I joined HCPI last 201, and since then they have been very active in helping me prepare for the NCLEX. I took the NCLEX last June 15, 2018, and finished it at almost 2 hours including their research. I was only able to answer 75 items and was really anxious for the result.

The Saunders online review, 2nd edition, which the HCPI provided, played a vital role in my NCLEX success. I have read it at least thrice and clung to it for I know the thorough discussions, rationales, and questions will provide me a great reassurance to deal with the actual NCLEX questions. I also revisited my college notes which offered a great experienced to refresh my knowledge about pathophysiology. My utilization of the registerednursern.com assisted me to work on my weaknesses in some areas of nursing practice.

Four days after the examination, I have received an email from HCPI that I was successful on my NCLEX. I was really overwhelmed by the result and for that, I am glad that the HCPI existed to express an unselfish act of helping people like us who dream big. Thank you so much for your generosity.

To those who will be taking the NCLEX study, relax, and pray and positive results will follow!

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