“It’s a God-given dream, divine destiny indeed. God has a divine destiny for each of us to fulfill. I believe He put a dream in my heart for me to accomplish it. Moreover, He would not have put a dream in my heart if He had not already given me everything I need to fulfill it. I believe Health Carousel-PassportUSA was a part of God’s plan for me, a divine connection that led me to a brighter path. It wasn’t an easy road but I remind myself to always look with eyes of faith, let no disappointment of long wait steal my joy, let no doubts, delays and worries succumb my spirit, instead continue to give thanks and keep my hopes up for God’s timing is perfect and he will make things happen that we could never make on our own.
And so I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to ma’am Nyra, Sir Mark, Ms. Liza, Ms. Valerie, and to the rest of the team for being God’s instruments to fulfill my divine destiny. May you continue to help nurses reach their dreams and fulfill their purpose.”

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