“It began from a simple dream that became a reality. I never thought that I would have the chance to take the pre-requisite examinations for me to be able to live my dream in the land of milk & honey. The processes & examinations seem to be difficult for me because these involve monetary obligation but Health Carousel provided a program that assists aspiring nurses to fulfill their dreams.
It took almost 8 years for the opportunity to finally open for me. The struggle during the retrogression is very challenging. It somehow pulls you down & frustrates you until you end up thinking of no longer pursuing your dream. However, Health Carousel is really committed in guiding their candidates in order for them not to lose hope easily. Every staff encourages you to always think positive. They also teach you to re-channel your frustrations of waiting for your Priority Date to be current by improving your knowledge and skills in order for you to be a more proficient nurse in the US.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people behind this milestone. A warm Thank You to Mark Cunanan for guiding me all throughout the process, for being accommodating, kind, and always available to listen and attend to my concerns. To Ms. Connie & Ms. Nyra for not abandoning me even during the retrogression, and to all the staff of Health Carousel for a job well done. To my husband and family for their unending support. And most importantly, to the Almighty God above for making this opportunity possible for me. Indeed, God’s plan is the perfect plan!”

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