I joined Health Carousel in 2017 and the process that I went through is very smooth with all the processing agents that handled my process. They have been very accommodating and all has been very well until this day.

Kudos to the whole team especially Ms. Liza. She has been nothing but helpful. Her patience and diligence are really commendable.

My message to the fighting dreamers out there (RNs, PTs, MTs) just trust the process and reach for your dreams no matter what it takes!

Christian, RN

I joined Health Carousel, as I remembered 2015 August. At first, I was hesitant to apply in Health Carousel, but I discovered and heard that Health Carousel is a legit and with the good standing company and are deploying nurses in the USA. My experience in processing my application was outstanding, my IDA Ms. Liza was very accommodating and prompt in processing and updating my papers/application. She is very patient with me to answers all my queries and I really commend her for being professional during the whole process of my application.

To all aspiring nurses, never stop believing and pursuing your dreams. Pray harder and always trust in God’s timing. Good luck and God Bless to all of us. Salute Health Carousel!

Angelita, RN

I was abandoned by my first employer and I thought that I would not have a chance of achieving my American dream. But when I signed up with Health Carousel, they made me realize that there is still hope for me and assured me that I still have a chance to successfully accomplish my desires in entering the USA. I am so grateful for the guidance of each one of the teams of PassportUSA and for providing a very understandable step by step instructions.

I wish all other candidates success in all their future endeavors.

Soraya, RN

I can still remember the day I was introduced to Health Carousel Philippines Inc., it was mid-June last year and I felt so lucky because I just passed the Nursing Licensure Examination at that time and it seemed like everything was falling into place. After the contract signing and passing the Predictive Test, they immediately gave me a daily schedule for the free online NCLEX review materials. For 3 long months, I studied hard, non-stop. There was even a day when I studied for like 19 hours a day just to strictly follow the schedule calendar. And then, the big day came -June 01, 2018. Before I entered the examination room, I prayed to God and asked Him to guide me and help me focus, clear my mind, and answer each question with all my ability. As the computer shut down, I thought I wasn’t going to pass since I had a lot of SATA questions and I wasn’t really sure of my answers. I went home that day feeling so defeated. Five days have passed until iNurse Processing congratulated me, telling me I did it and I actually passed the NCLEX-RN! It was so overwhelming; I just can’t keep calm! Never have I ever thought that I would actually be a USRN, that I will also be sharing my testimonial like this because I was just a dreamer a year ago.

I would like to thank Health Carousel Philippines Inc. for giving me this kind of opportunity, especially my Program Advisor and all the staffs for assisting me throughout my NCLEX process, preparations and immigration application. A single “thank you” wouldn’t be enough.

To my fellow aspiring nurses, self-belief and hard-work will always earn us success. Good luck on our American journey with Health Carousel Philippines Inc. God Bless us all!

Nurse Psalm

I was encouraged by my classmate to join HCPI last October 2017. After taking the predictive exam and completing the HESI modules, I took my NCLEX exam last June 23, 2018.

In preparation for my exam, I need to catch up because it’s not easy to study while working. I practiced Q & A with rationale during my day-offs, usually 50-100 questions a day. I used the Saunders book, La Charity and subscribed to UWorld. I also watched YouTube videos. There were times that I felt discouraged by my review scores but I was motivated by my desires to dream big and achieve greater for my family.

A week before my exam, I did church visits and asked for God’s guidance and wisdom along the way. On the day of my exam, nervousness sets in but I tried not to be affected. When my exam started, nervousness lessened but was replaced with discouragement because I encountered a lot of SATA questions. Before I click the NEXT button in every item, I prayed that I chose the right answer. When my computer stopped at #90, I was worried that I might fail the exam, but still, there’s a single thread of hope left.

It was a wonderful day when I received the good news. All glory to God. He is so good. I am now a certified USRN. Thank you HCPI for helping me achieve this dream. I’m also grateful for the constant reminders from my IPA and IPASS family to always look on the positive side and believe in myself.

HCPI is truly a blessing to me. I hope they can help more aspiring nurses like me to achieve their dream. I wish you all the best and may you continue your values and vision in helping more Filipino nurses reach and live the American dream. Godspeed.

Nurse Anna Marie

I joined health carousel way back in 2016, that time there was no aspire program yet. It was difficult for me to balance work, studying for the exams and processing my papers, good thing they come up with this program. I took my IELTS last November 2016 and my NCLEX last June 22, 2018. I really had to push myself to study even though I was already busy at work, I would always make time whenever it’s my day off, I never enrolled myself to any review centers due to time constraints, good thing Health Carousel was there to support me and motivate me. And with the grace of God, I’ve passed and can finally be called a USRN.

Thank you Health Carousel and iNurse!

Nurse Mary Winrose

I am with Health Carousel since September of 2013. It has been 5 years since I eventually got my visa and be deployed to the United States. The process was indeed long, tedious and sometimes frustrating. With the help of Health Carousel team, everything did turn out good. To all others who are pursuing their dreams, know that you’re in good hands, and with the help of Health Carousel, you would eventually achieve that goal.

Gilbert, RN

I signed up with Health Carousel in 2014. The processing was fast and easy as I did not have to physically visit their office for the requirements, everything was done via email. I am fortunate to have been guided by Karen and Raissa throughout my application process. They were both efficient and available for questions and concerns. To all nurses aspiring to go and work in the US, Health Carousel can help you reach your goal!

Zyrell, RN

I joined Health Carousel last March 2015. I applied to them online and never seen anyone personally since I’m working in UAE until my final deployment days. I was compliant with all the requirements. Any questions and processing are done thru email. They are prompt with answering all my queries. Went thru retrogression in 2015 but Health Carousel is always there to answer all my concerns and prepare me when PD is already current.

Remie Joy, RN

Matthew 21:22 “ If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer”.

In God’s right time indeed! I heard about Health Carousel from my aunt who worked in Odessa, Texas. On January 2015, I passed NCLEX and immediately contacted Health Carousel and submitted my resume. I was immediately accepted and processed the needed documents.

It took me 3 years to wait and have my visa. Along the way, there were bumps and disappointments but HC always has my back. All of my queries are immediately answered. The process went on smoothly.

HC helped me achieved my dreams. They are very supportive and helpful in my transition to the US. They offered ATI that gives more insight on how to handle difficult situations.

Thank you HC and Raissa for helping me achieve my dreams! To all of the nurses who are still waiting, never give up. Don’t lose hope and enjoy the process while waiting. Most importantly, never cease to pray. God bless us all!

Viberly, RN