“I signed in with Health Carousel three years ago. My application went smoothly with the help and dedication of their staff. All throughout the process, I felt grateful because I was guided accordingly. One thing that I appreciate the most is the positive and passionate attitude of Karen, Ela, Roda and of course Ms. Connie.

Although Health Carousel is known as reliable, honest, with strong work ethic company, it made a big difference on the lives of many healthcare professionals including myself. I believe that this company deserves more rewards in making my dream come to pass.

To God be the Glory!”

#significantchange #anewlevel #unexpectedturnaround

Rosalia, RN

“I feel very blessed to be with Health Carousel. I felt lost when my former employer abandoned me. Thankfully, Health Carousel was able to smoothly recapture my priority date from my previous petitioner. As we start a new chapter of our lives with the opportunity to work and reside in the United States, my husband and I will be forever grateful to Health Carousel for bringing our dreams into reality.Thank you Health Carousel. May you continue to spread your blessings to other nurses and healthcare professionals who have their American dream.
More power and God Bless!”

Glyceryl, RN

“No regrets in joining Health Carousel. The staff are so patient and accommodating especially Ms. Liza and Ms. Roda. I am so grateful for all the help and understanding that have been accorded to me during my document processing. True enough, my dreams of working and living in the US is now a reality.
HEALTH CAROUSEL fulfills your aspiration by helping you achieve your goals and EXCEL. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”

Angela, RN

“One of my friend who is working in Pecos Texas told me about Health Carousel and that was 2015. I began to search about Health Carousel and finally talked and was interviewed through phone by one their staffs. Application process is not easy, due to the fact that I was working in UAE. Credentials like school credentials, PRC license and NBI clearance are quite difficult, but in the part of Health Carousel, they are fast in telling me what I need to the embassy and facility.
Health Carousel staffs are professionals, respectful and very well-oriented.
My experience with Health Carousel is excellent and I would recommend it to my friends/colleagues. My message to my co-nurses, don’t lose hope, in God’s perfect time, it will come to you!”

Rosanna, RN

“I was in Saudi Arabia when I signed with Health Carousel about 2 and a half years ago. I am grateful to them, they accepted my application. The process was not easy, but Health Carousel made sure that the ride along the way was smooth and efficient. They are prompt in letting me know of the requirements and giving me the necessary instructions I need.
I would like to thank Health Carousel, my processing associates, who helped me through each stage of my application namely: Michael, Lenci, Kim, Roda, Jan and to Ma’am Nyra and Ma’am Connie.
I am also thankful to God almighty, to my parents, and aunties and my whole family for the support they have given to me. So this is it! My new journey begins here. To Health Carousel and their processing associates continue being a blessing to all of my fellow nurses and others in the medical field who aspire to begin a new journey as well.”

Joana Rose, RN

“I never thought that our American Dream journey be made possible, but with the help of management and the staff of Health Carousel it became reality. This journey is not so easy, we encountered a lot of trials/ obstacles or road blocks. However, we all made it because of Health Carousel’s help. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Health Carousel especially to all my Associates Ms. Liza, Ms. Roda and Ms. Ela. And I would like to thank my family for all the love and support.

To all aspiring nurses, keep dreaming and Keep the Faith. Good luck to all!”

Beth, RN

“It was year 2014, month of November when I first visited the office of Health Carousel from then on, my application was process. The process was fast, I started working as a Dialysis nurse in the year 2015 and I start completing the needed requirements. After two years of non-stop follow ups I became DQ and before I know it, I was scheduled for an Embassy interview. Got a facility interview last November – got accepted. And now, January 2018, I am leaving for Texas. Thank you.”

Donna Joan, RN

“I consider myself lucky to have Health Carousel as my agency in achieving my career goals. I first knew about it through Passport USA-Health Carousel, which endorsed me to Health Carousel Philippines. Every step of the way, they assisted me with all the knowledge as well as support I needed to finish my H1B processing seamlessly. The agency prepared me on all the possibilities that may come our way and for that I am truly blessed to have Health Carousel as my career partner.”

Kevin, CLS

“I am extraordinarily blessed to be with Health Carousel as I embark on my new journey in life and in achieving my dream job. This huge opportunity will not only make my American dream come true but as well as my family’s dream too.
To all those healthcare professional applicants, you don’t have to worry much about employment opportunities because Health Carousel will provide you a good service and be given extra care in all possible ways.Thank you Health Carousel!”

Pam, CLS

“I was one of the retrogression babies, along with my other siblings who are also nurses. Health Carousel has been a huge help for people like us who almost lost hope in pursuing our dreams and life goals. They will make sure that all candidates are well-equipped before going out in the real world. My whole family will forever be grateful for bringing our dreams into reality. With my sincerest gratitude, thank you HLLC.”

Jennyfer, RN