The application was very smooth. I appreciate the transparency of HC in processing the application, informing us every step of the process, following up from time to time making sure that we don’t feel abandoned. I appreciate the review materials HCPI has provided (HESI/SAUNDERS).

My NCLEX experience is something that I would remember for the rest of my life. It is such a huge milestone for me. I thank you for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity to turn our dreams into reality. your program is definitely a huge help, especially to those who are persistent but couldn’t afford it, without your help and generosity I wouldn’t be where I am today.


My message to aspiring nurses is to never give up. to continue holding on to their goal, to pass the NCLEX. the road towards reaching that goal is difficult but worth it. don’t be discouraged by the low scores you’re getting in any review material that you’re using. make it as a motivation to study harder. understand all the rationales. for those who are currently working while studying just like me, know that its possible to do both. it may be hard, but it’s doable. just learn to discipline yourself. stop complaining about the things that you can’t do (like studying for more hours), instead of maximizing the things the thing that you can do. above all, put God the center of everything. when the going gets tough, call on Him.

God bless you on your journey fellow nurses.

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