I actually started this process on my own by applying for my visa screen and taking the NPTE by myself. However, it eventually got very challenging, confusing, and tedious. Luckily enough, I learned about Health Carousel from other fellow physical therapists. From then on, it has been an easy and stress-free process as Health Carousel was there to guide me through every step. They are very knowledgeable and well-prepared for any setbacks that may occur.
I am truly thankful to everyone in Health Carousel, especially my advisor, for the patience and guidance, and for helping me achieve my American dream. It was a long journey but it sure was worth it.

Maria Bernadette, PT

I started my journey with Health Carousel around October 2014. I was a fresh graduate and just passed the local board exam for PT. I had no idea what was my direction back then until I heard about Health Carousel’s program of helping PTs to pursue and achieve their US dreams.
I, together with my brother who is also a PT, decided to apply for Health Carousel’s PassportUSA program. Throughout my process, with Health Carousel everything was going smoothly until I failed a couple of times with my NPTE but my brother passed it. Through those dark and rough times, Health Carousel sticks with me. They gave me hope to never back down and fight for what I truly desire. They have been with me through ups and downs. I thank Health Carousel for supporting me every step of the way and now I am just glad that I will be able to see my brother again in the US.

Mark Justin, PT

I joined Health Carousel in 2013. They assisted smoothly during my NPTE process until I passed and got my license. It was never an easy process during the time that I have to secure my working visa. It was a long and agonizing feeling on my part as a candidate. But the reason I stayed and trusted Health Carousel’s process is that of their transparency and integrity that they give to each candidate. Health Carousel sees to it that they offer each candidate the best possible options that will help them build their career in the USA. Though my process took a long time, all I can say is it was all worth it.
To current and future candidates of Health Carousel, always do your best and have a long patience until the right time comes.
To Health Carousel management team, thank you for the guidance and always finding time to check on me. To my advisors, thank you for the patience and understanding.

Justin, PT

My dream is to work and live in the US and Health Carousel has given me this opportunity. I have signed the contract in 2015, has experienced RFE but I did not lose any hope. I just trusted HC and submitted all the required documents as soon as they are available. I was ecstatic when I received my priority date which meant that I just have to wait for my turn. Finally, with constant prayer and trust plus continuous nursing experience, I and my family were able to step into the US soil after almost 3 years of waiting.

I appreciate the persistence of my IDA, Ms. Lenci, without which I will not be able to comply with all the requirements as quickly as possible.

Jaira, RN

If I remember it right, 3 years have gone so fast when I first signed with Health Carousel, the year was 2016.
Since the start, it has been a great journey!  I admit it was not a walk in the park getting our American Dream into a reality. But I am grateful with Health Carousel for making it smooth and worthwhile. I have put my trust in Health Carousel since Day 1, and I am glad I did. Everyone has been very helpful and accommodating, especially my IDA, Ms. Liza Graza, who never promises but always performs exceedingly in terms of helping me with everything. She has been awesome! I will always be grateful.
To my fellow nurses who are dreaming of the great American dream, just keep on. Know that it’s a two-way effort, from Health Carousel, and from you. Keep believing and do your best. Have faith in the process, and have faith with Health Carousel as they’re the ones who will get us there. And of course, always give the glory back to the Lord who is the source of all graces.
To Health Carousel, Thank you! I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. Know that I will do my best to give back and make you proud! God Bless everyone!

Melia, RN

Peace comes only thru Christ Jesus.
I joined Health Carousel in December of 2015 and right there and then his will in my life started to unfold beautifully. The process, the whole process itself went by so smoothly, that personally I also felt the meaning and the beauty of God’s will. The experience was so exciting. I could not even feel the pressure of the thought that it is difficult and life-changing. I want to thank Health Carousel for being God’s instrument in unfolding this new chapter of our lives.
Most importantly, I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to Ms. Liza Marie for EVERYTHING. You’re patience and wisdom has been so inspiring, especially during the crucial days of the travel. The composure you have shown, how good, knowledgeable and dedicated you are in the scope of your service. Such an asset to the organization and a gift from above.
I may be an angel in the sickroom but you are an angel, an instrument in changing lives.
Lastly, I want to impart to my fellow nurses. Chase Jesus and your dreams will chase you. Beautifully, more than ever you could imagine.

Imelda, RN

It was always my dream to work as a nurse in the US.

At first, I did not have any idea in petitions for work in the US. Luckily, when I was working in Guam, a co-worker of mine invited me to attend a simple meeting with the Health Carousel Staffs. They discussed the opportunities waiting for us and it enticed me to apply to them.

The process was very smooth, the staff was responsive to all my inquiries. Upon submitting my initial requirements, a few weeks after someone already called and interviewed me through the phone. Fast forward to now, I was lucky and blessed enough to be granted my immigrant visa, thanks to the staff of Health Carousel especially to my coordinator, Ms. Liza Graza. There wasn’t really an immediate result/decision from the US embassy about my visa but Health Carousel worked hard to help me with all the concerns I have and the requirements that the embassy requests.
To all nurses like me who dream of working in the US, Health Carousel is a legit and trusted agency to go. So I suggest, strive hard, take the NCLEX ASAP and opportunities will start to come. Don’t forget to pray because based on my experience, God always listens, it might be granted to you. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank Health Carousel for helping me achieve my lifelong dream, to work and live in the US.

Bryan Carlo, RN

Signed up with Health Carousel around August of 2016 and now I will be leaving for the US. My deepest and heartfelt gratitude to Health Carousel Philippines especially to Ma’am Liza for making this journey as smooth, fast and efficient as possible. Would surely recommend Health Carousel to my colleagues who want to achieve their American Dream.

Kathleen, RN

I joined Health Carousel back in November 2014 and it wasn’t a long process I was not affected by the retrogression. The entire process was in order and progressive.
Thought my American dream is dead until a friend referred me to Health Carousel. Been holding all my credentials since 2007, until I’ve decided last 2014 to search for an agency and apply. Only Health Carousel accepted my application at that time and the process began immediately.
It was not an easy process considering I am an OFW applicant. But my Processing Associate, Ms. Liza was patient enough to handle my application. It takes a lot of patience, understanding and a give and takes manner to surpass all the difficulties. They are not perfect nor the best, but one thing is for sure, Health Carousel/PassportUSA will bring you to US of A! 
Always be patient, cooperative and compliant during the process of your application.

Phinessa, RN

I joined Health Carousel back in June 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I had in my life.

My advisors were all very strict with compliances and deadlines but it all resulted in a smooth processing of my application. Thank you, Karen, Kim and Ms. Nyra for helping me through this journey.

To all my fellow nurses, just be patient and keep praying and it will all come together in God’s perfect time!

Angelica, RN