“Finally! My most awaited time for my career has arrived… My departure to the USA to work as a USRN! There has been challenges that I’ve encountered during this journey and it took me about 7 years in waiting for my visa to get current. Also, I found out that my first agency was a fake. However, God is really great because at that time when I needed a help I discovered about Health Carousel. I decided to withdraw my application on my first agency but they revoked my visa application. It was like a nightmare for me, but again, when I applied to Health Carousel my dream was not put to stop. I already thought that my PD of 2012 will not be recaptured anymore, but in just 1 month they were able to recapture it. The staff of Health Carousel are my angels. They were very efficient and most friendly. I consider Health Carousel as a family and friend. So for those who are in doubt, just continue your dreams… Pray, wait and trust. Health Carousel can really make your American Dream come true!
More power and God Bless the HCLLC family! Thank you so much and I will be forever grateful!”

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