“I joined Health Carousel Philippines Last August of 2015. I was referred by my colleague. At first, I was reluctant because I am already satisfied with my current work back then, but I outweighed the long term benefits and I came up with the decision to push through my contract with Health Carousel. Looking back, I now realized I made one of the best decisions in my life because I am able to live in the US continue, doing my passion, which is nursing.

The process I had to endure was difficult because of all the exams and documents I had to obtain to be qualified are a lot and it was challenging to overcome but again it was all worth it.

In the final stage, Health Carousel was very helpful in assisting me with all the requirements I have to submit. The PA’s who assisted me (Karen and Lenci) are very diligent. They answer my queries as fast as they could.

Thank you Health Carousel for helping me and other medical professionals to follow and achieve our dream!”

Rizza, RN

“I passed my NCLEX in 2008, applied to another agency who failed to file for my petition, which unfortunately caused me depression and frustrations. I thought it was the end of my American Dream. I contacted Health Carousel, inquired about my case. Immediately Health Carousel processed my application, filed my petition, thus opened my door of entry to the US. Because of their great effort and assistance, finally I will leave and live my American Dream.

I want to thank Health Carousel for their help.”

Joe Mar, RN

“I started joining Health Carousel during the second quarter of 2014. Those were the days when the application seems unclear since US opportunity is closed due to retrogression.

The process of application was like a roller coaster ride since a lot of documents need to be settled for a smoother process. But at the end of the day, everything is for our own good.

Thank you to all the staff who are making an effort to help nurses especially Ms. Lenci, Ms. Roda and Ms. Connie. God bless you all!”

Marites, RN

“I joined this prestigious company way back 2013. In doing so, I was impressed by the process of my application because it is timely and efficient.
Adding to that, I greatly commend all the staff of Health Carousel LLC. They have provided extreme effort and dedication in guiding me on all aspect of processing.
To sum it all up, this was a great ride with Health Carousel LLC. I passed my exam (NPTE) by 2017 and immediately got deployed by early quarter of 2018. Therefore, my message to my upcoming colleague, working with this company provides an opportune moment as a practitioner.”

Thomas Joseph, PT

“This is to show my sincere gratitude to Health Carousel. Many thanks for all your help, guidance, and support. Kudos to the advisers who were a huge part of my journey in fulfilling our American dream. They are all professional, very efficient, super warm and accommodating. Health Carousel has an organized application process which also adapts to the continuously evolving demands of getting deployed. No wonder the company has grown so much and will surely be a blessing to many more medical professionals.

Again, thank you! More power and God bless!”

Carol, PT

“My journey in the US is not easy. I have so many challenges before I reached this point. I was abandoned twice by my previous agency. Then, my friend referred me to Health Carousel Philippines. At first, I had a doubt to transfer because of my awful experience. I signed up to Health Carousel last August 2017. I complied to all their requirements and I was interviewed at the US embassy last January 25, 2018. I am very thankful to Health Carousel for the smooth processing of my papers and to my advisor, Ms. Raissa, thank you for always monitoring me all the time. To those nurses who aspire to the US, apply to Health Carousel and you can reach your own dream in the US with confidence.”

Anna, RN

“Year 2016, month of August, I came over to Health Carousel’s office located in Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas. I was warmly welcome by Ms. Lenci. She received my documents and told me that sometime later someone will call me over the phone and interview me. Perhaps, after a week or two, Shane from Passport USA called up then sent me papers that I should sign.
I am thrilled that Health Carousel worked efficiently, doing all their best in reminding candidates to submit documents on time.

Today, I thank God for such a grand blessing and opportunity he offered me and my family through Health Carousel’s kind assistance.


Ivy, RN

“I first heard Health Carousel Passport USA in Facebook. It was my husband who encouraged me to try to register since I have NCLEX. I passed NCLEX in 2011. I was all hopeless since I know before that it has a large numbers of backlogs. But it was God who made the way and guided me all throughout the process. He made other people to be the instrument and be with me to give me hope. A big thanks to the Health Carousel Philippines for their patience, hard work and encouragement. To all, keep your dream, keep your faith and keep your good attitude because God sees your work and hear your prayers.”

Louella, RN

“It was mid 2013 when I heard about Health Carousel and was luckily invited for an interview and after I religiously complied on all requirements and after 5 long years finally I’m leaving for my American Dream.

Thank you so much.”

Gideon, RN

“Meeting Health Carousel was a real blessing for me, a divine intervention from God. We met in God’s perfect time in 2015. I was so thankful that I met HCLLC because they will really help you if you will just cooperate with them by providing them all the requirements that they need. I am especially thankful to Ms Lenci , Ms Roda And Ms. Ela because of their professionalism in processing my requirements. Now, my American dream is within reach and this will be the legacy that I will be able to pass on to my family.

More power to you HCLLC. You are truly a blessing! May you continue to help other aspiring nurses fulfill their dreams in working in the US!”

Aileen, RN