My journey with Health Carousel has been incredible so far. The first time I heard about their program, it stirred curiosity within me I contacted them right away. As I attended their orientation, it felt like it was really promising for me.

I got interviewed and was informed then that I was qualified for their ASPIRE program. They gave me a time where I was to be assessed through a comprehensive exam. After being told I passed, I was informed of what’s going to be the process and if there could be any concerns, they will be of help. I obliged immediately to the set requirements. The advisors were there along the way and they really helped me to feel this is a priority. They have given me my reviewers which were really helpful for me. Months went by, all I worried about was to review and they were the ones to make my NCLEX-RN application run smoother. I took the exam last March 9 and now feel really blessed to pass it. I’m grateful for Health Carousel for helping me jumpstart achieving my goals and assisted me throughout the process.

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