Do you dream of limitless life opportunities in the USA for you and your family? Take your career to the next level through the PassportUSA ACHIEVE Program.

The Best Opportunities 

Morena is one of our deployed RNs who has now completed her facility assignment and is living the #AmericanDream! 

She moved to the USA with hopes of providing a better quality of life for her family. While on assignment, she not only fulfilled one of her personal goals of owning a dream home, she also obtained additional certifications to expand her nursing skills and knowledge.

“After two years of being employed at this facility, I gave birth to my third child, a baby boy. The most exciting part was that I work in the Labor and Delivery unit and I had the baby here after working my 12-hour shift. My colleagues took good care of me! Also, after three years of working here, we finally bought our first house ever. We never owned our own house even back in the Philippines. This was a huge accomplishment for us.I would say that my whole stay here is very much fruitful.”

In her performance review, the facility’s Nurse Manager commented:

“Morena is an excellent nurse. She provides compassionate care to our patients. Morena is flexible and accommodating to our scheduling needs. She is a team player and a hard worker. Morena takes good care of our patients and follows her chain of command if needed. We enjoy Morena on our team!”


A Better Life for Morena

“I highly recommend Health Carousel to my friends and family back home. Having this opportunity to work in the United States definitely gave my family good lives and good education for my children. Having better compensation, medical benefits, and free education for my kids are definitely great advantages. I just hope that more Filipinos like me seize this kind of opportunity especially since there is still a big need for USRNs.”

You make us proud, Morena! We are excited to see you #AchieveMore

What is the PassportUSA ACHIEVE Program?

The PassportUSA ACHIEVE program empowers nurses who have passed the NCLEX to expand their careers and work for the best facilities in the USA. 

NCLEX results never expire, so even if you passed NCLEX a few years back you still qualify. We also assist nurses that have been abandoned by a previous U.S. visa petitioner.

Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. assists nurses through two unique programs, Aspire and Achieve. Both programs are provided through our partnership with PassportUSA in the United States. Here are the qualifications for each program.

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