I joined HCPI (Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.) last January 2017. Then last December, I took and passed the NCLEX.

My NCLEX application process was hassle-free because HCPI with the help of INurse took care of everything from applying to the Board of Nursing up to the scheduling of my exam. I could say that my NCLEX experience was amazing because they really helped me prepare for it. Review materials were also included in the NCLEX sponsorship program of HCPI.

Right now, I am just waiting for my priority date. Ms. Liana, my processing officer, is really helpful because she constantly reminds me of the documents needed for my US visa application. Thank you for all your patience and help, Ms. Liana.

My message to other Aspiring nurses is to sign-up with HCPI and review the NCLEX materials given by your processing officer. Also, review the basic nursing skills and the principles of priority and delegation. Moreover, don’t forget to work hard and pray harder.

Nurse Heizel

I came to know about Health Carousel Passport USA last year (2017) from my best friend. At that time, I was working as a staff nurse in a private hospital. I graduated in 2016, with a degree in BSN. My friend and I both had the interest to work in the US, so we took this opportunity. I sent my updated resume to one of their Processing Associates (PA)and was contacted afterward for the scheduling of my interview.

First, I was interviewed on April 27, 2017, here in Cebu by a US employer. The interview lasted for about 20 minutes. Fortunately, the following day I was informed that I passed the interview, then I gladly signed the contract that was sent to me.

Next, a processing associate was then assigned to me, of whom I can work and consult with my concerns regarding the NCLEX processing. In addition, before I could proceed, I had to take a qualifying examination for the NCLEX Sponsorship Program. I passed the examination which made me eligible to avail of the sponsorship. An exclusive access to an online review course was also given to me. Then, I was endorsed to iNurse Processing and a processing agent was assigned in my case.

The duration of the NCLEX application up until the confirmation of my ATT went on for about 6-7 months. During those months I have dutifully complied with all the necessary requirements they have asked for and diligently reviewed on my materials. Moreover, I reviewed extensively for 2 additional months.

On January 2, 2018 I took the NCLEX examination. After 2 days my new PA called me and delivered the good News-I passed the NCLEX! The sacrifices I had to make, time and money invested in studying and complying with the requirements, were all worth it.

I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Jose Ocat, Mr. Emmanuel Labradores, Sir John and Ms. Bates of iNurse Processing, and the rest of the Health Carousel team for guiding, assisting, and helping me process my NCLEX application smoothly. Thanks to all of you, I was able to take a huge step forward in achieving my American Dream. Likewise, I extend my gratitude to my new PA, Ms. Ann Martha Alayon, as she is actively assisting me now with the necessary steps needed to be done after passing the NCLEX.

Overall, I bring back all the glory and thanksgiving to the Lord my God. He allowed me to have this opportunity and placed me in good hands. Truly, nothing is impossible in Him. And with that, I will be forever grateful.

Nurse Darleen

I joined HCPI (Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.) on April 27, 2017, and did not regret my decision. They answered all my queries and guided me all throughout the process that went smoothly because of their NCLEX assistance program. They even provided me with an online review course that I can access any time, which was very convenient for me because I am working and have an erratic schedule. After months of waiting, the big day has finally arrived. I took my NCLEX on January 19, 2018, with confidence and learned that I passed after receiving an email from Ms. Liana, our Team Lead – International Program Advisor. I can now proudly say that I’m a USRN. It will not be possible without the help of HCPI and of course, our Father in Heaven. I’m getting closer to my American Dream! To all aspiring nurses like me, keep working towards your goals. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Nurse Diane

As an active healthcare professional, it is expected that learning must never cease. Continuing education and training could not only update your knowledge and skills but more importantly, it gives you boost that makes you more capable of giving quality care to your clients. As I started and went through the Online education system and training courses, I find myself opening a new door for learning. At first, I was really adjusting because of the varying clinical setups I knew compared to the US set I am about to discover. But later on, I pictured out how it works and understand some of my essential roles as a nurse.

After completing the 28 courses of the Online education system, I have found value in communication, documentation, developing and use of critical thinking, and assessment. How amazed I am on the emphasis on these aspects of my working profession. I have understood that these play a huge part in our holistic approach to providing patient care. It took me nearly 2 months to finish the courses. I set a schedule to focus on every course as well as the evaluation examinations. I would certainly recommend these courses to my fellow candidates. This program will no doubt enrich their knowledge and skills. It also gives them a bigger picture and definition of our role as healthcare providers. In fact, after taking the training courses and finally completing them all, I would say that it is a big help for me to adjust and adapt easily to my transition to US Healthcare Delivery System.

