When I first started nursing school in 2009, I realized that I wanted to aim higher. My goal was to have a promising career as a nurse in the US. I told myself that I can turn my dream into reality within 10 years. As soon as I graduated, I started processing the requirements for NCLEX, TOEFL, as well as my visa screen certificate. In July 2016, I joined Health Carousel and have been grateful to them ever since. Not only I did they make the entire process easier, but they also gave me the guidance and support I needed every step of the way. Through them, I will have the chance to work at a prestigious healthcare facility. Special mention to Lenci and Carla and to the rest of the HC family. I hope HC continues to help nurses achieve their dreams. And to all future RNs, PTs, and MTs, always dream big and never settle for less.

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