions daily and rationalized with the combination of Saunders, Kaplan and La Charity Ed. 4. One week prior to my exam I also listened to Mark Klimik audio which was very helpful and it works for me to organize my thoughts and knowledge. I can say that this was a very tough journey but one thing I learned was being committed, determined and never give on your dreams, mostly have faith from above.

Overall, I thank God for sending me graces to stand again and believe.

To my husband, my children, my Passport USA health Carousel family, IPASS family, thank you very much for helping me in achieving my dream. To St. Joseph of Cupertino, Our Lady of good study, Mama Mary thank you so much. To God be the glory.

Permalie, USRN

I am so grateful and blessed that my Health Carousel and IPASS family is helping me to achieve my American dream step by step. I am so amazed at how fast you work for us all throughout the process and for the guidance that you had given me when I had so many queries in my mind. I’m so thankful for the monthly reminders and updates, HC and Ipass never failed to give me updates and ask how am I on the process and keep on pushing me to do my best while still reviewing, and thank you for your assistance in making this dream turned into a reality. HC had given me the courage to pursue my dream of becoming a USRN when I was still aspiring. Thank you.

To my fellow nurses, make plans and set goals, maximize all the resources and time that has been given to you, do your best and believe in yourself, be positive, and surrender everything to God because as the saying goes “do your best and God will do the rest”. Good luck to you, future USRNs!

Sharmaine, USRN

Last 2017, I joined the HCPI and just lately I took the NCLEX which was last January 22, 2019.

During the course of my review, I did not study many books thinking that it might cause confusion. I don’t memorize so often because I have done a lot of this during my NLE review. I make sure that I understand every concept being covered as well. What I did is, I religiously studied and answered the modules and examinations that the HC have provided. When I took practice examinations, I utilized strategies on how to analyze and answer questions which I considered very important. When the day came for NCLEX I doubted whether I have enough preparation that is needed but stored knowledge coupled with prayer had made it a success. I hold on to God’s promise found in Jeremiah 29:11.

On the NCLEX examination room, I was bombarded with so many SATA. The examination was more of prioritization and delegation, yet I surpassed it by God’s grace. After taking the NCLEX, my IPA, sir Mark Cunanan called and informed me of the result of such examination. I and my family burst into tears of joy upon hearing the good news that I passed. To God be the glory and honor.

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to my Health Carousel and I pass family for being God’s instruments in helping me achieve my dreams through their program and for all who give support and encouragement and prayer throughout this journey. I know there are more challenges ahead but I believe that our Creator is going ahead for my sake. By the way, I am just an ordinary nurse with an impossible dream. I don’t know where to start and what to do but you made it possible for aspiring nurses like me.

To my fellow aspirants, never lose hope. Trust our Ultimate Source of true knowledge and wisdom. Parallel your study with prayer. Spend time on prayer and meditation on God’s words, study hard don’t procrastinate. A saying says, ” If you study hard the exam will be easy, but if you have an easy study you’ll find the exam hard.” Trust God, be confident and be positive.

Mazel Shane, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines on 2014 as referred by my colleague, the process was smooth despite being on 221G – however Health Carousel was able to provide the documents needed, overall Health Carousel was adequate to provide with enough online training/skills development. Thank you to Ms. Kim for patiently assisting me throughout this process, I appreciate it! Thank you for letting me bring my pet with me!

Maria Lourdes, USRN

I found out about Health Carousel through Facebook. My curiosity stirred me and helped me to contact them. I qualified and signed up on May 2016. I went through a smooth application process.

Health Carousel is very efficient in what they do. They have earned my confidence. They give you clear and concise instructions. They’re so patient on my queries.

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Liza Marie and Stephanie. I can’t succeed without they’re helping hand.

To my fellow nurses, do not cease dreaming and never tire out in pursuing those dreams. Allow God’s hand to direct you and surely you will be successful.

Joel Ryan, USRN

I am Cresta and I joined Health Carousel in June of 2016. When I joined Health Carousel, I was already done with my NCLEX, IELTS, and Visa screening. However, I was still lost and confused as to how I can process my papers and I didn’t know where to start. So when a colleague of mine referred me to Health Carousel, I was very thankful. Health Carousel has made the process so much easier. I would also like to thank my advisors Ms. Lenci and Ms. Stephanie for being patient with me and helping me throughout this journey. Now what I want to say to my fellow applicants is just to stay patient and always be optimistic.

Cresta Vena, USRN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines around four years ago, last March 15, 2015. The process of application was sort of bumpy on my part – to be honest, I’m kinda less compliant. Here’s a good tip for future USRNs. Compliance plays a good part if you want to go to the US soon.

Overall, my experience with Health Carousel is great. I do appreciate that everything/every transaction was done online. I worked overseas, and it would be very difficult for me to call every now and then. Additionally, sending off scanned copies were less hassle compared to traditional snail mails.

I would like to thank Health Carousel for all the help and support. For future USRNs, just be patient and compliant. Everything has its own pace, or rather there’s perfect timing for everything.


John Niña, USRN

I would like to thank Health Carousel/PassportUSA for guiding me on my journey to my American dream. Health Carousel staffs are very approachable especially Ms. Liza and Ms. Steph. They guided me so well from day one of my application and I am grateful and feel blessed for being a part of Health Carousel family

Diana, USRN