Joel, RN

I just got home from a busy shift that day when I received an email from my IDA regarding training.  Tired and hungry from the long day at work, honestly, I wasn’t really thrilled about it.  So I slept and gave myself a break.  The next day I accessed it as instructed.

As I was running through the program online, seeing all those modules with all the tests and simulations required was quite overwhelming.   I started doing it. At first, I struggled with allotting time to study.  Most of it I did in the wee hours in the morning.  As the time goes on, as I started to do more modules, I found myself getting more and more interested.  I was looking forward to my next free time in the week to do the training for an hour or two.  I realized that in the many years of practicing my profession as a Nurse, there are certain nursing concepts, theories, and procedures that I have not performed or forgotten about because of a routine work that I do in the area that I am working at.  And so, I understood the need for us to do the Training  I was actually hooked, that I got carried away in doing almost all the modules, even those topics that aren’t on the checklist anymore. Yes, I answered them!  Good thing about having a Virtual Coach is that they are there to guide you all throughout and give you encouragements on the work that you’ve accomplished, and yes, to remind you of the checklist and guide you back if you’ve been carried away answering just like what I did  I’d like to thank my coach, Ms. Joanne Harrison for her efforts in guiding me  while doing the program and for always leaving encouraging messages for the modules that I’ve completed.  And I thank her for the kind words.

What I liked about the online education system and simulation training is that they have a way of making learning fun and give you that sense of being able to challenge yourself while learning when you encounter lessons that are new or U.S. practices that are different from practices here in the Philippines.  My favorite part is in the APPLY module, the simulations.  Once again I was taken to the time in Nursing school when we were doing return demonstrations on proper procedures, especially in prioritizing patient needs.  I believe that mostly learners like me,  learn better in a dynamic and interactive kind of teaching materials, just like what the training has.

And so, after roughly 10 weeks I was able to complete MY TRAINING, and I am GRATEFUL.  I believe that this has been a great opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge and equip me to be better in the practice of my profession.  Definitely, there is a difference between being a Philippine RN and being a US RN, that’s why I am thankful that Health Carousel afforded us this chance of being able to learn those differences and equip us with the skills and knowledge by enrolling us in the Training program.

For the most part of the program, the challenge was in making extra time to study amidst juggling busy work schedule and family time.  But setting priorities and realizing that in our nursing profession, learning is constant and important to meet the diverse challenge of meeting patient needs that I was able to push myself and finish the Training program.  And I say that there is no greater feeling than being able to accomplish the task that you set yourself to do.  That’s exactly how I felt when my Coach sent me my Training certificate. The sacrifice is all worth the learning.  Now, I believe I am more confident in doing the next challenge in my profession, that is to be a US RN.

Many Thanks!

Melia, RN

I’m happy and grateful because it helped me to understand more of the different concepts in Nursing especially those topics that I’ve only read in books. It gives real-life scenarios of cases in which you can freely choose from the options/questions and see for yourself what will be the effect of your choices to the patient in which it remains on my mind since you can witness the results of each option.

It helped me to enhance therapeutic communication skills we provide to patients which is very important since we render more time with patients.  It gave me a lot of learning and information, it also helped me to update my nursing skills since I graduated a long time ago. I used up all the days provided for me. I think it was 2 months.

It’s very helpful to witness the video tutorials, information and step-by-step guide provided to give quality and proper handling of care to patients.  I must say that the videos are an effective tool for nurses because you can still recall the videos if you need to brush-up your nursing skills.

I must say, it helped me gain more confidence in my transition to US Healthcare. I’m glad that I can still come back to the training modules if there are topics that I want to review and learn again.


Thank you to Health Carousel for providing this kind of online program where it gives us additional knowledge in preparation for our nursing career before we come to the USA.

Cherry, RN

The “Practice-to-transition” training is helpful as the test themselves are applicable to the actual and current nursing practice. Each module is very well discussed and narrated. I enjoyed learning the clinical simulation but also feel anxious knowing that if I made a detrimental decision, my patient will deteriorate and my session will be cut off, thus I will need to take the exam again. It took me 2 months to complete the program but had I managed my time wisely, I would have been able to complete it earlier than the given time. So it is really important to set a study time each week for a certain module.

