My IELTS journey was never easy, but a long and challenging process. I started to pursue my #AmericanDream in 2016, enrolled in a review center in early 2017, and applied to work bedside at the same time. 

After a while, I was not able to maximize my review timeline. In early 2018, I decided to continue my review, but another opportunity came. I went to the UAE with a 2-year contract to work in an OPD but not as a licensed nurse. At that time, I promised myself to pass IELTS so that I can pursue my “heart’s desires” after my contract.

The first attempt was in November 2019. I passed the overall band score but got 6.5 with speaking. With all confidence, I did remark, but nothing changed. But through that experience, I told myself, I can do it again and I will surely make it the second time. 

I originally planned to take it by the end of the 1st quarter of 2020, but COVID came. On the latter dates of March, I rushed myself to the Emergency Department and was diagnosed with Cholelithiasis, and my homeostasis was disrupted. At first, I did not inform my IPA of my situation, and I cannot focus on my review until my surgery that happened on May 31st of this year – the earliest time they accepted elective surgery due to pandemic. 

After I recuperated, I gave myself time to reflect on my situation. I regained my focus, became more driven and motivated. I did self-review again, allotted 2 hours every day before going to work, focused on speaking, chose English Speaking Success to be my review channel, and did coaching and mock speaking exams with Ms. Gmae. 

I never ran out of trials along my way – my workload affected my review schedule two weeks before taking the exam. All I did was cry away my stress, prayed about my worries, and trust His plans for me. Finally, the exam day had come, and I attempted the second time. It was a SUCCESS!

If I made it, you could do it too! Be determined and focus on your goal, and you will achieve it. We always have to remember that our dream has no expiration. You just have a pause, take a deep breath, and try again.

It’s okay not to have the answer yet. Continue your journey and trust the process –

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