I joined Health Carousel last January 2013. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the company and the program so I decided to sign a contract. The application from studying and reviewing for the exam (NPTE) up to going to the US for NPTE, was very smooth. I was assisted very promptly and patiently by my advisor. But securing a working visa and employer was pretty rough, so I waited longer than I imagined the process would take me. Though I understand how hard the process, I was thankful that my advisor was still persistent in checking up on me that time and was patient in addressing every question.

As for my International Program Advisor, she was also very helpful and was available every hour that I have queries. She was also very approachable and attentive to all my question and goes out of her way to always make things possible and easy for me.

Although the American dream sounds really easy to think and dream of. It required sweat and tears to accomplish. The journey might be hard but keep on dreaming because all the hard work will eventually pay off!

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