“I signed the contract around September 2015 with Health Carousel Philippines, I have common friends in UAE who endorsed this agency for recapturing as I am an abandoned nurse.
My PD is June 2009. After signing the contract with them, they provided me instructions straight away on what the requirements and documents needed to start recapturing my PD. January 2016 I took IELTS exam since mine expired already. After that, I complied all the documents they asked me to prepare for NVC around August 2016. By September 2016, NVC emailed that they have received my documents. I was DQ by November 2016 and by end of December 2016 I got my ID. It took 6 months for me, with Health Carousel to complete the process.

HCPI recruiter, staff and PA were very assertive in reminding me all the requirements that I need to comply. I did not expect how the process went this fast in recapturing my PD. After 8 years, with their patience, help and guidance, we have achieved our “American Dream”. Thank you, Health Carousel!”

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