I joined Health Carousel last January 14, 2015. The process of the application was longer than expected. It wasn’t a smooth sailing one. There was a point that I almost pull-out of the contract because of sudden changes in my embassy interview but later on, it was settled.

Throughout the changes made of advisor to the next. I really appreciate Ms. Lenci for her constant communication and updates. I will always remember her soft and calm voice.

Good luck to all of us for the next journey ahead.


Gretchen, RN

ATI training was an extensive course provided by Health Carousel which helped me prepare as an entry-level nurse waiting to be deployed in the USA. It does not only refreshed my nursing knowledge but it also trained me on how to manage my time properly just to finish the course despite my hectic schedule from work. Although it took me almost 2 months to complete the course, I was able to meet the deadline. Simulations and real-life scenarios challenged me in answering different cases. It gives nurses a big picture of the healthcare system in the US. This online course was similar to a classroom set up classes which makes students more efficient because I can study at my most convenient time. The virtual coach was also helpful and very supportive because she responds to all of my concerns immediately.

I will highly recommend this course to nurses aspiring to practice in the USA. After finishing the course, I must say I am more confident to practice my profession in the United States. With the knowledge and skills I’ve learned from my hospital experiences and with the ATI training that I just completed, I believed that I am more than ready and equipped to face my career in the USA. I am looking forward to starting my new journey.

Avelaine, RN

It was indeed a tremendous learning experience that I have taken advantage of the online course Transition-to-Practice ED/ICU/CCU Program of ATI. Thanks to Health Carousel PassportUSA and to our training associate for giving me the opportunity to take this course that would help me acquire new and valuable information regarding my profession and my current nursing practice, and that I am incredibly happy.

The course was very informative, and the concepts were also presented with practical life examples or scenarios. I got a very supportive virtual coach as well, Carolyn Neal. She was amazing. One thing that also impressed me was the very thorough and clear schedule checklist. It guided me to finish the course very smoothly even though I was a little bit late. Due to my hectic schedule, I did not take it seriously in the first 4 weeks. I finished successfully this course in barely 4 weeks, following strictly the weekly module checklist and through the guidance of Carolyn.

I actually very happy to share this experience with my colleagues. It is a good idea to recommend ATI to my fellow nurses (both clinical and academe) because they would acquire up-to-date information about our profession and practice. Finally, having completed the training course somewhat made me confident to successfully make a transition to the United States Healthcare Delivery System.

Bryiane, RN

I had a wonderful and challenging time taking this course as I learned a lot of things. I had a chance to update my skills and knowledge in nursing. It was a real challenge because I had to finish the program while working. Perseverance taught me to balance my work schedule. It helped me realized the value of time, that despite the conflict, I would still be able to finish my tasks. It took me only one and a half months to complete the said course. I highly recommend this program to those nurses who would like to update their knowledge and skills because this course is very informative. It can prepare you being an RN in the US since all the information from this activity is all valuable.

Jantzen, RN

Before I started with the simulation training program, I thought I had nothing more to learn, having recently passed the NCLEX and topped the national board exam.  But I have to say this training was an eye-opener. It broadened my perspective of the nursing profession and its underlying principles. Their strategies and framework for teaching was also genius. The program started by strengthening my foundational knowledge about nursing as a profession.  Here I learned by heart the ethical and legal principles that embody nursing and make it a full-fledged profession. Then it progressed to the lessons on healthcare and the different types of illnesses that are encountered in nursing as well as the various aspects of their management.  I like how the program caters to the different individual learning styles by providing varying types of teaching tools, such as videos, audio, diagrams, and written material.  In addition to written lessons, they provide video demonstrations regarding specific nursing skills.  But perhaps the most interesting for me is the clinical scenario portions, in which I can practice critical thinking and decision making in actual cases. It also reflects how my decisions affect the patient and whether or not they lead to the patient’s wellness. It is an excellent tool for me to actually apply my learned theories to practical situations. The written exams also accurately reflect the NCLEX-type questions and give sound rationales for each option.  All of these have strengthened not only my knowledge but my ability to make well-grounded judgments related to patient care.  I would highly recommend this training program to other candidates. After completion of the entire course, I can truly attest that I am confident in my ability to successfully transition to the United States as a competent nurse very soon

Euben, RN

My experience in taking the online learning management system and clinical simulation training was great. It allows me to have a review about the learnings that I encountered before during College days and at the same time, I was able to learn new updates in the medical field. The values that I got in completing the program are, being able to do my task as a nurse with full dedication, enthusiasm, and positive attitude equipped with knowledge, confidence, compassion, commitment, and professionalism. It took me 15 days to finish the program. Yes, definitely. It is very helpful and informative.

Hannah, RN

The online learning experience was a great experience. It had interesting topics to study and learn. I was able to complete it for 17 days and it was actually about how much time you are willing to put into it. I will recommend it because it will help refresh your memory on things that you may have forgotten and the rationales will help you understand the reason for the answer.

Mikka, RN

It was great. I gained a lot of new knowledge and a better understanding of how the nursing system works in the US particularly when it comes to the proper delegation of assignments, the scope of nursing practice etc. I took the training for Transition-to-Practice Med/Surg Program. This program will provide you with a focus assessment for each body system. It contains rationales and real-life scenarios that would help us in dealing with our patients. I finished the modules on a daily basis and It took me about 2 weeks to complete the entire program. Yes, it’s a great tool to help us prepare for our transition to practice as a nurse in the US

Mary Ann, RN

It was a challenging program and yet user-friendly. It has the right number of questions. The training served as a comprehensive review. It can accurately measure your weaknesses and strengths which in turn assist you in improving them. The rationale they gave was short and concise which I liked since long explanations can easily affect my attention span. It took me 2 weeks to finished all the modules. I always finish each module in a day. I strongly recommend this program since some of the topics they covered was not taught to us; not common here in the local setting and they updated the old practices. It can really help us in our transition to a US practice as a nurse.

Jophen, RN

I joined the Health Carousel in 2014. What I wanted with this company is that they process my application smoothly and is well organized with what they are doing. It was an easy application, you just wait for the time process to pass and surprisingly one day will be your deployment date. Almost all of my communication with the PAs are thru online and this is very convenient on my part since I’m from the province about 4 hours from Manila. The PAs are very professional. Health Carousel is definitely a ticket to an American dream. It serves best to step into the land of milk and honey and a new exploration to practice one’s profession internationally.


Michael, RN