Immediately after I passed NCLEX-RN last February 2017, I signed up on the PassportUSA website and I was interviewed over the phone and sent me a contract through email. I was endorsed to Health Carousel for smooth facilitation. Though there were times of ups and downs, overall, the process was smooth and commendable. Thank you so much for my IDAs who have helped me – to name a few, Ms. Liza, Ms. Carla and lastly Ms. Irma. They were all patient with me and always answer my queries.

To other Nurses/PTs/MTs who have an American dream, just have faith in God and be patient and cooperate with your IDA. Don’t get discouraged and always look forward to your bigger goal. Don’t compare your timeline with others for we have our own different timeline. God’s timing is the best.

Thank you so much. God bless and more power.

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