The best decision I have ever made is to sign up with Health Carousel Team.

It was back on 2009 that I have passed the NCLEX and incidentally, it was also the time when there is retrogression in the US, so, unfortunately, I was not able to continue my journey in pursuing my dream of working at the USA.

However, in 2015, Health Carousel called and conducted an interview and immediately afterward informed me that I have passed and without so much of delay, presented me with the contract. I knew right then that it was a sign from GOD that I have long been waiting and praying. In other words, without a second thought, I have signed with them.

Since then, the team was keen on communicating, they respond well to all my queries and concerns. They would monitor and make sure that I submit all the requirements on time, so there would be no further delays.

To others, never give up. At the right TIME and with the right TEAM, you too can achieve your dreams.

I highly recommend Health Carousel to my fellow nurses. Kudos to the whole team for the job well-done!

Jeffrey, RN

For 5 years, I waited for this dream to become a reality and thank you to Health Carousel who helped me reach this point. It is still surreal that I will finally set my foot in the land of America and one day, I will look back and feel grateful for Health Carousel especially to my IDA, Ma’am Liza whose always been patient to all my queries, reassuring me for the difficult times along the way. I appreciate the online courses they provided to equip me in being fully prepared to work as an RN in the US. There were many lessons too in this journey, it wasn’t smooth and easy, and it wasn’t perfect either but to continue walking and never giving up goes hand in hand to reach this stage in coming to the US.

Stay on the course, keep the faith and keep your focus on the goal despite the challenges. Be patient and considerate, be proactive and cooperative with your IDA/Health Carousel for at the end of the day, we both work as a team and in a TEAM.

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More


Wishing you continued success Health Carousel and may you continue to live out your purpose in helping Filipino nurses to reach their American Dream!!!

Meryll, RN

Achieving the American Dream is quite challenging and a long journey for me. Prayers, patience and not giving up is very important. I applied to Health Carousel way back in 2015 when I was working as a nurse in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They are very accommodating and responds to your queries without hesitation. They helped and guided me in every step of my application smoothly and professionally.

I would like to thank Health Carousel for helping me achieve my American Dream, to Karen and most especially to Raissa for the unending guidance and support. And lastly, I want to thank my family for their prayers and unending love. More power and God bless us all!

Daisy, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last August 6, 2014. Health Carousel has helped me reach my goal to work as a Registered Nurse in the USA. It has always been my goal to work there and Health Carousel made it attainable. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the following; Ms. Marianne, Ms. Cherryl, Ms. Nyra, Ms. Liza, Mr. Efraim, Ms. Kristina, Mr. Jonathan, Ms. Karen, Ms. Ela, and Ms. Kim. Thank you Health Carousel Philippines and more power to your office and May you continue helping other healthcare professionals fulfilling/attaining their dreams to work in the USA. “To my fellow Nurses and co-healthcare professionals, if you’re looking for an agency who is efficient with high working ethics then look no more, Health Carousel will make you achieve your dream”.

Marzeus, RN

I joined Health Carousel in August 2016. It was after I was amazed by the turn of events – application plus interview then signing of the contract. Speedy but organized. No fuss especially with the requirements. I was endorsed to my IDA, Ms. Liza after passing the IELTS exam. Then I realized how overwhelming it was with the requirements and the process itself. Great that Ms. Liza had been immensely patient in guiding me every step of the way. Although there have been extremely difficult times, she never gave up so I never did too. The whole experience was probably like running 10 full marathons. Regardless if it’s 10, 100 or 1000, it had been all worth it. Future applicants should brace themselves for the difficulties but at the end of the day, you’ll know that Health Carousel will have your back.

Desiree, RN

I joined Health Carousel in 2014 and they have been very supportive ever since. They gave me all the options to obtain a US visa. Although it is a long process, they guided me every step of the way. I would also like to show my appreciation to my advisor and all the staff who have been very patient in walking me through the process.

Wilbert, PT

I’d like to thank Health Carousel for taking a chance with me, the road was challenging and it trusted my patience and determination to make my life-long dream come true. I never gave up with the blessing of Our Almighty God, support of family, friends, and Health Carousel family especially Raissa, Kimberly, Roda and Liza, who were very supportive and patient. Health Carousel is very efficient and professional.

Mari, RN

I am grateful to be selected by Health Carousel/Passport USA to be one of their candidates in 2015. Even though I had faced many challenges along the way, I am thankful that I had great people working with me by my side. I commend their efforts and efficiency in making my dream to work and live in the USA. I am truly blessed to have my family to support me and to thank the Lord for these blessings.

Health Carousel you did a GREAT JOB!!!

Irene, RN

It was way back in 2015 when I started my commitment to Health Carousel, and it was indeed one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am beyond grateful for Health Carousel’s passion through coordination of same goal and objectives. I commend Karen and Kimberly for guiding me all the way since day one. Health Carousel will clearly and always have a special part in my journey, personal and career wise.

Kersteen, RN

My experience during this long journey was pleasant and unforgettable despite some delays in the process. I would like to thank Health Carousel for believing and making my American dream come true. I am expressing my gratitude to my advisor Ms. Lenci for all the patience and prompt reply on all my inquiries and continuously updating me on my application.

Abigail, RN