In the past 5 years, Liza Marie, Team Lead, International Deployment Advisor has performed one of the most significant positions in changing the lives of many healthcare professionals and making their American dreams come true. With this, her Health Carousel Philippines family is so proud of her accomplishments and her important contributions to the company.
Liza Marie is now celebrating her 5 years of service in the company. Read more about her career journey at Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.

5 year of service.. Wow!!! It has been an incredible ride.

I worked in different companies before in different fields and comparing my experience from my previous employers, I can say that Health Carousel is the best. I started as a Processing Associate and now, I am proud to Lead the International Deployment . The inspiration that we help improve people’s lives by guiding and helping them achieve their American dream became a driving force for me to use every opportunity to do my work in the best of my ability.
Since June 2014, our family has grown, fro m a small office in Taipan to GCC and now we are occupying the whole 8th floor of the JMT Building. From 11 people to 48 and counting.
I am at awe on how five years have darted by. I am very grateful to the organization and the management for believing and investing in the work that I do and thankful for the support that my team provides. I am also glad for all the important lessons I’ve learned each day to all the nurses I am working with.
I also appreciate what the company has been providing me for self-development thus it helped me improve my self-confidence. Of course commitment is not easy, as the saying goes no pain no gain. However, success makes sacrifices worthwhile.
To Ma’am Nyra and Ma’am Connie, thank you so much for the trust, leadership and support. I will not be able to surpass every rough road without your guidance. I feel very grateful to have bosses who appreciate and value their employees.
To Ms. Val whom I consider my mentor, you helped me shape my career and professional life and showed me how to transform my inaccuracies into skills. To Ms. Jill for the words of encouragement and helping me improve my leadership abilities.

To my Health Carousel family, Thank you so much!!! Let me close with a quote from Confucius: ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ I hope we continue to do our best for our company for our success.

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