“The Magnet of my Dream
One book that I enjoy reading over and over again is the Little Prince. With lots of what I want to be and do later in life, it did not cross my young mind to focus on the how as I used to believe that luck is everyday’ s best friend until I convinced that book of Antoine de Saint – Exupery. What I did not forget is when that prince said, “ And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. It created my vision to be a global nurse and unlock the power of my heart to attract my American Dream hence, I am the magnet of my dreams.
My nurse journey is uniquely mine. As I look back at my beginning, everything is crafty designed in perfect times according to God’s plan for me. I got BSN my BSN degree in the Catholic school that I desired. My first job was in a catholic hospital where my beginner nurse knowledge, skills and attitude were applied and enhanced. I began to form a deep interest for a new experience and career growth. From USA dream, I was led to UAE. It gave me more than I imagined being a nurse – OR and surgery ward work, shawarma, friends from around the globe, OR speakership, 5x salary from my previous one, disco nights at the hotel, etc. Before I reached 2 years of stay there, I saw an advertisement in a newspaper hiring nurses for New York, my dream city. With my friend, we applied for tourist visa in 2000 as instructed but denied in the US embassy – Dubai. My parents and siblings have been my biggest support system and one of the reasons why I keep on dreaming. Unknowingly, my mother decided for an early retirement so that they can supplement their benefits to my projected expenses in going to America. After a year, I attended a nurse orientation in Fujeirah with an American lawyer. It sparked my desire anew but before the end of the year I got married and had a child. My priority date has been my newly formed family. In the next years, I applied in 2 agencies for USA but I did not push thru and for a scholarship as a nurse in Ohio where I was already accepted, the schedule of the masteral class for the whole period till graduation was given and only need to choose a date for NCLEX but I backed out. All the while that I was working in the hospital I decided to retake the CGFNS exam since I failed when I took it after graduation. With self-study, I couldn’t pass but on the 4th time in 2006, I resigned, lived in Manila for 2 months and attended a review class. My heart was filled with extreme happiness but at the time I passed the English exam was already a separate test so I attended IELTS 2 days’ workshop and supplemented at home. I passed the score requirements in 2006 and looked for an agency that will help me to process my destiny to USA. It was ALDA Tech that I choose in the internet. Kritika immediately contacted me from Texas. She requested all those papers and data she needed from me. Later, she endorsed me to RN India. Edwin worked on my case with the rest of the staff. The agency informed me that my case was applied in USCIS and I was also scheduled for California NCLEX in 2007. AT that time, I was working, attending the needs of my husband and child because we did not have any helper, attending a review class and doing self-study. At night, my family was sound asleep in bed while I was awake still reading and surrounded by books. During break in the hospital and in the jeep, I read and review materials and even bring my daughter to my review class. When I wash our clothes, I juggled between washing machine and laptop listening to audio reviewers. When I received my passing and reviewed the list of the review resources and noted I finished, I cried because that was not an easy task to do but deep in my heart, I saw this as the only way to attract my American Dream for me and my family as well.
From USCIS to waiting for the visa release ion NVC was our trying times. There are retrogression, after retrogression which is out of anybody’s hands. We met Henritte in Megamall in 2007 or m2008 and paid my dependents visa fee bill with 3 other nurses like me. The long wait of uncertainty of when our immigrant visa will be released was so tiring. I went back to my masteral class, established a small business and volunteered in the hospital in 2013 when Atty. Lallit contacted me and asked if I want to push thru because my case was like I am already in front of a door waiting for it to open. I thought about it and my heart felt that I want it. Atty. Lallit said that they were not processing applications anymore so he will refer me to an agency. I did an interview with the first agency through the phone but I didn’t accepted the terms because it offered only short term assignments of 13 weeks to 3 states and this could greatly affect my child’s studies in school. The next agency was Passport USA. He scheduled an interview with Erica and that was the second dawn of my American dream. She collected the papers and data from me then endorsed to Emal. After some time he told me that he will transfer my case to Health Carousel Philippines since I am residing in the Philippines for easier processing. Through emails, I met Ma’am Nyra, Liza and Roda.
What I very much appreciate with Health Carousel team is the warm and personalized service. I started again from taking IELTS again, renew my visa screen, etc. What is notable is that I am able to have a USRN license already and now will on my way to the other side of the world.
I thanked from the bottom of my heart the Lord for giving me the best life plan, Nanay and Tatay with my siblings who never doubt my capacity as a person and as a nurse, my husband for making my nights to days just to support me in this journey, my daughter who inculcated to me the value of positivity in every requirement that I must accomplish, Krittika of Alda tech and Atty. Lallit and staff for passing the way to the road of global opportunity to Passport USA and of course to Erica and Emal of Passport USA and Health Carousel Staff particularly Ma’am Liza, you made me feel that distance in following up on me is not felt and your warm service made a big difference to me.
America here comes the magnet of my dream.”

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