“During the 2014 retrogression, I was abandoned by my first employer, thus, I was about to forget my “American Dream” when a co-worker encouraged me to try Health Carousel.
I was told that if there are no delays in the submission of documents needed, once my PD is current, I will be able to go to US within 6-8 months. I submitted my last document (visa screen) in June 2015 in order for them to start the process of recapturing my PD. And after 8 months, true to their words, I am about to be deployed to the US.
Always keep an open mind and you will be needing a lot of patience. At the end of the day, Health Carousel is here to help us have a better transition, they are here to ensure us not to have problems with immigration. Whatever documents they need you to submit, submit it on time. American dream is not a walk in the park, you have to work for it.
I am blessed to be given an opportunity to build my nursing career in the US thru Health Carousel. I will be forever thankful. Thank you HEALTH CAROUSEL!”

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