I highly recommend the training program to other candidates for it will offer them great learning experience online. Their website system is working well and it also worked on my iPhone which is more convenient than using the laptop. The training helps me gain more confidence in dealing with different scenarios and cases mainly on adult medical and surgical management which I am not currently exposed. It was a nice experience too that my coach was understanding who really motivated me. The lessons I have learned will definitely guide me in rendering safe and quality patient care.

Thank you

Antonette, RN

The online clinical simulation and educational courses provided by Health Carousel is beneficial to keep me abreast with the current trends in Nursing practice. It helps me to become more competent in the delivery of quality, safe patient care. Furthermore, I was able to at least have an overview on how the US Healthcare Delivery System works.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the number of coursework that needs to be accomplished. But I was able to finish it in a short period of time because I find it very engaging, informative, concise and interactive. The training is indeed highly commendable.

Hence, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to HCLLC for helping me to become the best nurse that I could be, for preparing me to transition successfully to the US, and for ensuring that I get the necessary education and training significantly to my professional advancement.


Arlen, RN

I don’t think I have enough “thank you’ s” to say to Health Carousel. I believe this agency is God’s answer to my prayers.


I have been searching for an agency that would best accommodate me, considering my fresh resume details since I graduated & passed the PNLE in 2016. I was already trying to accept to myself that such agency does not exist since years of hospital experience is always required as a qualification. But just as I was accepting that fact, an email from Mr. Bryan Daquiaog of Health Carousel came to my inbox & notified me. I could not believe my eyes as I read their qualifications because it seemed to be describing me. It just seemed to be so perfect! I even thought it was too good to be true. But as I came to their office, passed my initial interview, & signed a contract with them. I believed I was in good hands.


I would admit that I became less active when they were already giving me instructions regarding how to apply for the NCLEX because I did not have enough funds for it yet. Again, I prayed to God that in His right time & guidance, I would be able to take it. Then again after some time, an email came to me from Ms. Martha Alayon, asking me about the progress of my NCLEX application & offering me their new NCLEX sponsorship program which only requires that I pass the exam that they will be giving me. Without a single doubt, I said yes of course. I came to their office, prayed and passed their exam. I was given an online review material as well as specific instructions regarding the requirements I will be needing for the process of my application. Again, I thought to myself it was too good to be true. But again, they proved that they are true & they exist.


Aside from the requirements of my nursing school, I did not spend a single cent for my application. In fact, I did not even know how much it costs. All I know is that one day, my NCLEX processor, John, from iNurse Processing gave me dates to choose from for my actual NCLEX date. I didn’t think I could balance work and reviewing. I prayed hard & did my best to review & recall all that I knew from UST Nursing until the very day of my NCLEX schedule came.


After the exam, I did not want to talk about it because I honestly did not know how I did. All I knew was that it suddenly stopped. With all the anxiety coming into my head, I was determined to ask for my Pearson account details from my NCLEX processor & pay for the quick result myself because I knew I could not wait for a month to find out the result. Then Ms. Martha calmly replied to me saying they will be the one to purchase my quick result & that they’ll notify me once it is done. The following day, my phone was ringing. I knew it was Ms. Martha, but I did not know what kind of news she would tell me so I was hesitant to answer, and when I did, her voice was so low that I thought I was going to have the bad news. But then, she suddenly said “Congratulations! You passed the NCLEX!”. So really, “Thank You, Lord, for answering my prayers through Health Carousel!” From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Health Carousel, especially Ms. Martha! I believe reaching my US dream isn’t so far away now.

Nurse Renzie

I joined Health Carousel in 2016. Back then they issued a reimbursement program for the NCLEX. Due to constraints in finances, I wasn’t able to process my NCLEX application on the desired timeframe. Despite that, Health Carousel, esp. Ms. Ann Martha Alayon was very patient with me and guided me towards their sponsorship program. I was very lucky to be selected. The NCLEX processing was smooth as they coordinated us with an NCLEX processing agency, the iNurse. iNurse communicates thru email and the Facebook messenger was very accommodating and efficient. Thankfully, I passed the NCLEX-RN which I took last May 31. Thank you so much Health Carousel for this opportunity. To all aspiring nurses, your American dream awaits you and Health Carousel will help you through.

Nurse Louiela