I joined Health Carousel IN January 2017 with a mindset that this decision would be a very long process requiring hard work, patience, and perseverance, and this would give me a life-changing opportunity. The application process was faster than I expected. I think the key is really to be compliant. I’m so grateful that Health Carousel is so easy to work with. They’re so helpful and approachable that I didn’t have any issues with my application and with the entire process. Health Carousel always provides structured information and instructions. I think their very systematic approach with the process made it easy for everyone to achieve the goals and nurses’ dreams. I’m so happy that I have worked with my advisor, Raissa. She made me sure I’m updated with the entire process. This is the opportunity I would like to share with my fellow nurses and with the help of the team!

May Ann, USRN

I thank God that he guided me to an agency that puts all the hard work in helping nurses achieve their American dream. I’ve been in Health Carousel since January 2015. Ever since I’ve been with them, they have assisted me in every step of the way. Health Carousel is composed of professionals who are so dedicated to their task. They have special departments who will assist every need of their nurses. That is why I am home with this company. I feel the safest that they are the one handling my application. Thank you Health Carousel! More power and continue the legacy.

Annabelle, USRN

I joined Health Carousel around January 2016. I cannot express my full thanks but hopefully, these words are a start… I am and will be forever grateful for the support you have provided me to reach my American Dream. Your never-ending ways of helping me all throughout this journey will never be forgotten. I would also like to thank my ever patient advisor, Raissa, for making such a difficult time a lot easier. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and support. Your hard work is very important and very much appreciated.


Health Carousel has been such an integral part of my nursing career and I hope you continue to inspire and help others with their journey.


To my co-nurses who are also patiently waiting for their American Dream to be fulfilled, always believe that God will accomplish good purposes in our lives when we wait for Him and persevere in prayer.

Carolyn, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel last 2015. It was on time and it ran smoothly, the only problem is waiting for the Priority dates and waiting for the approval of the documents.

It was more than I expected. It has ups and downs but they never left their nurses, they are true to their mission. I highly commend Raissa for being patient to all of my rants, questions, and worries. She was kind and explained the steps thoroughly to make me understand. Roda also gave me the same commitment in handling my license. Both of them never left me with worries and problems. Health Carousel should continue to help nurses make their goals and continue to guide them with the process. To all healthcare professionals out there, keep your faith, strengthen your foundation on your profession and always be one step closer to your goal, whatever you do, one step!

Sheila, USRN

After being abandoned by my previous employer, I was then referred by my lawyer to Health Carousel LLC in 2015 and my PA was accommodating and oriented me with the processing of documents. The process was smooth and I am always reminded of the things I need to accomplish. It took me 9 years of waiting (3 years from Health Carousel) due to the retrogression but all was worth it in the end. I would like to encourage all aspiring nurses to take necessary exams while all your learnings are still fresh in your mind. For those who are already working, it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Nikki, USRN

I signed up with Health Carousel December 18, 2014. The process was smooth and coordinated. Health Carousel was the best choice I did, with the help of Amelyn, every step was easy and the transition never felt difficult. All the instructions are simple, that is why the margin of error was less.

Amelyn, continue being the best with your work, you are very helpful and never fail to answer even the silliest question given to you. You still able to respond professionally.

I started this dream to be with my family, after living alone in abroad for several years, I need to do something because life without family is useless. I took the NCLEX exam and after passing, in just 2 days, I joined Health Carousel family. They guided me to the right path to easily achieve my goals and that is to be with my family forever.

Health Carousel is the best choice I made.

John Nemrod, USRN

My journey with Health Carousel started 4 years ago. It was for me a blessing in disguise when a former co-employee of mine messaged me regarding a US work opportunity under the Health Carousel Company at the Marriott Hotel in Cebu. I told her that I will just try because I will still go on a night shift the day prior. Thank God everything went well and so I was able to attend the event. It was a funny experience because what I know is that I am going to attend an orientation about the company but it was actually an on the spot hiring interview. Applicants there are wearing formal clothing but thankfully I was on my work uniform and not on the casual wear. The interview went great and ended with a congratulations for qualifying.

I am very grateful with Health Carousel for helping me pursue my American dream, my advisor was very facilitative and informative. She really help me push in complying all the necessary requirements.

To all aspiring nurses who wanted to work in the US, continue to achieve your dreams and try to inquire about Health Carousel’s US work opportunity. For sure they are very much willing to help out in achieving that dreams of yours.

Thank God and to Health Carousel LLC, here I am awaiting for my deployment on a few days to Fulfill the American dream with my family.

Abigail, USRN

I first heard of Health Carousel Philippines from a friend who saw a job posting online; I sent them my resume and was invited for an interview. They offered me a contract which I did the sign of the first week of March 2016.

Health Carousel is very systematic in terms of processing applications. They are strict with compliance of the requirements which I believe is necessary for the smooth processing of your papers. I had to meet all the deadlines of all the requirements which really paid off because, by August 20016, I had my priority date and waited more than 2 years to be current, to have a facility assigned and be deployed.

Signing my contract with Health Carousel and trusting their process would be my best career move yet. It did require a lot of time, effort and patience for me and my processing agents but everything worked out fine. I highly recommend this company, they remain true to their promise and they will definitely help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

I would like to thank all the staff of Health Carousel especially to all processing associates and International Deployment Advisors that were assigned to me. I would not have made it this far without you. I appreciate all your hard work and effort and really thank you for everything.

Racquel, USRN

My US Visa journey hasn’t been a walk in the park. Numerous adversities came which made my dream more elusive and seemingly impossible to achieve. Health Carousel has been consistent and committed from the time I walked into their office for the contract signing up to the moment when I received my visa and airline ticket. I will forever be indebted and thankful to my IDA, Liza Marie Graza for the remarkable job. She has been exceptional, dedicated and extremely dependable in fulfilling her tasks. Despite the challenges and endless delays, she remained optimistic, calm and very professional. Kudos to Ms. Connie, Katie, Meghan and all the hardworking staff of Health Carousel/Passport USA for showing a tremendous and unparalleled effort in helping me overcome these obstacles.

A few hours from now, I will be leaving for the land of wonders and riches. Finally, I can reap the benefits of my hardships and persistence and ready to embrace a new life chapter. Health Carousel is highly commendable and praiseworthy!

All the best and more nurses to deploy.

God bless.

Tristan, USRN

I just want to express my thanks and gratitude to Health Carousel for providing tremendous help and assistance in the filing of my greatest dream. I will not be able to do it without you and with that I will be forever grateful.

May you continue to be passionate and committed to helping nurses attain their ultimate dream.

Renz, USRN