I was referred by my friend, who is also an applicant in Health Carousel to start my US application. So on April 2016 after passing IELTS I immediately emailed the email address which my friend gave. Just after 2-3 days someone from HC called me and that was the beginning of my contract signing. I was then transferred to my current Advisor Miss Liza Graza. She is always monitoring my progress and answering my emails if I have questions. I always encourage my nurses’ friends to take NCLEX to start their American Dream and I also shared to them HC / PassportUSA as it helps e achieve my dream in working in the USA.

Renz, RN

I wanted to thank Health Carousel for guiding me throughout the US immigration process and employment. I commend them for also providing me the tools and resources (ex. ATI) I needed in order to succeed in my nursing career in the US. It was truly a life-changing experience, to be a part of the institution/agency.

Kristina, RN

To begin with, I would like to thank God for his blessing and for making my US dream possible. I also thank God for bringing me to Health Carousel in December 2016. With their help, I achieved my greatest dream to finally work in the US. Indeed, I am so blessed to be part of this company. Health Carousel helped me all throughout the process and I am grateful to the International Program Advisor who assisted me and treated me not only a candidate but as a friend. I do appreciate all their efforts and hard work.

They are very dedicated and helpful. They have been very understanding and patient to all my inquiries and persistent in making follow-up towards my application. Everything became so easy and my application process is very smooth from start to end.
I would also like to offer my sweet success to my late husband Benny.

Marites, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last June 2016 as this was recommended by my Aunt who currently lives in the US. The application process was done online and was smooth and convenient. A staff from US office called me promptly and oriented me regarding the overview of the program and its benefits. From then on, the whole experience with working with Health Carousel has been smooth sailing. My processing associate, Liza Marie Graza has been very informative and detailed in handling my case. Over the past 2 years of working with her, I am very thankful for her patience and professionalism in organizing my documents and other important matters in my case. I still can’t believe that after all that I have been through, I am now at this stage where I am one step away from realizing my American dream. I will forever be thankful to Health Carousel for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. I highly encourage all my fellow nurses and professionals in the medical field who have this same dream to really pursue it and consider working with Health Carousel. I can truly attest that this institution helps realize your American dream.

Euben, RN

I joined Health Carousel, February of 2016. And I consider this as one of the best decisions I have made in my life. They gave me a go-ahead nudge and motivated me to strive harder, enabling me to reach my goals. Like many aspiring applicants, I’ve endured multiple obstacles along the way as well.

I passed my NCLEX last 2007 but got affected by retrogression and recession, making me find other alternatives which got me to work and live in Singapore for several years. I really felt that my US application would come to halt and will never become a reality, but not since I signed with Health Carousel.

They were very supportive, encouraging and optimistic, making the applicants like me feel confident and inspired in completing all the necessary documents to achieve our common goal.

Special thanks to Ms. Roda, Ms. Maricris and Ms. Liza for always being too helpful and accommodating in assisting me in this very arduous process. Again, my deepest gratitude to Health Carousel for making our dreams become a reality!

Patrick, RN

I joined Health Carousel last 2015. It was not a smooth sailing process. There were obstacles that tested our patience, perseverance, and faith but, definitely, it’s all worth the wait. My family and Health Carousel guided me to reach my dream.

I would like to thank Ms. Nyra, Ms. Lenci, and Ms. Connie for their continuous help. To my family especially my parents and my husband, thank you for supporting me since day one. I will be forever grateful with you all. And, of course to Almighty God for all the blessings that we continually receive.

For my fellow nurses, never lose hope, keep the faith. This will always be In God’s perfect time. To God be the glory.

Karen, RN

I joined Health Carousel last July 2017. The processing of my application went well, my experience with Health Carousel is really excellent! I am thankful that I became part of Health Carousel as they provided me everything I need towards my US application.

I would like to commend Raissa for doing a great job in helping me complete my requirements. She is very kind and accommodating. To all nurses who aspire to go to the USA for employment, please be patient, hardworking and compliant. There is always a perfect timing! Lastly, you have to trust the process. J Thank you Health Carousel! I will be forever grateful for this opportunity you’ve given to me.

Angeline, RN

At first, I was anxious because there were so many topics to be reviewed. However, when I was going through the modules, it made me realize that the lessons were really helpful in transitioning to the US. Although it was time-consuming, it was really worth getting through it. The coaches were also helpful because they guided me all throughout and reminded of the areas that I missed to touch.

I found it really important to be able to complete the training modules because it covered topics that were useful in practicing nursing as a whole. It included ways of taking care of oneself despite the busy schedule and most especially in being able to adjust in the US healthcare setting.

It took me 7 weeks to be able to complete all the 9 modules because I had other things to accomplish also. However, I liked the flexibility of accessing the training materials, I was able to sign in to my account anytime I want to and especially when I’m in the mood for review.

I would definitely recommend the training to other candidates, because it contributes to self-awareness, and boosts one’s confidence. I’m sure this will be beneficial for them too.

Now that I’ve finished the training sessions, I feel a lot more secure. When you know what to do or where to seek help, you’ll gain more confidence.

Riza, RN

I joined Health Carousel year 2015. I can say that the process of my application has been very smooth. They’ve been very helpful and flexible with their applicant’s needs.

To Health Carousel, just continue to accommodate nurses like me who want to fulfill their American dream.

To all the nurses who aspire to work in the US, it’s not too late to start and make that dreams come true.

Leslie, RN

A decade ago, I dreamt to work in the United States of America but it never materialized due to the recession and believed it was not my time. Hence, I worked and honed my skills as a nurse timelessly. I breathe and enjoyed taking care of my patients, friends, and family.

Three years ago, I came across Health Carousel and decided to become part of their family to once again work on my American dream. They made the process easy and less stressful. Moreover, they were patient and accommodating. I appreciated the time and effort of my IDA’s had invested in me especially Ms. Karen, Ms. Roda and Ms. Kimberly.

Without Health Carousel, this dream would not be possible. To all nurses, keep on dreaming and never give up. Dreams do come true. Thank you Health Carousel!!!

Chona, RN