I joined Health Carousel around 5 years ago (2013) and they immediately filed for my petition. Although the process for securing an EB-3 visa was painstakingly long and tedious, the HC staff were very supportive and efficient, which lessened the burden of this long-time endeavor for me. Finally, I will soon be living my American dream.

My advisor/license associates are all nice and dedicated to their taste. They immediately answer every question/requests/clarifications I had.

To all other applicants, just be patient and coordinate well with your advisors. Comply with the requirements on time. Your success will depend much on your diligence. Good luck!

Marion, RN

Choosing Health Carousel LLC is one of the best decisions I have made in finding an agency to help me in fulfilling my American Dream. They are very efficient and they know very well the tasks at hand. I am so grateful to my IDAs, Ms. Liza and Ms. Stephanie for helping me all the way.

I highly recommend Health Carousel to my fellow nurses. They will do their best and they will not stop until you achieve your dreams.

Deezeth, RN

When I passed NCLEX last April 2016, I immediately signed up with Health Carousel by May the same year. Health Carousel is well organized and will constantly inform you about the process of your application. I would like to thank Ms. Liza, Ms. Kim and Sir Jan for handling my application. It’s been a really tough road reaching my American Dream, but I got through it because of Health Carousel. I am thankful for the opportunity to work as a Nurse in the US and bring my family with me. God makes everything happen at the right time. – Ecclesiastes 3:11 Thank you so much Health Carousel, more power!

Kris, RN

Indeed, a blessing from God, dream, and prayers came true! At first, I was hesitant to pursue my American Dream considering the lengthy list of requirements. I came to know Health Carousel online and after reading the testimonials from my fellow nurses, I was inspired without afterthought I signed last May 2015. Since then, I receive regular updates on the status of my application. They guided me well on the process and make sure I send all the requirements on time.

I appreciate Emal, Julia and especially Raissa for their prompt and professional responses on all my queries and concerns. Thank you so much! I could have not accomplished this without your efforts. I wish Health Carousel a continued success, so they can always inspire and help all healthcare professionals meet their American Dream.

To my fellow nurses, focus persistently on your goal, be patient and always pray for He always answers!

Jenalyn, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last August 2015 and the process of my application was fast. The advisors of Health Carousel have always been accommodating and reliable. To other nurses who wish to achieve their American Dream, I highly recommend Health Carousel.

Jo, RN

It has been my wish to explore in different environment. I have gone through several seminars, orientations and interviews. Some of them have denied my application and others. I thought, seemed  not the right path for me to take. Finally, God has led me to Health Carousel. For more than two years they have worked with me consistently. They were so patient and friendly to attend to all my concerns. It was a long wait with many ups and downs. But it was all worth it. Indeed, God has perfect timing for everything. To all my advisors and the team, a big thank you and God bless you all!

Russelle, MT

I am thankful for all the help that was given to me by Health Carousel during the course of this journey. Setting a goal and working your way to it is not really easy but with all the
guidance they provided me with, I managed to get through. Never quit on a dream; because the urge to quit is as its greatest just before you’re about to succeed.

Bernard, MT

I joined Health Carousel in 2014 and I would say it takes a lot of commitment, sacrifices, and perseverance to meet all the requirements to become a Physical Therapist in the USA. I am very grateful to all the international program advisors for all their support and patience with me. They were always there from the start of this journey until my departure to finally migrate to the USA. This journey has never been easy. There were a few bumps and challenges but the result was amazing; it’s a life-changing outcome.

Lastly, a big thank you to Health Carousel for helping me and my family to get an immigrant visa and finally, my American dream has now come to a reality.

Mirick, PT

I signed up with Health Carousel last December 2015 after I passed my NCLEX. I was turned down by another agency since I don’t have an IELTS and VISA Screen at that time. But Health Carousel took me in without any hesitations.

There were challenges that I faced along the way, but Miss Liza, my IDA was very patient and very supportive.

To my fellow nurses, never give up in chasing your dreams, it may be a bumpy ride, but you have to hold on, because, in the end, it is worth it.

Christine, RN

Four years ago, I was seeking God & his will of where he can use me for his purpose and glory. It happened that my father’s friend hear about Passport USA and he gave us the email address. I emailed my application and started my faith and journey to the US. With Health Carousel.

I know that I have to wait for years so I asked God to use the waiting time for preparation and character building. He did answer through the processing requirements, examinations to take, additional studies, circumstances, and sacrifices.

Health Carousel has diligently guided me through the process. They are patient and understanding of the delays and uncontrollable circumstances in which it also helped me to be. I admired how they provided solutions for my visa and deployment. I hoped that they will continue to plan good seeds and reap them when it’s time.

I will be deployed in a few days and I thank God for using my father’s friend (who is now in Heaven), my family, Health Carousel and the circumstances to make this happen. Seek God every day. Praises and glory to Him.

Selah, RN