As part of Passport USA and Health Carousel’s commitment, we provide our nurses clinical simulation-based training because we value our nurses’ ongoing professional advancement and believes that this coursework will enhance their transition to practice in the U.S.

Congratulations to these wonderful Nurses for successfully completing your training! You are now ready to transition to U.S. Healthcare environment!

Here’s what our dedicated Nurses have to say about the Clinical Program Training:

Ariane Joy, USRN –  I’ve been working as a nurse for more than 7 years now. I worked as a respiratory nurse for 2 years and 5 years as an Adult Intensive Care Unit nurse. I am somewhat confident in my ability to work as a nurse in the United States of America. It is a great tool in helping me become knowledgeable about the US healthcare system.

At first, I was having a hard time navigating the system. But with the help of my virtual tutor, I was re-oriented on how to easily access the modules being given to me. The most relevant topic that I encountered was about mental health. Using those simulation videos taught me how to deal with patients who were struggling with mental illness. Those scenarios in the videos gave me additional knowledge on how to effectively provide therapeutic care to patients.

Kristine May, USRN – As a BSN graduate of Colegio San Agustin- Bacolod in 2007, I’ve been practicing nursing for 11 years now. My longest experience was in Case Management and Nursing Administration, but despite these positions, I continued working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse because I don’t want to lose my clinical skills. It is a great program in assisting professionals to transition to the U.S. Before relocating, I worked in one of the U.S. territories so I feel a little confident, but with the help of the clinical training, I feel even more confident in my transition to the mainland.

I really appreciate the experience I had. The program was designed to target the weaknesses in the nursing care of the professional. The best part of the training, which I really enjoyed, is the simulation exercises. I also feel refreshed and more confident after reviewing Psychiatric Nursing topics. This, I believe, is the topic that I’m least exposed to and least knowledgeable of. The clinical training program helped me review and learn more about the nursing roles and responsibilities specific to my area of assignment.

To my fellow professionals, as you transition your nursing practice to the U.S., I really recommend that you, just like me, grab this one-time chance of learning and complete the training that PassportUSA offers for a more confident and competent ‘YOU’. Again, thank you so much PassportUSA for this experience! God bless and more power!

Emmanuel, USRN – Sedation is one of the subjects I found very interesting and beneficial. I found all the modules to be important in my practice and continuing education. It reviewed me on the basic things we nurses must know. It also gave me a glimpse of what to expect when in the states. Too long sometimes, they could have compressed similar subjects. I’m also not fond of long youtube like training. However, I think at the end of the day, you should be patient enough to take all it is because that’s your own education at stake

Joy, USRN – All the modules/subjects are beneficial and required in my profession, which indeed helped me hone my skills and gained enormous learnings. I am truly grateful! The training is valuable to my transition as an RN in the USA. The modules/training help me prepare myself to become an effective nurse and to offer an excellent/safe practice.

The online training/courses are very easy to use. I can access it anytime anywhere provided I have a stable internet connection. Instructions are understandable and easy to follow. IT gives me additional confidence after completing each course. The numerous informative resources, virtual simulations, pictures, and videos helped me hone my skills, refresh my knowledge and improved my critical thinking/clinical reasoning.

Kerobin, USRN – I find all the modules very beneficial because it reminded me once again of the core nursing concepts that I’ve learned in college (Saint Louis University). It is very valuable and relevant because it made me more confident to render effective, high quality and world-class nursing care to my soon to be patients. The online formats allowed me to access the course work 24/7 and it very user-friendly. I enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of online learning amidst being a busy mom of two toddlers plus working in the hospital. I personally believe that Online learning should be a MUST for all nurse prior deployment to the US.

Emma, USRN – I have been working as an RN for over 9 years already, assigned in the Operating Department. The clinical training program has somehow shown me of what to expect in the U. S. Healthcare system and I can say that, I am confident enough and that I would be able to go through the transition smoothly. The program has its own way of explaining concepts in nursing that is entirely different from traditional learning. The use of virtual scenarios is excellent!

Maria Conchitina, USRN – I found all subjects beneficial especially in my transition in working in the USA soon. The subjects I took refreshed and updated my knowledge as well. The training will be very valuable to my transition to nursing in the US because the course presented scenarios that are common in the US. The system was user-friendly and I had no difficulty navigating the system. Also, I appreciated that they emailed me on what topics I need to do on a weekly basis.


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