I was really determined to pass NCLEX on the first take because I don’t want to waste time and efforts, not just mine but also those people helping me with this journey, especially Health Carousel and iPass. They would always tell me to just focus on reviewing and they would do the rest, from processing to scheduling. From pretest, I saw how dedicated they are to assist us in our dream to become a USRN. I used the online review they provided, I scanned my college modules, and I also availed Uworld. Those three were my resources on reviewing for NCLEX. And I must say, I found the online review very useful!

They were all very accommodating and has this influence to make us be devoted to our goals and dreams. The journey on passing the NCLEX may not be easy, but thanks to the Lord, my family, my significant other, friends, colleagues, and to health carousel and iPass, for the continuous support and motivation that helped me pushed through it.

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