“Thank you so much for helping me with my American dream. You guys did a great job in updating, filing and constantly reminding me of the next steps to do for a worry – free departure.
Thank you again and keep up the good work!”

Anna Suzane, RN

“The long wait is finally over. Thank you Lord! After almost 10 years of waiting and an abandonment last year from a previous employer, this is it, me and my family will be migrating finally to the US. Thank you Ms. Margaret, Ms. Karen, Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Roda, Ms. Nyra and Ms. Connie and the rest of the Health Carousel staff. God bless you all.”

Lawrence, RN

“Now is HIS TIME. Thank you Lord.
It has been 10 years waiting for my American Dream. This is because of retrogression and some agency issues. But today this must be His/God’s perfect timing of blessing.
Health Carousel is the right agency for me and all the abandoned nurses like me. From Day 1 of being a part to it until this very day they got an exemplary standard in all the process.
HCLLC, keep their continuous communication (emails and phone calls) for all your needs despite the miles I got (Saudi Arabia). This agency also included my family dependents along the process in which I appreciate most. They take into consideration not only the nurse itself, furthermore approaching the whole part of every candidate, our love ones. (DS260, medical, embassy interview, booking of flights)
I say yes to all the pieces of advice, the right attitude, the right standard, right values, right perception and right motivation in my workplace.
A BIG thumbs up to HCLLC and staffs (Ms. Connie, Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Roda Mae, Ms. Karen). Please continue to be a blessing to all the nurses who never gave up their dreams. Thank you for all the support. Most of all Thank you Lord.”

Catherine, RN

“I am Michelle Gameng, a government employee Nurse, and I have been applying to the US as a nurse for more than 10 years. After my sacrifices, trials and long waiting, now, I will be deployed to Pennsylvania, USA as a professional nurse. With the help of Health Carousel and their staff, I am now pursuing my career in the United States and my dream came true.

The long wait is over and I would like to thank Health Carousel for the opportunity which was given to me. Now, the new chapter of my life in the USA will begin soon as a professional nurse. I continuously pray and thank God for their wonderful blessing and I know that Health Carousel will guide and support me all the way to my new stage of life.”

Michelle, RN

“I was abandoned by my employer in 2015. It was so disheartening for me because I have waited for so many years because of the retrogression. I prayed and then somehow I came across Passport USA through a friend. She told me that they accept abandoned cases. I was interviewed and luckily I got accepted. Many thanks to the people that helped me in my journey Ma’m Karen, Ma’m Nyra, Ma’m Ela, Sir. Karlo and Ma’m Roda. My sincerest gratitude for always helping me with whatever is needed and should be done towards the fulfillment of my US dream.”

Lara, RN

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. When I took the NCLEX way back 2006, the American Dream was never mine, but rather that of my parents’. I indulged them as I passed the necessary exams and went to every agency who could sponsor my application. Fast forward to eleven years later, I was married and had two children. I began questioning the quality of life that I could offer my family while being employed as a nurse in the Philippines. Luckily, my father never gave up on his dream for me. He came across an advertisement on Facebook by HCLLC for nurses who want to pursue the American Dream. I immediately booked for an interview with the agency. From the moment I was offered a contract, my life as a full time mom has never been the same. I signed the contract with HCLLC on September 2016 and here I am, 10 months later on the night before my flight to the US. The process was not without its challenges, especially since I had to go back to work less than two months after giving birth. But with the support of family and colleagues, everything worked out as they should. I would especially commend the hardworking staff of HCLLC, Miss Lenci and Miss Ela for guiding and assisting me through the whole process. Me and my family will always be indebted to HCLLC for this opportunity to start a whole new chapter of our lives.

Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient and trust the process.”

Gianna Bianca, RN

“My sincere gratitude to HCLLC-Passport USA for making my lifelong dream come to reality. I never thought this would happen after 11 years. The journey wasn’t easy but hope and perseverance pulled me through.
I also would like to thank the people behind Health Carousel who made all these things possible because of their constant reminders and support special mention to Ms. Liza, Ms. Roda and Ms. Ela. You guys are always a big part of whatever success I will reap in the future. Thank you once again and God bless us all.”

Jennette, RN

“When I first contacted Health Carousel via email, I received an almost immediate response from then on there was a constant communication between me and the staff regarding my interest and inquiries applying for the US migration for nurses. Health carousel made sure that I receive all the necessary information I need to know from the start to finish. The staffs are well trained & professional in handling their assigned case.”

Paterno, RN

“It’s been a decade since I waited for this opportunity. Thank you Health Carousel for helping me achieve my American Dream.”

Rona, RN

“I am grateful for the support and help that Health Carousel provided me. I would not have done it in a timely manner without you. This will be my stepping stone for a more successful career and to start a new life with my family once again. Thank you very much. May you help more.”

Aiza Flor, RN