Health Carousel Philippines assists their candidates to pass the IELTS by providing complimentary test preparation resources and test sponsorship if candidates meet the minimum prerequisite score on our predictive exam.

Our candidates are so satisfied with our assistance, they cannot thank us enough! These are our most recent candidate testimonials:

IELTS is really a challenging test that requires extensive review in order to pass it. In my case, I allotted 1.5 months because of fear of failing this exam. I made sure to have at least 2 sets of exercises for listening and reading every day and did writing every other day. Though I was not able to attend lectures with my review center regularly, I always had my coaching sessions for writing and speaking. My IPA Paul, also helped me improve my speaking skills by having coaching sessions twice a week. This made my IELTS experience a lot easier.

How has Health Carousel helped you in reaching the band score (review materials and coaching sessions)?

Health Carousel has been a blessing to me in achieving my American dream. They constantly offered assistance to enhance the skills I have. They make sure that they are updated on the status and progress of my review, making them informed of what areas to be improved and implemented necessary actions to rectify such. Indeed, IELTS is an arduous test but because of their relentless
support, I felt a bit comfortable and less nervous when I took this exam.

Thanks Health Carousel for your enormous contribution in this success. More power and God bless!

– Roland Robin

My name is Jan Paolo. I am currently working as an emergency room nurse at one of the tertiary hospitals in Davao City.

This is a testimony of my journey with Health Carousel towards passing the IELTS exam which is one of the steps in helping me achieve my ambition of becoming a nurse in the United States.

I started reviewing back in February 2019. I was enrolled in an IELTS review center and at the same time, Mr. Jean Paul Bringas, a Health Carousel representative patiently assisted me in my preparation by regularly conducting a one-to-one speaking session through phone calls. Health Carousel also sent me tons of IELTS study materials via email which was extremely helpful for a person like me who does not have enough time to go to a review center because of the busy schedule at work.

I first took the exam in August 2019. Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal of at least getting a 7 in speaking. I got discouraged and disappointed, however that setback also boosted my determination to achieve my ambition of working in the U.S. someday. I doubled my time in studying the IELTS materials that Health Carousel sent me and they also extended continued support by conducting a Speaking coaching during my free time. As a result, I finally achieved my target scores in the IELTS exam on my second take last December 2019. 

I am really thankful that I chose Health Carousel as my partner in helping me achieve my American dream! Determination, hard work, and prayer will lead us to success!

Passing IELTS was a tough battle for me because I encountered several failures before getting the desired score for Speaking. I was encouraged by my IPA, Ms. Glenda Cantalejo that it takes ‘grit’ to be victorious over this challenge. This means that passion and perseverance must come hand in hand. Since I am residing in the Middle East, we had speaking coaching sessions by overseas call and through this, I was able to realize my lapses and tried to improve my performance. My husband too was very helpful. He had been my speaking buddy weeks before the exam as we do mock tests together.

After all the ‘ grit’, victory finally arrived, I received the passing score on the 22nd of December, 2019. This achievement is all because of God’s grace. I praise and thank Him for this perfect
Christmas gift.“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Philippians 4:1 – Cyndi

If you have any questions about IELTS, please contact your International Program Advisor directly.

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